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Today we are reviewing two of the most popular utility winches on the market. They are widely used on trailers, truckbeds, hitch mounts. While they offer very similar features, there are some aspects that will help you decide which one to buy. They are arguably among the best utility winches out there.

Superwinch LT2000 12V Utility Winch

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  • 2,000-pound pull rating
  • 1.0 hp permanent magnet motor
  • Corded remote
  • 49 feet of 5/32-inch wire rope
  • 12 volt
  • Free-spooling clutch
  • What we liked: tree-strap included. With extra accessories it can easily turned into an ATV winch

Warn (92000) 2000 DC Utility Winch

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  • 2,000-pound pull rating
  • 1.6 hp permanent magnet motor
  • Corded remote
  • 35 feet of 3/16″ wire rope
  • 12 volt
  • Free-spooling clutch
  • What we liked: equipped with hawse fairlead.

We have the Warn 2000 Utility Winch up against the Supwerinch LT2000 Utility Winch.

With tons of features that you want in a winch, the Warn 2000 Utility Winch has a small size that let you mount it in close-fitting spots.

You can move more things faster with the Warn 2000 that was designed to pull a light load. Featuring a permanent magnet DC motor, the Warn 2000 has 1.6 horsepower with an incredible duty cycle.

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The Warn Utility Winch also features a strong differential planetary gear train with 12-volt power for portability. It’s very versatile, especially if you install the Portable Anchor Plate with it. 

This utility winch is perfect for hitch mounts and trailers, plus it comes with 35 feet of 3/16″ wire rope and a clasp and hook.

Like the Superwinch LT2000, it also has a corded remote and a 2,000-pound pull rating.

The Superwinch LT2000 is also very compact and a very dependable utility winch. It is a very efficient tool in your workshop, in a trailer, or to use for projects around the house.

Like the Warn 2000, it uses 12 volts and has a 2,000-pound pull rating, but it only has a 1.0 hp motor.

The Superwinch also has lots of features including circuit breaker protection, a free-spooling clutch, and the ability to upgrade to a functioning ATV handlebar unit by adding a few accessories.

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The corded remote that comes with the Superwinch LT2000 has an 8-foot lead, a cable tension plate, a high-efficiency low amp draw motor and 49 feet of 5/32-inch wire rope with a stainless thimble.

These two utility winches run a close race with the same pull rating and efficient differential planetary gearboxes.

It’s a close call, but we feel the Superwinch might be ahead with the same pull rating as the Warn but with more accessories being included for a lower price.

Superwinch LT2000 12V Utility Winch (2,000lb),Pink
  • Seat belt cutter and Car window breaker ^ Compact, lightweight & powerful ^ Easily accessible, no installation required ^ Tested and certified by TÜV ^ Over 10 years saving lives worldwide ^ Red Dot Design Award - Winner 2014
  • Features a powerful, yet efficient 1.0 hp (0.8kW) motor with a 2,000 lb pull rating and circuit breaker protection
  • Utilizes 49 feet of 5/32-inch wire rope (3.9mm x 15m) with a stainless thimble, as well as a quiet, efficient, differential planetary gear box, and pull and turn freespooling clutch
  • Easily upgraded to a fully functional ATV handlebar unit with minimal additional accessories
  • Includes a handheld rubber remote switch for better and safer performance at whatever distance from the winch is required

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