9 tips for vanlife and overlanding safety

Practical Vanlife & Overlanding Safety Guide: Expert Advice from Experienced Travelers

As international overlanders and vanlifers, it is essential to prioritize safety during your travels. Recent incidents highlight the importance of being prepared and taking precautions, particularly when you are wild camping alone. This article aims to provide valuable tips and guidelines on vanlife safety based on first-hand experience. Throughout our journeys spanning six continents, we … Read more

best strap for overlanding

Best Straps For Overlanding – Kodiak Straps Review

Kodiak Straps is a leading provider of high-quality strapping products that are essential for securing and transporting valuable goods in today’s fast-paced industries. In this review, we will explore the features, benefits, and real-world, i.e. overlanding applications of Kodiak Straps. With a rich history and forward-thinking approach, Kodiak Straps have developed products that not only … Read more

EBL power station review

EBL Portable Power Station 500 Review

First of all, you need to know that we have received this product from EBL itself to use and review on our Pan American adventure driving from Alaska to Argentina.  Although we received the power bank free of charge, we assure you that our review is impartial.  As travelers, we know the importance of having … Read more

reasons why mongolia is perfect for overlanding

15 Ways to Convince Your Partner to go Overlanding

The fact is, not everyone is interested in overlanding. The idea of being out in the wild, far from home in an unfamiliar place, just isn’t what some people consider a good time. The issue is complex. A big part of overlanding is camping, so maybe the first step is to make your spouse like … Read more

Field-tested Gear that we use on our Pan-American Adventure

Right now we’re on a 20-months long overlanding journey driving from Alaska to Argentina. Getting ready for a trip like this takes time and effort.  Planning our itinerary, and making sure our life and our finances align with the plan (i.e we have the time and money to just go!) is only part of the … Read more

Finding The Perfect Campsite

What does “perfect camp” mean?No matter where we are, when we’re headed towards a far-away destination, we always have the next camp on our minds. Where is it going to be, and when should we start looking for it? As you might have seen on our Instagram profile, it’s not like we book an official campsite … Read more

Driving The Americas: How Can We Afford It?

Most overlanders don’t talk about this. It’s the question of money! How can we afford to be on the road for 18 months? This is one of the topics that I cover in the latest vlog. During the preparations, things were getting hectic with lots to organize and to get done. I lot of you … Read more

Iveco TurboDaily 4×4 Review

The best 4×4 van for overlanding? Our brake hose has broken. Not just anywhere, but almost as if it knew where it was most inconvenient, on some mountain road in the Rockies! Although our plan was to carry on driving North towards Alaska, we ended up having to backtrack to Calgary to try to get … Read more

Overlanding In Canada – The Cabot Trail

Life is good and we love Canada so far, but we had a major setback. Our Instagram account got disabled and whether that’s been due to a hack or just a bot was messing with us, we didn’t know. But these are not big issues and… here is an update since writing the original post: … Read more

We Made It Into The Six o’clock News In Canada

We’re off to a hectic start (in the most positive sense of the word) on our Pan American journey. The fact that we’re driving on North American soil and aiming to drive to Argentina has made it into the evening news on CBC. The report has generated quite a lot of interest and we’re even … Read more

Preparing For The Pan-American

In April 2022 we arrived in Canada and our Pan American Adventure officially started!! Except it hadn’t… Although we have made it to Halifax, our van was still on its way from Europe to North America, so we couldn’t yet set off to explore the Canadian wilderness. At the Toronto airport, it wasn’t easy to … Read more

Driving The Pan-American Highway in 2022

We’ve made a bold decision. In 2022-2023 we’re driving the Pan American Highway with our Iveco Turbodaily 4×4 Van!It’s a challenge, it’s an adventure, and it will be an immense amount of new memories.Follow our Vlog Series on YouTube to see how we prepare and then what kind of escapades we’re ending up in during the next … Read more

arb compressor review

ARB Compressor Review

Airing down before a desert or beach drive is a must! Also, when you are overlanding, you can get to the best, most hidden camping spots usually through tougher trails that might also require you to reduce the air pressure in your tires. That means you will also have to pump up your tires once … Read more