Engel Dual Zone Fridge Freezer Reviewed

Engel Dual Zone Fridge Freezer Review

Engel has recently announced that they are adding a new dual zone fridge/freezer to their product line, the MT45FCP. While this 41-Quart size unit is not available in the USA or Europe, we are taking the opportunity to review it’s larger brother, the 60 Quart MT60F-U1-C. Features of the 60 Quart Engel Dual Zone Fridge … Read more

Toyota 4Runner Overlanding in Africa

Overlanding in the Sahara Desert – A Challenging Day

January 21, 2018   The rally stage from our desert camp near Bou Lanoar to the bivouac near Atar turned out to be the most challenging of the whole trip. We had a very early start again because we knew the stage was not going to be an easy one at all. Marc from California, … Read more

Desert Camp - Overlanding

Mauritania and the Dirtiest Town in Africa

January 20, 2018   We started our day very early, leaving the camp at around 6 am. We were heading for the Mauritanian border, and knowing that another 130 cars had the same plans for the day, we wanted to make sure we weren’t going to be last in the queue. It was still pitch … Read more

Camels in the desert next to the Atlantic Ocean

The Road to Dakhla on the Atlantic Coast

January 19, 2018   One of the downsides – among many – of a disputed territory such as Western Sahara, is that some areas can be full of landmines. In some parts of this region it’s not advised to go off-road, which is why the official rally stage was getting us directly down to Dakhla … Read more

Overlanding or offroading Landcruiser 120 Prado


January 18, 2018   Our goal for the day was Laayoune, the Capital of Western Sahara, about 360 miles from Icht. After quickly washing the mud off of the windscreens, we left the hotel, driving west towards Plage Blanche. The Plage Blanche is at least a 40-mile long white sand beach tucked between the Atlantic … Read more

Overlanding in the Atlas Mountains with a Toyota LandCruise 120 - Lexus GX470

Is this Off-Roading?

January 17, 2018   I’ve done some research around the definition of ‘off-roading’ or ‘off-road driving’, and there is a debate on where can you draw a line between on-road and off-road. I don’t think we need to necessarily define them and put them in their own box, because some non-paved roads (i.e. roads that … Read more

Midelt to Ouarzazate rally - Overlanding vs Offroading

Midelt to Ouarzazate – Meeting Great People and the F-16 Fighter Jet

January 16, 2018   Today’s stage was Midelt to Ouarzazate. We started very early, at around 6.30am, and headed for the off-road tracks and river beds. The previous day’s drive was really nothing compared to this one. Sharp rocks on the tracks, snow, huge drops, sunshine and nearly dry riverbeds made the first half of … Read more

Mountain pass in Morocco - Overlanding in the mountains. Defender 110 and Landcruiser 120 or GX470

Border Crossing into Morocco

January 15, 2018   Great sleep on the ferry, during which we arrived in… Spain. Melilla is still Spain so we had the border crossing in front of us. We expected it to be chaotic – and it certainly was. Hustlers and ‘Hello, my friend’-type helpers approached people constantly while we waited in line for … Read more

Ferry to Melilla from Almeria - Overlanding

Catching the Ferry from Almeria

January 14, 2018   After a great, long sleep in the outskirts of Munich the previous night, we felt so relaxed (well, Evelin did – I crashed around 3.00am) that we carried on driving overnight, only stopping for a couple of hours sleep in one of the rest areas on the Spanish motorway just after … Read more

Budapest - Bamako Rally

What is the Budapest-Bamako Rally?

January 13, 2018: Not much happened on this day other than trying to get as close to Almeria, Spain, where our ferry left from, as possible. Motorway miles, just to get to the end of the continent. Let’s talk about the Rally itself then. So what is the Budapest-Bamako Rally?  The short answer: a great … Read more

overland blog - Overlanding in Africa

The Start of Our African Adventure and the Budapest-Bamako Rally

January 12, 2018   Start date! The long awaited start date of the Budapest-Bamako Rally had actually arrived. It was quite a long wait, with preparations taking place over the previous weeks and even months. A trip to Africa was on our list for quite a while but never been to that continent, we decided … Read more

utility winch Review

Superwinch vs Warn – Utility Winches

Today we are reviewing two of the most popular utility winches on the market. They are widely used on trailers, truckbeds, hitch mounts. While they offer very similar features, there are some aspects that will help you decide which one to buy. They are arguably among the best utility winches out there. Superwinch LT2000 12V Utility … Read more

yeti 35 vs 45 vs 50 comparison and advice

YETI 35 vs 45 vs 50 – Tundra Cooler Review

When camping or overlanding for a few days, you can opt for the luxury of a 12V fridge-freezer. However, not everyone would prefer that due to the power and portability factors. That is where coolers play a major role, especially coolers like the Yeti Tundra 35 vs 45 vs 50. It is an excellent choice … Read more

Winch Buying Guide - Best offroad winches

Winch Buying Guide – How to Choose the Best 4×4 Winch

As overlanders and off-roaders look for more remote places to discover and more trails to conquer, winches have evolved over time to become an important tool that is used from rig to rig. Primarily designed for 4×4’s and pickups, there are many types of winches to choose from with early three dozen winches available on … Read more

RTIC cooler range 20 vs 45 vs 65

RTIC Cooler Review

Nobody wants to go camping or overlanding only to see that within a day all his/her food has gone bad while out hiking, thanks to a faulty or non-quality cooler. There are several different types and brands of coolers out there. With the large selection of coolers in the market, you need a cooler that … Read more

Inverter Buying Guide

Inverter Buying Guide For Overlanders

When you have electrical devices in your overlanding vehicle such as a laptop, a fridge-freezer that require power, you will need a car power inverter. This inverter converts direct current, DC, from your car battery to alternating current, AC, to be used by these devices. Power inverters are significant in the electronic world. DC current, … Read more