February 6, 2018  

Although I was complaining about the long drives in my previous post, I didn’t actually know what was coming in the week that followed.  Before that though, we had a very relaxing day walking around in Tafraoute.

We checked out a souvenir shop, called Maison du Troc, where we bought a very much not-needed rug for our apartment.

Maison du Troc souvenir shop in Tafraoute

The weather was beautiful and since we weren’t doing much, I decided to get the oil change done for the Toyota. Originally, I planned to get it done in Zagora where we were due in a few days, but as we had a free day, I thought I’d get it done now instead.

Oil change

However, I don’t think I chose the garage wisely, as the mechanic had some (like one hour) difficulties with removing the oil filter. He’d done the oil change in the parking lot just across the road from the workshop. He didn’t even have a mechanic’s creeper, so he was struggling while using a simple rug under the vehicle.

They were more specialized in fixing and painting motorhomes; it looked like a great place if you wanted some maintenance work for your RV. They’re located on route R105 leading north and are hard to miss since Tafraoute is quite small.

Tafraoute scenic view from Argana guest house

We also got some other overlander chores done, like getting our laundry washed in the guest house, cleaning the windows from the inside of the Toyota, and doing some repacking.

I feel like we should have looked into some hiking or trekking options in the area. We missed out on this but I know we’ll be back here to do some activities like that in the future.