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Summer is one of the best times to go camping. At the same time, if you don’t have any solutions for tackling the scorching heat inside your tent, it might turn into a miserable experience.

During this time, one of the best tent air conditioners can be your savior. So, if you are a passionate camper or overlander who is searching for a perfect tent air conditioner for keeping the temperature cool in your tent, you might be in luck. Because this post is a compilation of the reviews of some of the best tent air conditioners available out there.

Quick answer – Best Tent Air Conditioner:

Peodelk Portable Air Conditioner Fan 9.5-inch Mini Desktop Fan Personal Space Cooler Fan Small Compact Evaporative Air Circulator Misting Humidifier- Black
  • LIGHTWEIGHT & PORTABLE: The air conditioning fan is only 9.5 inch, very portable to carry and suitablt for living room, office, dormitory and bedroom.
  • HUMIDIFICATION & COOLING WIND: You can add 420ml water in the back tank of the air cooler fan and it will continuously spraying for 4-6 hours. You also can drop some essential oil or perfume into the water so the misting air will make you feel pleasent. If add ice together, you will feel more fresh and cooling wind come out.
  • EASY TO USE: There are only 3 buttons, Power/Speed/Refrigeration, Power button is to switch on/off; Speed button is to change the leavel of wind; Refrigeration button is turn on/off the mode of cooling. Wind outlet blade can be 120°adjusted up and down like air conditioning.
  • LOW CONSUMPTION: It is very suitable for the people who don’t use air conditioner and want to save more money in electric. This air misting fan is designed for person and if you are alone at home, it’s better to use this fan instead of opening AC.
  • REMINDING: It is NOT air conditioner, can’t cool down room, please keep the fan beside you so you will feel cool. Please don’t plug power adapter into outlet before you plug power cable into the fan.

Along with the reviews, we will also provide some important suggestions and tips in the form of a buying guide. Thus this post can help you in determining the best tent air conditioner for you.

So, let’s begin then, shall we?

Best Tent Air Conditioner – Reviews

Review of ENKLEN Portable Air Conditioner

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For a cheap price tag, this mini air cooler comes with a lot of features. If you are looking for a feature-rich air cooler then this should be on your wish list.

This device uses the evaporation of water to cool the air of your surroundings. So, in a way, it is actually not an air conditioner.

It comes with a 380 ml water tank. You have to pour cool water or ice into the tank. Then, you just have to plug it in any USB port and it will start to work in minutes.

Yes, this is a USB-powered device. So, you can power it using your PC, laptop, power banks, or any other device with USB ports.

Once you fill the water tank, it can work for about 6 hours. Then you have to refill again. However, if you want to use it as a fan, you can do it without refilling any cold water or ice.

Added to the cooling effect, it can be used as a lantern in your tent, bedroom or office. Because it has a night light feature that includes 7 different colors of light. You can also turn off this function if you wish to.

It comes with a high-density filter which can also purify the air. It has a water level indicator at the side of the device so that you know when it needs a refill.

This device comes with 3-speed level settings. It also has a handle at the top for easy portability.

The build quality of the product is also decent compared to the price. On our list, it is one of the best portable air conditioners for tent camping. You can give it a look if you are looking for this type of device.

What Previous Buyers Said?

They really liked this portable air cooler. Most of them said, if you are buying it for cooling a small area like a tent/office desk/personal space, it does the work effortlessly.

However, for a bigger area, it is not that effective. Also, the power consumption is very little which translates into fewer electricity bills. And, some users loved the additional night light feature.


  • It weighs only 685 gm. which makes it highly portable
  • It comes with LED lights of 7 different colors
  • It consumes a lot less power compared to an air conditioner
  • The wind direction can be adjusted to up or down
  • The filter is replaceable
  • Comes with a bottom drainage system that prevents water from leaking


  • Not suitable for cooling down large areas

Review of Peodelk Portable Air Conditioner

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This is another portable air cooler on our list. The height of this device is just 9.56 inch whereas the dimension is about 5.69 inches x 9.54 inches x 3.93 inches.

