9 tips for vanlife and overlanding safety

Practical Vanlife & Overlanding Safety Guide: Expert Advice from Experienced Travelers

As international overlanders and vanlifers, it is essential to prioritize safety during your travels. Recent incidents highlight the importance of being prepared and taking precautions, particularly when you are wild camping alone. This article aims to provide valuable tips and guidelines on vanlife safety based on first-hand experience. Throughout our journeys spanning six continents, we … Read more

How to Use a Snatch Block

How To Use a Snatch Block

What is a Snatch Block?  To put it simply, a snatch block is a special type of heavy-duty pulley that has a side plate that swings open. Typically, it is made of metal and designed for pulling heavy and large loads with less force. It usually features a flexible side plate (such as the ARB … Read more

snatch straps vs recovery straps

Tow Strap vs Recovery Strap

For many, using a strap to tow a broken down vehicle or releasing one that stuck is standard procedure. What is not standard would be knowing that these jobs will require different equipment to get the job done safely and without damage to the vehicles involved. What follows is a closer look at how to … Read more

reasons why mongolia is perfect for overlanding

15 Ways to Convince Your Partner to go Overlanding

The fact is, not everyone is interested in overlanding. The idea of being out in the wild, far from home in an unfamiliar place, just isn’t what some people consider a good time. The issue is complex. A big part of overlanding is camping, so maybe the first step is to make your spouse like … Read more

How to rotate tires on a 4x4 vehicle

How to rotate tires on a 4×4

If you are the owner of a vehicle, whether it be a tiny hatchback, your average sedan, a truck, or a large 4×4, tire rotation is an integral part of maintaining your vehicle in great shape. Just as an oil change can improve the performance of your vehicle’s engine, a tire rotation can and will … Read more

4 high vs 4 low

The Difference Between 4WD Hi And 4WD Low

Appropriate use of 4-Low and 4-Hi is of great importance for the protection and longevity of your transmission, transfer box, and drive-train components. But you might be wondering what is the difference between 4hi vs 4low written on your transmission? Every gear selection has a distinct function and as an owner of 4-wheel drive, you must … Read more

romantic camping ideas

Romantic Camping Ideas

We travel and camp as a couple. In fact, we’ve been to four continents together so far and are about to embark on a trip to conquer another two. Our relationship is definitely helped by the romantic settings that we create during our journey. Here we’re going to share some tips on how you can … Read more

How to insulate my tent

How To Insulate A Tent

When camping during the winter months, frigid conditions can make sleeping at night in a tent difficult.  Learning how to insulate a tent for winter camping can be a challenge, but there are many methods you can use to keep the cold at bay and make your tent a warm and cozy oasis.  The following … Read more

What Are Beadlock Wheels

What are Beadlock Wheels

The edge of the tire that sits on the rim is known as the tire bead. Normally, wheels and tires are engineered in a way that when the tire is inflated, the tire bead pushes against the inside part of the rim and the two move together. But what if you need to deflate or … Read more

skid plates

Skid Plates

A lot of the vital components of a vehicle are underneath it. Unfortunately, those are also some of the most vulnerable parts of your vehicle, so you must take steps to protect this underbody.  One of the effective ways to protect all those critical and exposed components is to use a set of skid plates. … Read more

How Long Does Dry Ice Last in Cooler

How Long Does Dry Ice Last

What Is Dry Ice? Simply put, dry ice is the solid form of CO2 or carbon dioxide gas. Normally, dry ice is odorless, colorless, and non-flammable. It is primarily used as a cooling agent while shipping frozen items, but you might have seen dry ice used in fog machines for dramatic effect in theaters. Dry … Read more

Overlanding with a purpose Delivering vision

Driven to Deliver Vision – Overlanding With a Purpose

Anton Poplett’s Land Rover Defender is not a luxury vehicle for glamorous safaris. He’s turned it into a traveling eye testing rig, and he’s taking it far off the beaten track. It was the end of June 2021, and Covid-19 was spreading like wildfire through South Africa. Lockdown regulations were expected to be tightened, and … Read more

how to use dry ice

How to Use Dry Ice

If you want to learn some helpful tips on how to use dry ice, then this post is for you. Advantages of Dry Ice for Camping Dry ice is way colder than regular ice. It can keep your camping foods and drinks colder longer and cool them down faster. Dry ice can also be used … Read more

Overlanding in Slovenia

Overlanding in Slovenia

Tiny Slovenia is an intensely beautiful country that has been underrated as a travel destination. The almost-landlocked country in Central Europe is bordered by Italy, Austria, Hungary, Croatia, and a 46km slice of coastline on the Adriatic sea. The ability to drive and experience the diverse topography makes this country a truly hidden gem for … Read more

What Does an anti roll Bar Do

What Does a Sway Bar Do

One of the crucial components of the vehicle’s suspension system is the sway bar. However, many of us are not familiar with the purpose of the sway bar.  Most modern vehicles come with sway bars. You can upgrade the stock sway bar with an aftermarket one for improved handling and a few other benefits.  On … Read more

what is wheel offset

What Is Wheel Offset?

