Survivor Filter Review

Survivor Filter PRO Review

Clean drinking water is essential for survival. Unfortunately, there are places where the water may look clean but they are not safe to drink, and this is especially true when you are in the wilderness. When you go camping or overlanding, you can’t just get water from the rivers or streams and expect them to … Read more

Best Camping Utensils

Best camping utensils

Quick Answer – Best Camping Utensils: CAMP KITCHEN UTENSIL SET – BY FRONT RUNNER When enjoying an adventure in the great outdoors, having the best camping utensils can make your cooking and eating experience a lot better. They are the everyday essentials of every camping trip and should be part of your camping gear. If … Read more

Walkstool Review

Walkstool review

A Walkstool is the only three-legged stool in the world with telescopic legs. It looks more like tripod stools. And it works! In fact, it is a popular overlanding and camping essential because it’s lightweight and very compact. To help you decide, we went through every feature, collected all our experiences with the product and … Read more


Igloo Cooler Review

When it comes to outdoor recreation, a cooler could be a greatly beneficial accessory. Luckily, there is a huge collection of brands that offer coolers of various kinds.  Among them, Igloo Coolers is one of the most renowned companies. They offer all kinds of hard coolers, soft coolers, drinkware, and other camping accessories.  Due to … Read more


Orion Cooler Reviews​

When it comes to outdoor recreation accessories, a cooler is a must-have. Due to the huge demand from outdoor enthusiasts all over the world, a ton of cooler brands have appeared on the scene. Orion Cooler is one of those brands that entered the market a few years ago. They offer several types of coolers, … Read more

Best Ice Packs for Coolers

Best Ice Packs for Coolers

Quick Answer: Best Ice Packs for Coolers One of the best and efficient ways of keeping food cold in camping coolers for longer is to use ice packs. Ice packs come in different sizes and shapes. They also vary in prices and brands. Due to this heap of varieties, it becomes a bit difficult to … Read more

Engel Coolers vs YETI

Engel Coolers vs YETI

Engel or Yeti? Both of these brands offer premium coolers with superior ice retention. They also have great company history. So which one is the best between Engel vs YETI coolers? Before we can conclude, we have to explore the products of these two brands a bit more.  Thus, we have come up with this … Read more

Jerry Flex Water Container Review and Test

EZPack JerryFlex and Water Bladder Reviews

Note: this is going to be a long term test and review, therefore, the article will be updated with new information and new images as we continue using the EZPack products. Overlanding rigs are often equipped with built-in water tanks. However, a portable water storage solution is still necessary. As you know sometimes water sources … Read more

Best water container for overlanding

Best Water Container for Camping and Overlanding

Quick Answer – Best Water Container for Camping: One of the most essential camping/overlanding accessories you can buy is a water container. Generally, you would need 2 separate water containers for camping. While there are lots of built-in solutions for overlanding, in this post we will discuss the off-the-shelf portable solutions. You can use one … Read more


Lifetime Cooler Review

Lifetime has made some of the most versatile coolers that are engineered to maximize ice retention. Their coolers are on par with some of the popular brands in the market like YETI.  If you want value for your money, Lifetime coolers are definitely worth considering. Lifetime coolers come with many great features such as roto-molded … Read more


Frosty Cooler Review

Frosty Cooler is considerably a new name in the camping cooler industry. At the moment of writing this post, they offer soft cooler, hard cooler, and tumbler.  Similar to the other top brands in the industry, they also promise to provide the users with the best and long-lasting products. However, they stand out among all … Read more


Best Cooler for Camping

Quick Answer: Best Cooler for Camping Your camping cooler is one of the most important camping accessories at your disposal. It can keep your food and ice in the best condition for a long time.  There are a ton of different brands that offer camping coolers, so it is a daunting task to choose the … Read more

primus stove review

Primus Stove Review

For overlanders and outdoor enthusiasts alike, a good camping stove is a must-have item. When we decided to equip our overland kitchen, we wanted to go for a quality brand. For multiple reasons we wanted a gas stove, as opposed to a petrol or multifule one, so the Primus Tupike Stove was an obvious choice. … Read more

Best Rolling Cooler 1

Best Rolling Cooler

Quick Answer: Best Rolling Cooler Unless you plan to eat canned goods or gather for food where you are headed to on your next adventure, a cooler can be a necessity.  However, typical coolers can be cumbersome to bring, especially those that are designed to carry several days’ worth of supplies. Fortunately, there’s a solution … Read more

zero breeze review

Zero Breeze Review

A portable AC could be a piece of great camping equipment. ‘Zero Breeze’ is known for its unique portable air conditioners. Since the beginning, this company has launched 2 portable air conditioners namely ‘The Zero Breeze Mark 1’ and ‘The Zero Breeze Mark 2’. In this post, we are going to review both of these … Read more

