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How To Choose A Winch
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Ten Essentials for Overlanding Checklist
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Towing and Recovery Procedures
Download: Everything about campfires
Everything About Campfires
Download: How to make money while vanlifeing or overlanding
How To Make Money While Overlanding Or Vanlife-ing
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What is Overlanding - detailed explanation

What is Overlanding?

Learn where the term ‘overlanding‘ is coming from and how do we define overlanding today. It’s not often clear where car camping ends and overlanding starts.

History Of Overlanding

The origins and history of overlanding. From famous travelers to mass trends around the world – learn about the events that shaped how we overland today.

history of overlanding
Pamir Highway guide

Most Famous Overlanding Routes

The world is your oyster when it comes to where to plan your next overland trip. If you’re wondering where can you go, here are some of the best examples but the route ideas are endless.

How To Start Overlanding

Basically, you will need four things to start overlanding: money & time (they’re very intertwined), vehicle, gear, and last but not least, skills.

reasons why mongolia is perfect for overlanding
books on overlanding

Book Recommendations For Overlanders

Do you want to immerse yourself in great stories and also learn from the best? These books are not only inspirational but are a great resource to learn about overlanding in a very entertaining way.

Ten Essentials for Camping – and How Does it Apply to Overlanding

Created by members of Washington state’s alpine club known as The Mountaineers, the Ten Essentials was used in the club’s climbing courses. In our guide, you can learn how the original list of Ten Essentials can be adapted to Overlanding.

essentials for overlanding
9 tips for vanlife and overlanding safety

Practical Vanlife & Overlanding Safety Guide: Expert Advice From Experienced Travelers

Uncover expert tips and real-life encounters to ensure your wild camping experiences are secure. From choosing reliable camp spots to defending yourself with pepper spray, this ultimate safety guide has got you covered. Don’t miss out on essential insights for the daring overlander!

Latest Review

ALLPOWERS R2500 Review

allpowers review

The ALLPOWERS R2500 Home Backup Power Station offers 2016Wh capacity, 2500W output, and versatile charging options, making it ideal for home backup, off-grid living, and outdoor adventures. Its robust LiFePO4 battery, advanced safety features, and smart app control ensure reliability and efficiency. Read our full review for an in-depth look at this powerful and versatile solution.

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Who we are: Ferenc & Evelin from OverlandSite
We are Evelin and Ferenc. I want you to think of us as your advance scout!
Your trusty guide who’s already been where you want to go.
So far I’ve been to six continents and well over 75 countries. Evelin is up to five continents but has her sights set on the other two as well!
For us, Overlanding is incomparable to any other kind of travel style. There’s the tourist experience and then there’s the Overlander experience. The highest points of our travels have almost invariably happened in some small, remote village or on an off-off road.
We hope you’ll visit our website often to see what’s new.
Explore More, Worry Less – Our website, OverlandSite, is Your One-Stop-Shop for Overlanding.

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