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Although there are many excellent coolers on the market, one brand that has gained much rave and attention among consumers is RTIC coolers. Many individuals are looking for a great cooler, whether it be for their next camping trip, day at the beach, family gathering at the park, or maybe even for larger gatherings, such as a corporate event. Welcome to our RTIC SoftPak Review!

Wherever the need, when shopping for a cooler, people are usually looking for a product with amazing features. RTIC has set itself apart from other brands by creating a unique line of products that anyone can use in their daily routine.

Are RTIC soft coolers worth it?

RTIC soft coolers are a great choice if you’re looking for excellent products at a lower cost than many of their competitors. Even though the lower price tag brings some quality deficits, RTIC’s soft cooler options are still balanced between capacity and portability and are perfectly watertight thanks to their waterproof zipper.

RTIC currently offers several different types of coolers available to conveniently fit everyone’s needs for virtually every setting. A few examples include, the traditional, solid roto-molded RTIC coolers, which can be used for nearly every occasion. Recently, RTIC introduced backpack coolers for hiking trips.

As an added option, RTIC also offers a line of day coolers for individual use, which is basically a lunch bag to keep beverages and food items cold until they are ready to be consumed.

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Similarly, the RTIC soft coolers, called RTIC SoftPak cooler bags, which come in several different sizes are a popular item that we will be reviewing today. We will also compare them to its main competitor: RTIC SoftPak VS Yeti Hopper.

In this RTIC SoftPak review, we will examine the features of RTIC soft coolers. However, this should not be taken as if we are trying to eliminate the need for solid coolers, as both have their own unique benefits. 

Typically, the soft coolers were designed for individual use and smaller group settings. However, SoftPak coolers do come in different sizes to accommodate some larger groups as well.

Many consumers may choose soft coolers due to their lightweight materials, which make them easier to carry.

As part of this RTIC soft cooler review, we will now discuss the features of RTIC SoftPak coolers:

RTIC SoftPak Detailed Review

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Key Features of RTIC SoftPak Coolers

Built with Durability

RTIC SoftPak coolers are made with the highest quality materials to ensure food and beverages remain chilled longer, regardless of the weather or conditions outside the bag.

The soft materials used for the RTIC SoftPak are actually solid materials in disguise. SoftPak cooler bags are so durable, they will last for many uses in all different types of settings.

Exterior Of The RTIC Soft Coolers

The SoftPak cooler can withstand about anything. Made with a heavy duty outer nylon shell, the cooler was designed not puncture or tear. This cooler will do fine even in the most severe outdoor conditions for the extreme adventurer.

The exterior nylon shell is also resistant to heat and moisture, keeping contents inside the cooler sealed and protected.

Therefore, the SoftPak cooler will always keep food and drinks chilled for camping, fishing, or hiking trips, and all other outdoor activities.

campsite with soft coolers

Insulation Of The RTIC Soft Coolers

The SoftPak cooler won’t sweat or leak thanks to its interior, which is lined with two inches of special, closed cell- foam insulationon the top and one inch on the sides.

With the thick inside layer of insulation, not found in most other soft coolers, this guarantees the RTIC SoftPak will keep food and beverages chilled for the longest periods of time.

The SoftPaks are 100% Waterproof

Not only does the heavy duty exterior nylon material keep the SoftPak cooler resilient from damage and help keep food and beverages insulated, but also makes RTIC soft coolers completely waterproof.

So these coolers are perfect for being on a boat trip at the lake or spending a day at the pool. There is no need to worry about the rain. The material will always remain dry.

Waterproof Zipper Of The RTIC Soft Coolers

As part being Waterproof, RTIC coolers cannot be completely sealed without the zipper being the same. This ensures food items remain protected from water getting inside the SoftPak and further keeps the cooler from sweating or leaking, while maintaining temperatures inside.

The RTIC SoftPak Coolers are Mold Resistant

All SoftPak Coolers are made with an anti-microbial liner inside, which keeps consumers safe from mold getting onto food or beverages.

This valuable feature shows just how much thought went into designing the SoftPak cooler, which is important for those who use it regularly.

Ice Retention Capability Of the RTIC Soft Coolers

With the RTIC SoftPaks consisting of heavy duty, durable materials, like the outer nylon shell, closed- cell insulation and the waterproof zipper, ensures the cooler is completely sealed.

According to RTIC, it has been noted that ice retention can last up to 5 days. So for those wanting a good cooler with a long-lasting chill, just might consider the RTIC SoftPaks.

