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Clean drinking water is essential for survival. Unfortunately, there are places where the water may look clean but they are not safe to drink, and this is especially true when you are in the wilderness.

When you go camping or overlanding, you can’t just get water from the rivers or streams and expect them to be clean and safe for drinking. This is where a reliable water filtering system can be helpful.

Continue reading our Survivor Filter Pro Review to learn more about this product.

Survivor Filter PRO

Survivor Filter is one of the brands that come to mind when it comes to water filtration systems. The company has developed the Survivor Filter Pro which uses a 3-stage filtration process to remove many harmful components from water.

Performance-wise, the Survivor Filter Pro filters are among the best in the market. According to the manufacturer, the Survivor Filter Pro products were tested in multiple laboratories in the US with the following results:

  • Removed 99.999% of Protozoa
  • Removed 99.999% of tested virus (Phi X-174) including staph and bacteria
  • Removed 99.5% mercury and 93% lead

From The Manufacturer

Survivor Filter is a brand that is rooted in the founder’s belief that every person should have access to clean and drinkable water in any environment. Their passion is to give people access to clean water using their high-quality filtration systems.

The Survivor Filter has received a Gold Seal certification for their home filters, which means that they meet the highest industry standards for water quality. These home filters can remove 99.9% of contaminants common in tap water while leaving essential minerals untouched.

With the company’s proven performance, we can expect the same level of water quality from the Survivor Water Filter Pro.

Different Types of Survivor Filter PRO

These are the range of products under Survivor Filter Pro:

Portable Water Filter Pump

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This product is a reliable water filtering tool with the highest level of micron rating at 0.01 microns. At this level of micron rating, it can eliminate large particles and remove viruses, bacteria, and parasites from the water, at the same time reducing heavy metals. Additionally, it also removes unpleasant tastes.

This product comes with three water filters, the pre-filter, carbon filter and the ultrafilter with the capacity of 100,000 liters, 2,000 liters and 100,000 liters respectively. Moreover, it has a flow rate of 500 mL or 17 ounces per minute.

This survival filter pump is compact in size, measuring 3.2 x 2 x 6.5 inches and weighing 12.8 oz. It easily fits in your backpack and you can carry it with you on your adventures.

Hydration Extender Kit

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The Hydration Extender Kit is no different from the Portable Water Filter pump, but you just get twice the number of water filters in one kit.

So instead of receiving just one for each type of filter (pre-filter, carbon filter and ultrafilter), you get two of each. You also get two for other components including the inlet and outlet tubes, hose clip and carrying case.

Survivor Filter PRO X – Electric Water Filter

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The Hydration Extender Kit is no different from the Portable Water Filter pump, but you just get twice the

As the World’s First Portable Electric Water Filter, The Pro X has a lot to offer for camping and overlanding enthusiasts. The Pro X portable hydration pack is effective and convenient to use anytime and anywhere.

The Pro X is rechargeable so as long as it is charged, you should have no issue using it. Alternatively, you could also power it using two AA batteries which can last up to 6 hours of use.

Moreover, the Pro X uses the same technology as the filter pump. It also comes with filters with the same capacity and flow rate as the other products under Survivor Pro line.

How Filter PRO cleans water

Survivor Filter Pro kits come with three different filters with varying functions to ensure that you get clean water with no unpleasant taste to drink. They constitute the three stages of filtering:

Stage 1: Ultra Filter Pre-Filter

In stage 1, contaminated water passes through a 0.1-micron Pre-Filter that works like a barrier. It can remove giardia, algae, protozoa and cryptosporidium.

Stage 2: Carbon Filter

Once the water passes the first stage, it then moves to the carbon filter. This filter absorbs chemicals, heavy metals and other pollutants in the water. While it may not be able to totally eliminate pollutants, it can significantly reduce them.

Stage 3: Internal Ultra Filter

Finally, at the final stage, the water passes through the ultra. Independent tests reveal that this filter can filter out up to 99.99% of staph. Not only that, but tests also show it can filter viruses.

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What is in the Box?

Each unit of the Survivor Filter Pro kit comes with everything you need to start filtering water with contaminants. It comes with a pre-filter, carbon filter and ultra filter. Other components include the inlet hose, outlet hose, hose clip, back washing syringe, carrying case and a manual. For the Pro X, you also get two AA batteries, a micro-USB cable and a USB wall charger. 


