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We travel and camp as a couple. In fact, we’ve been to four continents together so far and are about to embark on a trip to conquer another two. Our relationship is definitely helped by the romantic settings that we create during our journey. Here we’re going to share some tips on how you can also do it! These romantic camping ideas will help you create a great experience with your partner.

When deciding upon a romantic escape with your loved one, the ultimate goal is to agree upon a setting that will permanently carve the memory of the experience into your mind. The goal is to always create unforgettable moments, and what better way to do so than with a romantic camping trip for the books!

Camping proves to always be memorable, regardless of whether the occasion is romantic or not. But maybe, it can become the new honeymoon sensation! In this article, we will be discussing a wide array of camping ideas that can make your next camping trip the ultimate romantic getaway!

romantic camping tips

Things to Consider

When considering romantic camping ideas, and camping in general for that matter, it is important to think about what kind of camping you would like to pursue. Do you want to keep things manageable and predictable?

National Park vs Backcountry

Then maybe booking a campsite at a provincial or national park is the best option for you. Alternatively, would you rather pursue a camping trip with greater adventure? Then maybe going on a backcountry trip is the choice for you.

Landscape and Setting

In addition to what kind of trip you are looking for, landscape and setting are equally important to question. Are you and your partner campers who prefer the fresh, peaceful escape into the forest? Or the scenic, yet active view of the ocean? This will have a big impact on the activities you will want to do with your partner. 

Secluded or Not

And finally, when deciding on where you want to go and what you want to do, the question really is, how secluded do you and your partner wish to be? In other words, what kind of romantic getaway do you wish to remember?

Is it one where you will have the opportunity to meet other people, whether they are couples, families, or friends? Or is this an escape to truly focus on the romantic bond between the two of you?

All these questions will be answered in detail, with suggestions of activities to do, in addition to examples of locations and destinations that you and your partner could explore!

Organized Camping

Planning a camping trip to a provincial or national park is a fantastic option for any outdoor camping escape, and especially a romantic camping adventure.

These parks often feature the required necessities (washrooms), while also having trails and pathways within their park boundaries that take you through the extraordinary wilderness and lead you to incredible viewpoints.

romantic camping tips

They are often quite large, so the exploration is never-ending! Staff are typically on-site, alongside other campers, so you will never feel alone.

There are many fun activities you can pursue when camping at an organized site. Campgrounds offer great spots for a picnic, sunset views, and a romantic dinner by the campfire. Some campground locations are close to natural wonders such as hot springs and scenic hikes.

But regardless of where you go, nothing completes a romantic camping atmosphere like having to worry about cell service. This is an opportunity for you to disconnect from your busy day-to-day, settle into your secluded campsite, and enjoy the great outdoors.

Campsite Setup

Your campsite will have its own firepit, tent site, table, and sometimes even a little gravel entryway for your car. Once you have arrived, you can organize your site in any which way you desire. This is where your imagination can run wild!

You and your partner can now create a romantic getaway. The three ideas you should focus on when making a romantic camping experience are ambiance, comfort, and solitude.


A great way to create a romantic ambiance is through lighting. When packing for your trip, make sure to include a string of transparent bulb lights, or LED string lights.

If your campsite offers power, you can hang these lights over your tent, or even within the trees that surround your site. They will create a soft glow within your tent site in the evening and at night, establishing a sense of coziness for you and your partner. 

In addition to string lights, the classic camping activity of lighting a fire will provide much of the same for a romantic camping date. Not only will the fire provide additional light from the center of your campsite, but it will bring you and your partner a source of heat for your cooking and to stay warm.

romantic camping ideas


While brightening and warming up your campsite is a great way to create a romantic atmosphere for your camping getaway, creating comfort for the duration of your trip is equally as important. A great way to do so is to bring a hammock for you and your partner.

If possible, you can set up your hammock next to your campfire, so the two of you will enjoy the majestic warmth and glow of your fire, while you lie together eyeing the star-filled night sky.

Do not forget to pack extra blankets or hammock underquilts for those chilly nights.

Morning or afternoon, a hammock can serve as an outstanding option for relaxation. Whether taking an afternoon nap, or enjoying a good book after a fun day trip, a hammock is a necessity for any camping trip!

Food and Leisure

Next to outdoor adventure, cooking meals with your partner is one of the best romantic camping activities. Cooking and preparing meals out in nature, now that takes these connections to a whole other level!

Make sure to pack all your necessities, cutlery, plates, cups, and cooking utensils, alongside your ingredients, and get ready to prepare and cook with your partner out in nature. Do not forget wine glasses and a bottle opener!

Imagine preparing your meals on your camping table, cooking them over your campfire, and then enjoying, alongside a glass of wine, next to the warm glow of the fire, before ending your evening with stargazing in your hammock. Maybe some late-night dancing lit by the moon?

romantic camp meal ideas

And this was just a simple dinner idea! Alternatively, or additionally, if you and your partner decide to go on a day trip near your campsite or within the provincial/national park you are visiting, pack a portable meal with all the necessary utensils, and enjoy a picnic in solitude within an isolated part of nature.

Eat while you gaze at outstanding views, relax in the calm of a forest, or as you watch the ocean waves crash against the sandy shore. Maybe you will even discover a hot spring during your hike. Your options are endless, and you have your imagination at your disposal. 

Backcountry Camping and Overlanding

If you and your partner are more experienced campers, or if you wish to add more adventure to your romantic camping getaway, then maybe backcountry camping or overlanding is the way for you.

However, as you might already know, do not expect the same ‘treatment’ you would have at an organized campsite. When backcountry camping, you will truly be one with nature, and this could make for one of the most romantic camping escapes. 

romantic overlanding and camping

Backcountry Experience

Your setup will be dependent on the spot you and your partner pick. Unlike the organized campsite, you will have complete freedom when choosing where you want to camp.

If you hike or overland into the wilderness, choosing a spot protected by trees would make for an extremely cozy camping spot. Alternatively, if you are close to the ocean, setting up camp on the beach would make for amazing views and great swimming spots!

Campfires while backcountry camping also creates their own unique experiences. Organized campsites will have firewood if you need it. When going backcountry, you and your partner will have to locate and start your own fire without help.

This will make for an incredible bonding experience Imagine searching for fallen tree branches in a forest or driftwood on the beach with your loved one!

Preparing your food while backcountry camping will make for some serious quality time. This will become a romantic camping trip you will never forget, as you and your partner will have to take special care of the food and meals you create, in addition to potentially searching for food too! 

Comfort will bring whole new experiences when backcountry camping. Snuggling up in your sleeping bag will feel as cozy as ever!

Hanging up your hammock within an untouched forest, lying beneath the stars on a remote beach, and experiencing the untouched, secluded wilderness and outdoor elements with your partner will undoubtedly make for the most incredible romantic camping adventure.

Final Thoughts

In this article, we have discussed many different romantic camping ideas. Going on a romantic camping trip with your partner can be one of the most memorable moments in your relationship.

It is a rare opportunity for you and your partner to disconnect from the endless routine of urban life, give each other your undivided attention, and enjoy each other’s company.

That being said, there are many considerations when planning a romantic camping trip. Where will you be camping? Will it be organized or will you be on your own? What kind of nature spots do you prefer? And what do you and your loved one enjoy doing together?

Consider the three categories of romantic camping: ambiance, comfort, food and leisure. How will you set up your campsite? What beverages and food will you bring?

Make sure to plan things carefully ahead of time, bring the right gear, and always aim to go the extra mile with everything it is you do. Romance is a precious thing. Make this romantic camping trip one you will never forget!

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