The RTIC Soft Coolers Are Equipped With Easy Access Lid

The wide flip- top lid makes opening the cooler quick and easy to gain access to items when desired. Consumers simply need to unzip the top to pull back the lid and reach for the item of their choice with no hassle.

This was just part of the thought process that went into the design for making RTIC SoftPak coolers so convenient to use.

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RTIC SoftPaks Are Lightweight

The soft materials used make RTIC SoftPak coolers lighter. Thus, the coolers are very portable, and the design helps take up less storage space, compared to traditional solid coolers.

That’s why RTIC SoftPak coolers are ideal for bringing to work, tailgate parties or gatherings with smaller groups.

The lightweight design also makes SoftPak coolers great for overlanding, camping or fishing trips, as they are easier to transport.

With that being said, soft coolers help take away the dread of handling a bulkier, heavier traditional solid cooler.

RTIC SoftPak coolers also include a shoulder strap for easy, convenient carrying.

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Available Sizes Of The RTIC SoftPak Coolers

Because RTIC focuses on convenience, a few different sizes of SoftPak cooler bags are available to accommodate the needs of consumers, ranging from individuals to smaller and some larger groups.

Then, there are simply certain individuals who may want more room for food storage.

Fortunately, RTIC SoftPak coolers come in several different sizes to help meet the needs of more consumers while still maintaining the same quality and features in each product.

The sizes are conveniently named indicating how many 12oz cans can they hold, so RTIC soft coolers come in the following sizes:

RTIC SoftPak 20

RTIC SoftPak 30

RTIC SoftPak 40

Here, we will examine three different sizes and how they might fit certain consumer needs.

RTIC SoftPak 20 Review

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This cooler bag is ideal for individual use, but can accommodate food storage for a few others as well. It is the perfect cooler to bring to work and can be used in any work setting.

In the office, or out at the construction site, the SoftPak 20 will store lunches, snacks, and beverages, keeping them chilled all day long.

This cooler bag is the smallest of the two other large cooler bags, so it is very portable and won’t take up a lot of space.

Yet, the bag is still large enough to store several meals for individuals throughout the day and holds up to 20 canned beverages with ice.

Because the cooler is good for storing meals, it would be excellent for a weekend camping trip and could potentially store enough food for a few friends along the journey.

This portable cooler bag would be perfect in cars and RV’s for road trips, as it doesn’t hold too much, yet large enough to store plenty of food and drinks for individuals or a small crowd for meals on the way.

While the bag is empty, it weighs 3 lbs.

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The outer dimensions are 13.5″ X 13.75″ X 9.5″. The overall storage capacity holds 3.75 gallons or 15 quarts.

Due to the bag’s lightweight, compact size, this cooler is perfect for individuals on the go and those who like to keep things simple while transporting and storing food.

That’s why this bag is a nice fit for many different activity settings, such as on the boat for fishing trips, in back of the pick- up truck, tailgates, hunting small game, or simply, is an easy bag to carry while hiking on foot.

Overall, this bag is a great value for the individual who doesn’t have too much to fill, but still values enough space.

RTIC SoftPak 30 Review

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This cooler could be most certain for the individual who may need a bit more space for food storage for longer activities, such as extended camping or road trips.

Of course, it is ideal for accommodating a few more people in larger groups.

RTIC SoftPak 30 is the midsize bag in between the smaller, RTIC SoftPak 20 and the largest, RTIC SoftPak 40, in comparison for this RTIC soft cooler review.

The outer dimensions are 15.5″ X 12.75″ X 11.5″. The overall storage capacity holds 5.5 gallons or 22 quarts.When empty, the bag weighs 4 lbs.

So although this cooler offers more storage capacity, it is still very light, portable and takes up less space, unlike the traditional solid coolers.

However, the RTIC SoftPak 30 is still extremely durable and just as strong, since the outer shell is made of heavy-duty nylon material.

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For those who need a bit more storage capacity and want to keep food and beverages chilled longer, the SoftPak 30 will do just that.

This cooler bag holds up to 30 canned beverages with ice, allowing enough food storage for everyone in larger crowds.

Since this cooler was designed to hold more, it would be ideal for larger sporting events and serve as a great cooler for a midsize group at a tailgate party, or as an extra cooler for any occasion.

The SoftPak 30 is still ideal for camping trips, on the boat for fishing trips, hunting small game and for cars and RV’s for family road trips. While this bag may not be ideal for individuals to bring to work, it may be used for smaller corporate events, meetings, or parties.