Each kit contains the following maximum capacities:

  • Pre-Filter – This is the first filter membrane that strains water before they pass through the next two filters. It has a long filter life of 100,000 liters or 26, 417 gallons before it needs replacement.
  • Activated carbon Filter – The carbon filter has a maximum capacity of 2,000 liters or 528 gallons before it needs replacement.
  • Internal Ultra Filter – Just like the pre-filter, it has a filter life of 100,000 liters before it needs replacement.

For the Pro X, the batteries can last up to 6 hours of use. At this rate, you can already filter about 360 liters of very dirty water or 442 liters of clearer water.


  • Compact and lightweight
  • Easy to use
  • Highly effective
  • No bad taste in water
  • With lifetime guarantee


  • A bit slow

More Survivor Filter Products

Aside from the Survivor Filter Pro products, the company also offers other products designed to provide users with clean and potable drinking water.

Survivor Filter Review

Survivor Filter Cleanable Water Filter Straw

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This is your ultimate tool for your camping, emergency or overseas travel kit. Convenient to carry and easy to use, this water filter straw has a filtration level of 0.05 microns.

It also comes with three filtration systems and is relatively more effective than many other filter straws in the market. You can use this water filter straw in any fresh water source wherever you go.

You could filter water and drink from the source or attach it to a collapsible canteen or a threaded bottle that is sold separately.

Survivor Filter Squeeze Water Filter and Canteens

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TThe squeeze water filter is ultra-lightweight and it screws into most canteens and water bottles. It is rated 0.05 microns.

You could use this product as a straw by drinking directly from the source, or attach it to a water bottle or canteen and drink as you go.

Survivor Filter Active Filtration Bottle

q? encoding=UTF8&ASIN=B07YBGWKNC&Format= SL450 &ID=AsinImage&MarketPlace=US&ServiceVersion=20070822&WS=1&tag=dobosiconsult 20&language=en US

This is your ultimate tool for your camping, emergency or overseas travel kit. Convenient to carry and easy to

This bottle replaces 426 single-use bottles, so aside from getting safe water, you are also helping the environment.

With this tool, you could simply fill, squeeze and drink up to 900 mL of clean water in 30 seconds. It removes or reduces chlorine, microplastics, bacteria, parasites, heavy metals and toxic chemicals. Additionally, it can improve water taste.

We are literally using it on a daily basis on our current Pan-American adventure. We use it while driving and it’s our water source when we go on hikes in the wilderness.

How It Compares with Other Portable Water Filters

Survivor Filter PRO vs MoKo Portable Water Filter

Looking at these two portable water filters that are designed to strain the water from the source, there are obvious similarities and differences between these two products.

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Both products have a rating of 0.01 micron. They also use three stages of filtration systems to get rid of pollutants and harmful chemicals in the water.

However, MoKo has the advantage of a faster flow rate of 600 mL per minute compared to the 500-mL per minute performance of the Survivor Filter Pro.

Looking at review websites, Survivor Filter Pro has more satisfied customers than MoKo, and there is quite a huge difference in numbers. While they have the same micron rating, the technology behind these two products is different.

The filtration system used by Survivor Filter Pro has been independently tested in various US laboratories and consistently showed great results as mentioned above.

Moreover, all the three filters used in Survivor Filter Pro are replaceable, while for MoKo, they only mentioned the carbon filter being replaceable.

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Survivor Filter PRO vs Katadyn Pocket

The Katadyn Pocket Water Filter is another possible option if you are looking for a portable water filtration system. It is a well-made water tool designed to last long.

However, it only offers a 0.2 micron rating. This means that the filtered water may still contain the tiniest pollutants that the Survivor Filter Pro is able to strain.


The Survivor Filter Pro is one of the most reliable portable filtration systems that are great for people who always find themselves outdoors. It removes viruses, bacteria and other pollutants from freshwater sources, making it safe for consumption.

However, one main drawback of this product is that it is not the best in terms of flow rate as there are other filters that can produce more clean potable water in just a minute. 

But its overall performance is great. Their claim of being effective in removing harmful pollutants is backed by various tests and positive feedback from thousands of users.

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