So, you can see that it is very compact in size and perfect for camping or overlanding. You can also use it in your bedroom or office room. It has a water tank of 420 ml.

You need to fill ¾ of the water tank and then plug it into the power outlet. And, just like that, it will start to cool down the temperature of your surroundings.

It can cool down the air for about 4-6 hours depending on the fan speed. You can choose from 3 levels of speed. It also works as a humidifier.

You can add a little drop of essential oil or any other perfume to the water. Then, it will spray cool pleasant perfume into your room. It is very beginner-friendly.

There are only 3 buttons in the device which are power, refrigeration, and speed. The power button is used for turning the device on or off.

The refrigeration button will allow you to turn the cooling mode on or off. And, the speed button is there to control the speed of the fan.

It also has some safety features. For instance, if the water tank becomes empty, it will automatically shut down. However, you can also use it as a normal fan without the cooling mode as well. It weighs just 770gm.

And the design and the build quality are up to the mark. The price is also very affordable. So, if you are in search of a low-priced portable tent air conditioner, you can use this one.

What Previous Buyers Said?

The majority of the current owners of this air cooler are very happy with their purchase. They praised the portable, compact and lightweight design.

Also, they were satisfied with the price. One particular customer also said it is pet-proof. He is using it for his pet rabbit.

So, you can also use it to give your pet comfort on hot summer days. Added to that, the buyers also stated that it works great for small areas like a tent and dorm room.


  • Comes with a few safety features
  • This tent air cooler is very lightweight and portable
  • The power consumption is very low
  • Very easy to use
  • The air vents angle is adjustable from 0 to 120-degrees
  • Budget-friendly price


  • Can’t cool down large areas efficiently

Review of TRUSTECH Air Circulator Fan

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The third one on our list is the TRUSTECH Air Circulator. This is a 2 in 1 device. It can be used as a fan or as a heater. So, it can be used all around the year.

To be honest, this performs better when it is used as a heater than a cooling fan. For the heating mode, it uses a ceramic heater. On the flip side, the cooling mode is just a typical fan.

There are 4-speed levels to choose from in total. It has separate high and low settings for both the cooling and heating modes. The low and high cooling mode consumes about 18 watts and 24 watts respectively.

While the high heating mode needs about 1500 watts and the low heating mode needs about 750 watts. 

However, it has some cool features that we should mention. This device can be tilted to 3 angles which are 0, 18, and 45 degrees.

Apart from these, this air cooler also has multiple safety features. It comes with tip-over protection. So it will turn off if it tips over accidentally.

Also, it has automatic overheat protection features. If any part of the heater gets overheat, this will automatically be turned off. This shows that it provides the necessary safety for using it near your kids or pets.

What Previous Buyers Said?

Most of the current owners are very satisfied with this device. They liked the heating feature more than the cooling one, though.

Many customers reported that it heats the area very fast. Many buyers also liked the ease of use of this device. You just need to plug it in a power outlet and it will begin to operate.


  • It comes with dual-mode: heating and cooling mode 
  • The fan is very quiet in both mode
  • It comes in a compact and portable size (just 9.8 inches tall)
  • It is beginner-friendly
  • It comes with multiple safety features


  • Cooling mode is not up to the mark

Review of EdgeStar AP14001HS Portable Air Conditioner

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If an air cooler or a fan doesn’t cut it for you, you should get an air conditioner. When it comes to portable air conditioners, this one would be a great choice.

This portable air conditioner has multiple functions that can come in handy in many situations. It can be used as an air conditioner, heater, and dehumidifier. It is perfect for an area of up to 525 sq. ft. as it provides 14000 BTU in Ashrae-128 standard or 8800 BTU in DOE 2017 Standard.

It comes with all the accessories it needs. You will get the hose, window kit, and extendable exhaust hose pipe. It has a programmable timer function.

So, it will start or stop according to the timer you set. The timer can be set up to 24 hours. The thermostat is also programmable.

You can program the temperature from 61° F (16°C) to 89° F (31°C). It also can show the temperature in Celsius as well.

