Best first aid kit for bug out bag

Best First Aid Kit For Bug Out Bag

Quick Answer – BEST FIRST AID KIT FOR BUG OUT BAG: A First Aid Kit is one of the most fundamental items you should keep in your bug-out bag. Fortunately, there are various kinds of readymade First Aid Kits are available out there. But that doesn’t mean every single one of them will be suitable … Read more

Stylish chrome fire extinguisher for your car

Best Chrome Car Fire Extinguisher

A properly stocked overland vehicle should always include at least one extinguisher capable of handling electrical or gas fires, and H3R Performance’s HG100C HalGuard Chrome Clean Age Fire Extinguisher is capable of handling both.  In our opinion it is the best chrome car fire extinguisher on the market. Because if you have to have one … Read more

Stay safe - fire extinguishers review

Best Car Fire Extinguisher

Needless to say that a car fire extinguisher is a necessary safety accessory for any vehicle owner, let alone for those who take their rigs to remote trails during an overlanding trip. The best car fire extinguishers contain media that help drivers to fight against common car fires that could result from gasoline, petrol, gas, … Read more