Kupilka Review

Introducing Kupilka – The Earth-Friendly Solution for Outdoors

Have you ever taken a look – and we mean a very close look at your cutlery and dishware? What do you think the ecological impact of plastic and glass cutlery is?  They certainly can’t be too good for the environment, can they? Enter Kupilka – the outdoor Scandinavian brand that will get you one … Read more

Best Soft Coolers

Best Soft Cooler

Whether you are on a short or a long journey, a soft cooler can make a huge difference. The best soft coolers would be lightweight, ruggedly built, and easily accessible. Additionally, a longer ice retention capability would be a huge plus. But the problem arises when you are looking for the perfect soft cooler for … Read more

Bubble Tent Reviewed

Bubble Tent Review

Recently, camping in your backyard or your own garden is becoming a trend. If you want to enjoy camping without leaving your property, you can do so by just getting a bubble tent. There are various inflatable bubble tents available out there. But choosing a bubble camping tent can be a tough task for many … Read more

Best Mosquito Repellent Spray

Best Mosquito Repellent Spray

A mosquito and insect repellent are truly necessary whether you are overlanding, hunting, fishing, or camping. Luckily, there are hundreds of mosquito repellent sprays out there. And, you know that you can’t get any ordinary insect repellent. You will need the one that is truly effective, lasts long, and is not harmful. Quick Answer – … Read more


iKamper Skycamp Review

The Skycamp rooftop tent from iKamper was a massive hit even before it was available commercially. You might know this company as the brand that raised about 2.3 million USD as a Kickstarter project. Since then, iKamper has come a long way. At the moment, they have 3 rooftop tents of different sizes and features … Read more

how to set up a tarp shelter

Best Tarp Shelter

A tarp shelter can be a great piece of gear for any camper or backpacker. At this moment, the market is oversaturated with numerous tarps from different brands. But only the best of the best tarp shelters would be a good choice for avid campers. Other than that, you might fall into the trap of spending … Read more

best backpacking sleeping bag reviews under 100

Best Backpacking Sleeping Bags Under $100

As a backpacker, you will want lightweight and portable sleeping bags – but it can be hard to find one that doesn’t break the bank! Well, we’ve put together a list, and you will see that you can find some of the best backpacking sleeping bags under $100.Yes, you don’t have to spend a ton … Read more

best portable air conditioner for tent camping

Best Tent Air Conditioner [Review & Guide]

Summer is one of the best times to go camping. At the same time, if you don’t have any solutions for tackling the scorching heat inside your tent, it might turn into a miserable experience. During this time, one of the best tent air conditioners can be your savior. So, if you are a passionate … Read more

best 12 volt car heater

Best 12 Volt Car Heaters [Review & Guide]

A 12-Volt car heater can come in handy in extreme cold to keep you warm in your vehicle. There are myriads of car heaters to choose from. But in many ways, a very good 12 Volt car heater can be a suitable option for you. A good quality car heater can warm up any vehicle … Read more

smarflip table review

SmartFlip Bamboo Table Review

A great camping trip is all about bringing the comforts of home into nature. That means that you are going to want a cozy place to sleep, an easy way to prepare your favorite foods, and – of course – a reliable table to gather around. When it comes to camping gear, I am a … Read more

Smartfol Picnic Basket Review

SmartFold Picnic Basket Review

There is more to packing up a picnic than you might think. You have to make sure that your food and drinks are secure and easy to carry, and you will want to use a basket that you can easily carry back when you are done. The SmartFold Picnic Basket from Beckworth & Co is … Read more

best portable stool

Best Portable Stool – Camping Stool Reviews [Review & Guide]

Quick Answer – BEST PORTABLE CAMPING STOOLS: When resting without access to a chair or bench, the best portable stool offers a unique seating solution to a number of problems. That said, different uses will call for the stool favor one feature or another. Finding the best portable stool will depend on your planned adventures: … Read more

Best Tent Heaters - Overlandsite Review

Best Tent Heaters [Review & Guide]

Quick Answer – BEST PORTABLE TENT HEATER: Bitter cold is what stops many people from pursuing their plans to spend the day camping at some of the most beautiful and remotest places ever. Without a heater tent or a tent heater, it is nearly impossible to enjoy winter camping. When overlanding through the Rockies or … Read more

best portable grills

Best Camping Grill [Review & Guide]

Quick Answer – BEST CAMPING GRILL: Whether you’re on the trail or in your own backyard, grilling food is the way to bring out healthy, old-fashioned flavor in the meats and vegetables you love. From simple grate designs that fit in a backpack to models with as many features as big backyard barbeques, the convenience … Read more

Orca coolers vs Yeti

Orca vs. YETI

If you were trying to find coolers like YETI, you have probably come across ORCA, a great often overlooked brand in the expanding coolers market. Orca is one of the leading Yeti competitors when it comes to coolers. Now, if you are trying to choose between ORCA vs YETI coolers, it won’t be easy to … Read more