The dimension of the device is 35 inches (H) x 18.75 inches (W) x 15.75 inches (D). For a powerful air conditioner, it is not that big. It is also not that noisy as the max noise level of this air conditioner is up to 56dB.

This EdgeStar portable air conditioner is very easy to set up. It comes with a dual hose i.e. separate intake and exhaust hoses.

That way, it is capable of cooling the environment 40% faster compared to other typical portable AC. It has 3 levels of speed settings.

Choose the one you like depending on the temperature and weather conditions. It also has a 6.1-inch cord.

It needs 1200 watts for the heating mode and 1250 watts for the cooling mode. It can dehumidify up to 85 pints per day.

To install this air conditioner you just need a power outlet and a space for venting the hot air. If you have these two you can set it up in minutes.

So, it is suitable to use in tents while you are camping. In our opinion, this is one of the best tent air conditioners available right now.

What Previous Buyers Said?

People liked this portable air conditioner very much. For instance, one returning buyer said he used one of EdgeStar’s portable ACs for over 8 years.

Now, he needed another one and bought this model without a second thought.

Another buyer stated that he used many portable ACs from many other companies. But, this is the one that uses the least energy even it is the most powerful one of his collection.

Some customers, however, complained about the weight of the AC. But, in the end, it was not an issue as this one comes with built-in casters.


  • Has a very high cooling capacity
  • It consumes much less power compared to other similar products
  • It comes with an automatic restart function. It will restart automatically after a power failure
  • It comes with casters for you to move it easily from one place to another
  • Uses dual hoses for efficient cooling


  • It weighs about 75 lbs. which is pretty heavy for a portable AC unit

Review of IcyBreeze Cooler Blizzard Package

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On the paper, this portable air cooler package looks great. It has some great features that are unique and can come in handy in some specific circumstances.

However, there are some drawbacks to this product as well. This one comes in 3 awesome colors such as molten red, blue and green.

There are a number of IcyBreeze cooler packages. This particular package is named ‘Blizzard’. And, you have a couple of ways to power it up. First off, you can use a typical standard charger (110V) to charge it.

Then you have the continuous power supply transformer of 110V. Finally, you can also charge it up with the cigarette lighter outlet (12V) of your car. So, it’s up to you which method you want to use.

And, all of these necessary accessories will come with the product. It is about 22.6 pounds. And, the dimension of this portable air conditioner is 25 inches (H) x 19 inches (W) x 17 inches (L). It is not that hard to use.

You need to put ice or water inside the cooler and turn it on. There are 3 levels of fan speed to select from. So, select the one you prefer at the moment. And, it will work like charm. 

Another great thing about this air conditioner is that you can use it as a mini-fridge/cooler. You can store drinks and water bottles while you are using it as an air conditioner. It might not be the best portable air conditioner for tent camping.

But it has every feature to be a great option. This product is made in the USA. So, if you are looking for a portable air conditioner which is from the USA, it might be a good choice.

What Previous Buyers Said?

To be frank, all the buyers complained about the price of this tent air conditioner. They said it is great for a long trip, camping, picnic, or even personal use.

But, the price is a bit high compared to some similar products. Also, they said it is not good enough for a large area. So, if the high price is not your issue and you want a 2 in 1 cooler + air conditioner, you can check this one out.


  • It comes with an attractive design and multiple colors to choose from
  • Has very strong build quality
  • Can be used as a cooler as well
  • Comes with casters to move it easily


  • It is very noisy
  • The cooling function is not that great
  • The price is much higher compared to its features
  • It is very heavy

Review of Brizer Personal Air Cooler

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The final one in our review post is the Brizer air cooler. It is a personal space cooler. So, if you are searching for an air cooler/conditioner for your tent it might be a great choice.

It is a compact, lightweight and cheap air cooler. But the best thing about this one is the features it comes with.

As well as, the price of this one is unbelievably low. As a result, it has become one of the most popular air coolers in the world right now.

It is a USB-powered device. So, you can power it up using any device with a USB port like a laptop, power bank, and PC, etc.

