February 6, 2018  

Some of the days during the Rally were really long both in terms of distance as well as the number of hours we were driving. We expected to have a much easier time of it once we were overlanding on our own, but sometimes we underestimated how big Morocco actually is.

overlanding in Africa, Morocco
overlanding in Morocco, Africa

On the way south we missed the end of the stage that lead to Tafraoute, and this time we definitely wanted to see it. We knew it was supposed to be one of the outdoor centers in the Anti-Atlas and read a lot about the Valley of Vans, so that was another reason to check it out.

Valley of the vans in Morocco - Overlanding
Toyota Land Cruiser J12 120 Prado GX470 in Morocco

We made it quite comfortably, but it was still a long drive and with not much rest.

The Valley of the Vans is actually a large informal campsite with a lot of fantastic, natural camp spots. Trees make the site very friendly and the surrounding scenery is breathtaking. It was off-season so there weren’t many overland vehicles around, but we still got the feeling that this place would be great from about April-May. For us it was still cold, with snowy peaks nearby, so we stayed in the Argana Guest House and planned another rest for the next day.

Town in the Anti-Atlas - overlanding in Morocco