When it comes to choosing new tires and wheels for your vehicle, having a good understanding of wheel offset can come in handy. But if you don’t happen to work with wheels frequently, you might not know what wheel offset means.  For beginners, understanding wheel offset can be a bit tricky. To tackle this issue, … Read more

How to Pack a Cooler for Camping or Overlanding

How to Pack a Cooler

A cooler is an important piece of gear for any road, camping, or overlanding trips. With a reliable cooler, you don’t have to worry about your frozen food items spoiling without refrigeration.  And nothing beats having a cold beer during a hot summer day, while relaxing by the beach or in your tent. However, coolers … Read more

how to keep food cold during camping

How To Keep Food Cold While Camping

While camping for a few days, one of your main concerns would be how to keep food cold. Fear not! We have got you covered and have compiled a list of 15 tips on how to keep your food cold while camping.  In this post, we will share these tips with you so that you … Read more


Solid Front Axle vs IFS

For the best and safest off-road performance, you will need the perfect suspension for your vehicle.  Among many types of suspension setups, solid front axle and IFS are two of the most popular ones. But which one is the better option: IFS or Solid Front Axles?  Both options come with their advantages and shortcomings. In … Read more


Leaf Spring vs Coil Spring

Which one is better: leaf springs or coil springs? This question has long been the subject of heated debate among automotive enthusiasts.  In this post, we will try to answer this question once and for all. At the same time, we will provide information about leaf spring and coil spring suspension arrangements. What are Leaf … Read more

What is a transfer case?

What Is a Transfer Case?

In short, a transfer case is a part of a 4-wheel drive system that transmits the power from the engine to the front and rear axles of your vehicle.  Transfer cases are also known as T-cases or Transfer boxes.  What Is A Transfer Case And What Does It Do? Generally, the transfer case can shift … Read more

Wheel Spacers

Wheel Spacers

Should you use wheel spacers or not? This has been a hotly debated topic among many overlanders. You might have heard good things about them, yet some people also are a bit dubious about wheel spacers.  To help you out with this, we will try to share some important information about wheel spacers in this … Read more

how to get a car unstuck

How To Get A Vehicle Unstuck

Have you ever been out and about and find yourself stuck in the mud, snow, or sand? We’ve been in countless situations like that! If it hasn’t happened to you, it’s either a question of time, or you’re just not going far enough. When this happens, one of the biggest things people wonder is how … Read more

Which is better a Hawse fairlead vs roller fairlead?

Hawse Fairlead vs Roller Fairlead

What is Winch Fairlead? Simply put, a winch fairlead is a metallic device that acts as a guide for cables or ropes on winches. The primary purpose of a winch fairlead is to remove the lateral strain from the winch and to reduce damage to the cable. If you own a 4-wheel-drive truck then you … Read more

Exercises for Overlanders

10 Exercises To Remain Fit On Months-Long Road Trips

If you’re an overlander, (or truck driver, or live in an RV), you spend a significant amount of time driving. It’s easy to neglect your health. Some of the health risks drivers face are: Obesity, Heart disease, Diabetes, High blood pressure, Depression. The lack of general routine can also lead to neglecting your exercise routine. … Read more

how to build a campfire

Everything About Campfires

How To Start A Campfire – We, as humans, have a long history with fire. The ability to control it allowed our ancestors to cook food, stay warm, and to see in the darkness. Today’s societies, and the technology that drives them, are a result of learning to control and modify fires. Unfortunately, what was … Read more


All About Travel Sponsorship

Traveling around the world particularly to your favorite destinations and spending days doing what you enjoy doing may entail a big expense. It’s good if you have the funds in your pocket. But what if you don’t have the budget? Will you let money stop you from doing one of the most fulfilling things you … Read more

Bonfire vs Campfire - What is the difference

Bonfire vs Campfire

Some of you may already know that there are a few key differences between bonfire vs. campfire. On the other hand, you may not be aware of that.  Matter of fact, many of us use these two words interchangeably. But the truth is that these two words refer to two different kinds of things.  In … Read more

How To Prepare Your Car For Winter

How To Prepare Your Car For Winter

Winter is one of the more difficult seasons for vehicle owners. Freezing temperatures, icy conditions, and snow impact both you and your car. Knowing how to prepare your car for winter does more than offer you peace of mind; it can keep you safe in dangerous weather. Do not wait until it is too late. … Read more

all terrain vs mud terrain

All-Terrain vs Mud-Terrain

Which is the best option between all terrain vs. mud-terrain tires? This is a simple question. Yet there is no straightforward answer to this. Because choosing a tire for your vehicle depends on a lot of factors.  As a result, we have come up with this post after based on our experience and a number … Read more