Overland Trip Eventually Turning Into A Moroccon Holiday

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February 11-19, 2018  

After leaving Imlil our trip turned into a touristy holiday rather than overlanding, which is one of the reasons I decided to sum it up in a photo report rather than continue with our daily posts. I want to keep the focus on writing posts about overlanding rather than holiday-like travel posts.

The other (probably main) reason is that it’s actually mid-June at the time of writing this post and we’re leaving for Asia in 4 days time! I feel like we’re quite behind with our preparations, especially with blog posts about our preparations, so I really have to focus on that from now on.

Once we catch up on that, I‘ll sum up our feelings and experiences in regard to our Africa trip. One thing is for sure: it was a fantastic adventure!

snake charmer marrakesh fna
Marrakesh souk visitmarrakesh
Marrakesh palace
Marrakaesh souk
overlanding morocco
Chefchauen is great
on the ferry again
Both batteries died in Vienna
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