Regardless of the setting, the SoftPak 30 is a great extension for additional food storage.

RTIC SoftPak 40 Review

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The last cooler we will be discussing today in our RTIC SoftPak review is the largest among the RTIC line of SoftPak coolers.

Made for much larger groups, this soft cooler is comparative in size to some of the traditional solid coolers.

It’s not bulky, but light and compact with great portability. It also holds up to 40 canned beverages with ice.

The outer dimensions are 18.5″ X 17″ X 12″. When the bag is empty, the weight comes in at only 5.5 lbs. Overall, the cooler holds 8.75 gallons or 35 quarts.

Since the RTIC SoftPak 40 is still made with the same durable materials as the others in the SoftPak line of coolers, it is leak proof, won’t sweat, puncture or tear.

Consumers can be glad to know, the SoftPak 40 will still keep food and beverages chilled longer, up to 5 days. With that being the case, this cooler would be ideal for extended camping trips.

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The SoftPak 40 is still perfect for boats, RV’s for longer road trips, in back of the pick-up truck and tailgating.

This cooler would also work well for larger corporate events and meetings, or larger family gatherings.

Although this cooler is bigger and holds more, consumers should not be fooled.

Unlike the traditional solid coolers, the RTIC SoftPak 40 is still much easier to carry, takes up less space and is much more convenient to use. One of the best things about this cooler is that it’s ideal for extended use.

Those who have a long get away planned, can be comfortable knowing, they will be set for the long haul.

With long ice retention and the amount of food storage available, the RTIC SoftPak 40 can store several meals for up to several days.

Without the constant need to maintain the cooler with ice, makes more time for enjoyment. 

What Previous Buyers Said About RTIC SoftPak Coolers

Having discussed the SoftPak lines in the RTIC Soft cooler review, many consumers are satisfied overall with the products.

Relatively, RTIC has received many very high ratings and reviews from its customers.Most consumers said they were happy most with the ice retention and how it keeps food and drinks cold all day long. One consumer mentioned, having the cooler exposed all day in direct sunlight and in a hot car.

The consumer mentioned being amazed by how the contents remained chilled, just as they were when packed. Another consumer writes, how the SoftPak is convenient to use because of its lightweight and easy portability, commenting on how the cooler has a lot of storage space, and the strap included with the bag makes carrying easy, along with its design.

yeti hopper vs rtic softpak

One consumer mentioned the durability and quality of the SoftPak cooler, stating it is ideal for keeping food items chilled, even in the most extreme heat conditions.On the downside, a few consumers, although satisfied with the product, mentioned having some minor issues with their soft coolers.

One individual complained that the strap was not durable and broke after only a couple of uses.

It is possible the cooler bag may have been loaded above the strap’s weight capacity, or the strap could have simply been defective.

Fortunately, under RTIC’s warranty, the company replaced the strap, and the consumer noted being happy with the SoftPak cooler overall. Another individual stated that the zipper is sometimes difficult to maneuver. This could be because the zipper was stuck or may have been dry. 

The zipper is also waterproof, which could make it bit tougher to zip, which is why RTIC includes zipper lubricant with all of its new bags to help alleviate the problem.

Nonetheless, with the overall consumer satisfaction rate, it is probably safe to determine RTIC makes some great soft cooler bags.


  • Light weight
  • Portable
  • 100% Waterproof
  • Great for all outdoor activities
  • Available in several different sizes and colors


  • Less food storage capacity than many traditional solid coolers
  • Although easy to store, SoftPak bags do not collapse
  • Unlike traditional solid coolers, SoftPak coolers do not have a drain. Instead, water has to be emptied from the top.

RTIC SoftPak VS Yeti Hopper

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RTIC SoftPak Features

  • Durable heavy-duty nylon outer shell
  • Lightweight
  • 100% Waterproof with stay-dry material
  • Waterproof zipper
  • Sweatproof material
  • Anti-microbial layer to resist mold
  • Closed-cell foam insulation
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Yeti Hopper Features

  • Durable- Yeti Dryhide outer shell
  • Mildew resistant
  • Resistant to the sun’s UV rays
  • Closed-cell rubber foam insulation
  • Waterproof zipper

To compare the RTIC SoftPak cooler to the Yeti Hopper, there doesn’t seem to be a significant difference, other than the outer shell material used.

It appears that Yeti has its own version of exterior material, which protects against the sun’s UV rays, as well as moisture and mildew.