And, it needs only 10 Watts of power which is incredibly low as well. You can use it like any other air cooler. First, fill in ¾ of the built-in water tank with ice or water.

And, plug into any USB port. That’s it. Once you fill up the water tank, it can cool down the room for up to 8 hours.

It also has an LED light of 7 colors. So, you can use it is a night light. If you don’t need the light, you can also turn that off.

The dimension of this portable air conditioner is 6.9 inches x 6.7 inches x 6.7 inches. And, it weighs about 2.8 pounds or 1300 gm.

You can choose from 3 levels of fan speed settings. And, it is better for using it in a small area. Thus, it can be one of the best tent air conditioners in terms of portability, features, design, and price.

What Previous Buyers Said?

This is one of the most popular air coolers right now. At this moment, it is the no 1 best seller in the ‘Evaporative Cooler’ category on many online stores.

And, it is because many of the buyers loved this air cooler. A lot of previous buyers said that it is a great air cooler for such a low price. And, they loved the eye-catching design and portability of the product.

However, few customers at first complained that it doesn’t cool down their room efficiently. Later, they found out that it is better to use ice instead of water.

After using ice + water, the performance of this air cooler increased to a great extent. So, you can try that as well.


  • It is super easy to use
  • For its lightweight and compact design, it is highly portable
  • Comes with an LED light feature with 7 colors
  • Not that noisy
  • It has a very low power consumption
  • The angle of the air vents are adjustable


  • Doesn’t come with any handles to carry it around with ease

Buying Guide: How to Pick the Best Tent Air Conditioner?

It is not that easy to choose the best tent air conditioners without any prior experience. So, most of the buyers make the wrong decisions.

It is always better if you have a bit of knowledge about different factors related to tent air conditioners.

To make things easier for you, in this section, we will share some of the vital things you should be concerned about if you want to choose the best portable air conditioner for tent camping.

best tent air conditioners for the money

Check the Cooling Capacity

The most important step for choosing the best tent air conditioner would be to determine the cooling capacity of the AC. How do you do that? It is pretty simple really.

First of all, you will need to know the area of the tent you are going to use the air conditioner in. Let’s say, it has a length of 10 feet and a breadth of 10 feet as well. Now, the area/square footage of the tent would be (10 x 10) = 100 sq. ft.

Now, most of the AC units will come with a BTU rating. And, depending on the area of the tent, you will require ACs with different BTU ratings. On top of this, you will need to take a few other factors on your mind as well.

For instance, if your tent doesn’t have great insulation or if it is directly under sunlight, then the AC will be less efficient in cooling the tent. In those poor conditions, you will need an air conditioner with more cooling capacity. Here’s some example for your convenience.

  • For 50 to 100 sq. ft.: 4000 BTU (in normal condition); 5000 BTU (in poor condition)
  • For 110 to 160 sq. ft.: 6000 BTU (in normal condition); 8000 BTU (in poor condition)
  • For 170 to 250 sq. ft.: 8,000 BTU (in normal condition); 10,000 BTU (in poor condition)

Now, remember, you should not have to follow the above guidelines word by word. These are here so that you can get a clear idea.

Based on the weather condition, the BTU will vary. Nevertheless, the general rule of thumb is if you have a large tent, you will need an air conditioner with more BTU.

Air Cooler VS Air Conditioner

Most of us are not aware that there is a huge difference between an air cooler and an air conditioner. It is true that both of these are used to cool the air. But, both of these don’t work in the same way.

Air coolers use the evaporation method to cool the air. You might know air coolers as swamp coolers or evaporative coolers.

Typically, it will have a water tank that you will fill up with cold water or ice. Then it will take the hot air from the room and will blow it through the cold water/ice to produce cold air.

In that sense, air coolers actually can’t lower the temperature of the room. Rather, they just flow cold air and increase the percentage of humidity in the room.

In contrast, air conditioners can lower the temperature of the room. As well as it also can lower the humidity level in the room by moving the water vapor outside of the room.

So, it depends on the situation and the region you are living in to decide whether you need to go with an air cooler or an air conditioner.

