February 5, 2018  

We figured one day off from driving was more than enough for us, so after another rooftop breakfast we were on our way.

We remembered this part of Western Sahara with the road right next to the huge, spectacular cliffs just by the Ocean, and of course the shipwrecks.

We stopped for some new shots at the cliffs, but otherwise just wanted to make good progress since our focus for the next couple of weeks was going to be Morocco itself. We had a long drive planned ahead of us for the day, with the goal being to reach Tarfaya, but we didn’t want to drive during the night so I looked up a place on iOverlander, and we spent the night in Camp Bedouin. The fact that we could decide where to go, where and when to stop and therefore, where to spend the night was a great change from the Rally’s challenging daily schedule, although we were also missing our newly made friends.

Western Sahara Overland Adventure

The Camp Bedouin is run by a French family and located out of sight a few miles off of the road. The camp lies next to a salt water lake, meaning the tap water is salty too – which made it for an interesting experience when we brushed our teeth.

The family who runs the place actually offers freshly cooked meals, including camel tagines (a sort of stew) that we were not going to miss! It was delicious, so I highly recommend trying it!