Just as the RTIC SoftPak, the Yeti Hopper also features their version of a waterproof zipper and closed- cell insulation.

Just as the RTIC SoftPak, the Yeti Hopper comes with a strap for easier portability, and it was designed with a flip top lid.One key difference of Yeti is that the company makes a few other sizes of Hopper coolers than RTIC does for its SoftPak coolers.

The dimensions also slightly vary from the same counterpart cooler bags Yeti makes along with RTIC.

For example, aside from the RTIC SoftPak 20, Yeti’s version is the Hopper Two 20. The outer dimensions are 10″ X 16.5″ X 22″. Comparatively, this YETI soft bag is actually larger in size than the RTIC SoftPak 20.

This Hopper internal size is actually 20.2 quarts, as opposed to only 15 quarts for the RTIC Softpak 20.

rtic soft coolers review

The Yeti Hopper Two 30 cooler bag has outer dimensions of 12″ X 18″ X 25″. When you check RTIC’s and YETI’s websites, they quote different number of cans that their soft cooler can hold.

Don’t be fooled by these numbers as the two companies use different methods and ice/can ratios so only comparing the quoted figures can be confusing.

The YETI Hopper Two 30’s 28.9 quart capacity is much larger than the RTIC Softpak 30’s volume of 22 quarts.

Finally, the Yeti Hopper Two 40, the largest of the bunch, the outer dimension come in at 13″ X 19.5″ X 26″. Opposed to the RTIC SoftPak 40 with the capacity of 35 quarts, this cooler bag is quoted for 41.6 quart capacity.

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The other similar sizes produced in the Yeti Hopper line is the Hopper Flip 12, with 16.7 quarts capacity.

Similar to the specific RTIC SoftPak coolers we reviewed, the Hopper Flip 18 was designed to hold 20 canned beverages with ice, just as the RTIC SoftPak 20.

However, as we mentioned above, YETI uses a 2:1 ice-to-content ratio, therefore the can capacity alone is misleading. The Hopper Flip 18 with 24.9-quart capacity is actually larger still than the RTIC Two 20 with 15 quarts.

q? encoding=UTF8&ASIN=B07BR6VK8J&Format= SL250 &ID=AsinImage&MarketPlace=US&ServiceVersion=20070822&WS=1&tag=dobosiconsult 20

In addition, there is the Hopper Backflip 24, with a convenient 25.4 quarts internal volume.

This cooler seems unique from the others, as it appears to stand taller than the other line of Hopper coolers and the RTIC SoftPak coolers. T

o compare the dimensions of the RTIC SoftPaks with the those of the Yeti Hoppers, the dimensions for the RTIC SoftPak can be referred to above in the RTIC SoftPak cooler review.

However, it is quite clear that the Yeti versions of their cooler bags are larger and have more storage capacity.

Having said that, buyers should choose the right counterpart when trying to compare the products. Even though soft coolers are named similarly, as in YETI Hopper Two 20 supposed to be the equivalent of RTIC Softpak 20, don’t get confused with these naming conventions.

We used the same approach above, to point out these differences. 

If you want to get the real picture of how do their capacity compare, have a look at our table below. See how RTIC soft coolers fit in between the Yeti soft cooler’s size range:

With nearly the same physical characteristics, in terms of materials used, and with the slight variations mentioned when comparing RTIC SoftPaks to the Yeti Hoppers, it is a bit difficult for us to determine which cooler bag is better in terms of quality.

However, we are leaning somewhat towards the RTIC SoftPak coolers, since RTIC seems to have established a stronger brand, and obviously because the SoftPak coolers offer more value for money.

Then again, both competing brands offer different sizes to best fit everyone’s preferences.

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To conclude, we believe consumers should decide for themselves which soft cooler to purchase, as each individual consumer’s preferences vary.

The best method for consumers to decide which soft cooler to purchase is determining what they value most in a product. Maybe it’s quality and durability. Others may be concerned about space, ice retention, or maybe portability.

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Most likely, consumers will want to evaluate those aspects before purchasing. Another consideration is for what purpose the cooler is being used. Individuals may simply want a lunch cooler for work.

Others may be looking for a larger cooler to enjoy frequent, extended group camping trips. In the RTIC SoftPak cooler review, we listed the features of each cooler and highlighted the purpose of what each one best serves.

Specifically, being a review of RTIC soft coolers, we believe each bag has something special to offer everyone. RTIC SoftPak coolers are popular for sale on Amazon with lots of great reviews.

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