For example, if you’re using a bubble tent in the heat, an air conditioner is definitely needed.

Best Books On Overlanding

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A Lot Depend on Humidity and Heat

Typically, if you are camping in a dry area with low humidity, and air cooler would be sufficient. But, if it is the opposite, then an air conditioner will be suitable for you.

Normally, the compressor-based AC units will be able to decrease the humidity. And, when the humidity level is higher on the air in your area, an air conditioner will do a better job than an air cooler.

So, if you are in a desert or dry area where the humidity level is lower than 50%, you can use an air cooler.

But, if you are in a place where it’s humid and sweltering like a rain forest, you will need an air conditioner (compressor-based ones). 

Installation Method/Setup

Generally, the evaporative air coolers will be easy to use. Most of these devices need a typical power outlet to run.

Also, some of the advanced ones come with a rechargeable battery. Additionally, there are some USB-powered tent air coolers as well.

So, you will just need to plug it into a power source or if it is battery powered it will need to be fully charged to run without any issues.

But in the case of compressor-based air conditioners, you will need to go through a lot of hassle to set it up. You might need to cut a hole in your tent to fit the AC unit.

Also, if it has an exhaust hose, you will need to set it up cleverly so that the air goes out without any hitch. So, overall, air coolers are easy to set up.

q? encoding=UTF8&ASIN=B014X929YI&Format= SL550 &ID=AsinImage&MarketPlace=US&ServiceVersion=20070822&WS=1&tag=dobosiconsulting 20&language=en US

Functions and Settings

The best tent air conditioners will come with a few useful settings. For instance, you might find that a particular air conditioner also has a heater function.

So, you can use that in the winter to heat up inside the tent. Again, some of the air conditioners work as a dehumidifier. And, some of the air coolers come with special filters that can filter put bad odors from the environment.

Another thing you should be concerned about is the fan speed level setting. Some of the best portable air conditioners for tent camping would have an adjustable thermostat and timer as well.

 So, you can control the temperature level inside your tent and can set a timer. If your air cooler has multiple fan speed levels, you will be able to increase or decrease the level of airflow depending on the weather condition.

Additional features like a light or heater function are great to have. So, we have included a lot of tent air conditioners with this sort of function and settings in our list.

Powering Up the Air Conditioner

As we have already mentioned that most of the air coolers need very little power to run. And, some of them are also battery-powered or USB powered.

So, you can easily operate those with a power bank or a laptop/PC. But a high-end air conditioner would need a lot more power. And, you can’t power them using your PC or laptop (Duh).

So, you can use your car’s battery, or a gasoline generator, or a portable power generator to power up your tent air conditioner.

But, for better portability and ease of use, it is better to go with battery-powered air conditioner units.

What Type of Tent You Should Use for an AC Unit?

You can use an air conditioner on any type of tent. However, if your tent is smaller in size, then it might be difficult to find room for a large AC unit.

So, it is preferred to use a tent air conditioner if you have a larger tent. 

Also, you should bear in mind that insulation makes a lot of difference in the performance of the AC unit. If your tent’s fabric is not insulated then heat will transfer from outside. And, if it can’t block the sunlight effectively, you will get poor performance from the AC.

So, it is better to get a high-quality insulated heat-proof tent. However, you can also use a space blanket to cover the tent. As a result, the air conditioner on your tent will work better. 

best portable air conditioners

Wrapping it up — Best Tent Air Conditioners

If you are still with us then we believe you have learned a lot about tent air conditioners today. So, from now on, you will be able to choose the best tent air conditioner for yourself based on your demands.

As we have shared reviews of some of the best portable air conditioners for tent camping, we believe it will help to make the process simpler and faster.

However, even after that, if you need suggestions from us, then we would tell you to go with the Peodelk Portable Air Conditioner.

Yes, you will need ice cubes when using it, but you will have either a 12-volt fridge-freezer or your cooler box to provide you with more than enough ice for your trip.

Do you have any favorite tent air conditioner from the list above? Why don’t you let us know in the comments below?

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