Want To Guest Post?

Hey there! So, you’ve got the itch to contribute to OverlandSite? Awesome! I’m thrilled to see your interest and can’t wait to collaborate with fellow bloggers and writers who share the passion for the great outdoors.

Given the influx of guest post requests, I can’t promise to feature everything I receive. To boost your chances of getting published on OverlandSite, please keep the following guidelines in mind:

Content Guidelines:

  • Craft your article with captivating, high-quality, and engaging content that resonates with OverlandSite’s readership.
  • Ensure your piece doesn’t violate any copyright laws.
  • Exclusively create and submit content tailored for OverlandSite.


  • Align your topics with the interests of outdoor adventurers, our target audience.
  • Share personal stories that allow readers to connect with you; avoid dry, robotic information.
  • Inject creativity, lightheartedness, humor, or spice into your writing.

Gear Reviews:

  • If you’re representing a company, let’s chat about potential opportunities.
  • Third-party gear reviews are welcome.


  • Introduce yourself in a concise bio of two to four sentences.
  • Include up to two links to your website in your bio.


  • Submit your article in a Google Doc format.
  • Bold headings and subheadings.
  • For links, use the URL in brackets immediately after the text.
  • Absolutely no affiliate links.


  • Your article should be exclusive to OverlandSite.
  • No reposts of previously published content.


  • Include full, high-quality images within the article submission.
  • Images must adhere to exclusivity and copyright guidelines.
  • Submit images separately in .jpg, .webp or .png formats.


  • Articles may be edited for grammar, spelling, or content rework.
  • An introductory paragraph may be added, provided to you in advance.

Article Length:

  • No specific length requirement; tell your story authentically.
  • Be yourself, not just an informative robot.

Ready to share your outdoor or overlanding wisdom? Email me at ferenc@overlandsite.com with the subject “Guest Post Submission”.

I’m eager to read and consider each submission. Let’s make OverlandSite even more amazing together!

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