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February 18, 2018  

The first blog entry of our blog that is not called blog. We are calling it: Our Notes.

At first we didn’t want to have a blog or journal section on the site, but we feel that there is so much happening in our overlanding life that it would be a waste not to share it. We are also trying to show where and how we gain tremendous amount of experience in this niche called ‘overlanding’.

At the time of writing we are sitting on a 48 hour long ferry ride from Tangier-Med, Morocco, to Genova, Italy on our way back home. We have just done a 5 weeks long trip to Africa of which we will going to share daily diary-type notes in a chronological order, as well as feelings, experience, stories, but most importantly tips and useful information for folks who are planning an overland trip to this part of the world. We are travelling extensively so may not be able to have internet access too often. However, with every entry in the ‘Our Notes’ section, we will be indicating the exact date of the story, so the post date and the actual date of the journal content will differ.

Planned contents are:

– African adventure from early 2018

– Scandinavian trip 2017

– Various trips in Europe 2017 – Slovenia, Hungary to The Ukraine

– London To Mongolia, the Mongolia Charity Rally 2014

– Our Rig – modifications, equipment we use

– Stories and Interviews

– Our next adventure, the overland trip from Europe to Singapore through China

– Our planning process and the progress with our preparation for our next trip: route planning, visa application process, vehicle preparation and potential modifications

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Ferenc Elekes has been a devout Overlanding enthusiast for many years. During that time, Ferenc has explored 75 countries on six continents, with overland travel involved in 40 countries on three continents. From his trusty 2006 Toyota Land Cruiser Prado with a roof-top tent, he’s blogged about experiences that can only be found in the remotest regions on Earth. Along the way, he's gained in-depth knowledge of the novel challenges overlanders encounter and practical ways to meet them. On his website, he shares informed opinions about everything from the best overland gear to how to get a vehicle unstuck. Ferenc has also written for Ih8mud, the Expedition Portal, the Overland Journal, and he is often invited as a guest to outdoors-related podcasts.
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