Northwest African Adventure

Banjul Downtown is not what you would expect
March 27, 2018

The Real Start of our Overlanding Trip in Africa

January 29th, 2018  Although we were quite sad that the rally had ended, ...read more

Porsche in Africa
March 30, 2018

A Porsche is Not an Easy Sale in The Gambia

January 30, 2018  Gyuri and Jim with the Discovery and Mate and ...read more

Toyota LandCruiser boarding the ferry in The Gambia
April 2, 2018

Why is it called The Gambia and not just Gambia?

January 31, 2018  As I looked into it, the only three countries ...read more

Taking a taxi to visit the market in Dakar Senegal - Overlanding in Africa
April 7, 2018

Dakar and North Korea

February 1, 2018  You wouldn’t think Dakar has anything to do with ...read more

Dangerous travelling in Senegal
April 9, 2018

Heading Back to Mauritania

February 2, 2018  We were quite glad to be driving with Mate ...read more

sand storm starting in the sahara
April 12, 2018

Operation Desert Storm

February 3, 2018  The Sahara Desert at sunrise is truly spectacular. The ...read more

Overlanding in Africa near Dakhla
April 23, 2018

A Day Off

February 4, 2018  We woke up relaxed, as we didn’t have to ...read more

overlanding in africa with a rooftop tent
April 26, 2018

Brushing Teeth With Salt Water – And The Camel Tagine

February 5, 2018  We figured one day off from driving was more ...read more

Overlanding in Morocco - The Anti-Atlas
May 12, 2018

Why Do We Have To Drive That Long All The Time?

February 6, 2018  Some of the days during the Rally were really ...read more

overlander - oil change in tafraoute
June 10, 2018

Tafraoute – The Oil Change

February 6, 2018  Although I was complaining about the long drives in ...read more

Tafraoute to Mhamid in Marocco - overlanders
June 11, 2018

Driving East To Mhamid

February 7, 2018  One of the main reasons for the long drives ...read more

Abandoned Land Rover
June 12, 2018

The Great Sand Dunes Of Erg Chigaga And Getting Stuck On The Smallest One

February 8, 2018  After a great breakfast in the morning sun, we ...read more

hills have eyes - overlander
June 17, 2018

The Sahara Desert Used To Be An Ocean

February 9, 2018  After a bitterly cold night in our rooftop tent, ...read more

overlanders in the atlas mountains
June 17, 2018

Moroccon Alps

February 10, 2018  Our guest house was on the top of the ...read more

overlanders in marakesh
June 17, 2018

Overland Trip Eventually Turning Into A Moroccon Holiday

February 11-19, 2018  After leaving Imlil our trip turned into a touristy ...read more

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