Champion Winch Review

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‘Champion Power Equipment’ has a variety of winches on their collection. This particular brand is widely known for their affordable yet heavy-duty winches.

Chances are you might be looking for buying a Champion winch. Then this Champion winch review post will help you to choose the best winch depending on your requirements from them.

Here we will review some of the best Champion winches available on the market right now. In addition to that, we will also be sharing a detailed buying guide in the later section of this post.

So you can make a smart decision while buying your new Champion winch.

Champion Winch Review

2000 lb Champion Winch Reviews

champion winch 2,500 lb
2000 lb Champion winch

If you are looking for a winch for hauling light loads, this could be worth a look. Don’t let the low price tag and smaller form factor deceive you.

In reality, this is a workhorse. This winch comes with a winch capacity of 2000 lbs. There’s a bit powerful option as well, you can check out Champion 2,500 lb winch.

It is armed with a steel rope of 49 feet and a 5/32 inch diameter. The rope is galvanized so it can be used under the harshest conditions.

Added to that, it comes with a 4-way roller fairlead and an all-metal clevis hook with a strap for ease of use.

You will also notice that this Champion 2000 lb winch comes with a bolt pattern of 3.1 inches, 1 hp permanent magnet motor, free spooling clutch, dynamic braking system, and so on.

On top of these, it is equipped with a single-stage planetary system gear train with a gear ratio of 153:1.

There is a handlebar-mounted rocker switch remote control system that comes with the package. The Champion winch remote control is not wireless.

Yet, it comes with a 10.30 feet cable, so you can control the unit from a safe distance. It is very easy to set up as well.

With a full load, it has a line speed of about 3.30 feet per minute. And without any load, it has a line speed of about 10.50 feet per minute.

Plus, you will get a Champion winch mounting plate with this winch. And all the necessary accessories to install this device come in the package. 

What Previous Buyers Said?

The previous buyers of this winch mostly said good things about it. They found that this is a perfect winch for side by side vehicles or UTVs.

One customer particularly said that from the installation to hauling the load, it was a breeze with this winch. Other customers also left comments about the low price of Champion 2000 winch.

They are very satisfied with their purchases.


  • Very cheap price
  • Robust build quality
  • Easy to mount
  • Comes with 2 years limited warranty and free lifetime technical support
  • Little yet packs a lot of power


  • Doesn’t have any wireless remote (for the price this is not a deal-breaker, though)

Champion 3000 lb Winch Reviews

atv winch 3000 lb
Champion 3000 lb winch

The second winch on our list is the Champion 3000-lb winch. From the title, you have already guessed that it comes with a load capacity of 3000 lbs.

While on full load, the winch has a line speed of up to 4.30 feet per minute. On the other hand, the line speed with no load is about 8.90 feet per minute.

It is armed with a three-stage planetary gear system with a gear ratio of 171:1. Like other premium Champion winches, it also comes with a free spooling clutch, dynamic braking system, 4-way roller fairlead, and more.

The Champion 3000 comes with a galvanized wire rope for durability. The length of the rope is about 45.90 feet and the diameter is 3/16 inches. 

This Champion 3000-lb winch is powered by a 1.30 hp permanent magnet motor. And it is compatible with the 4.9 x 3-inch mounting bolt pattern.

Added to that it has a wired remote control with a 10.30 feet cable. Thus, it will be easy to operate it from a safe distance.

Due to its load capacity and form factor, it will be suitable for overlanding rigs like UTVs/ATVs. In short, we can say that it is one of the best 3000 lb winches out there.

Pro Tip: make sure you choose a good battery for your ATV if you decide to install a winch.

What Previous Buyers Said?

This is one of the most popular winches from Champion. Due to its popularity, it is now the No 1 best seller in the Side by Side winch category on a few online stores.

So, you can guess the quality of this device from its reputation easily. Most of the previous buyers were really delighted with the quality and specs it comes with.

One particular customer said that it was very easy to mount and wire up. However, he found that the design of the handlebar rocker switch was a bit unusual.

However, after a couple of tries, everything seems to work perfectly for him. 

Another customer said Champion winch 3000 was a great deal relative to the price. Thus, he would recommend it without a doubt.


  • Easy to install
  • Very reasonable price
  • Build with high-grade materials
  • Comes with a 2-year warranty and free lifetime support


  • It is not a wireless winch

3500-lb. Champion ATV Winch Review

3000 lb electric winch

If a 3000 lbs winch is not enough for you, you can go with this Champion winch for a four wheeler. Because this particular unit comes with a rated line pull of 3500 lbs.

Like all other winches from them, it offers some high-end features as well.

First, we have to mention the inclusion of synthetic rope in this. The length of the rope is 50 feet and has a diameter of 3/16 inches.

The synthetic rope is a great addition to this Champion 3500 winch. Because these types of ropes are durable, flexible, and work better than steel rope.

This ATV UTV winch also comes with a free spooling clutch, dynamic braking system, standard mounting channel, and a 1.20 hp permanent magnet motor.

Moreover, you are getting a robust hawse fairlead and a galvanized clevis hook. This one has a full load line speed of 3.30 feet/minute. On the other hand, the no-load line speed is about 9.80 feet/minute.

It is equipped with a 3 stage planetary gear train with a gear reduction ratio of 171:1. They also offer a handlebar-mounted wired remote control with this winch.

The remote control comes with a 10.30 feet cable. So, if you are on the look for a 4×4 winch with a synthetic rope, then this can be one of the best options.

What Previous Buyers Said?

The current owners of this winch are showing their excitement with their purchase. They left a comment saying that for the price it comes with some really high-end features.

For instance, they were thrilled by the inclusion of the synthetic cable. However, one of the buyers reported that he faced some issues with the installation procedure.

But after contacting the customer service team of ‘Champion Power Equipment’, they cleared up his confusion with clear instructions.

Now, he has installed the winch on his UTV without further issues. Other than that, there were no negatives about this winch. All the previous buyers are recommending it.


  • Comes with a 2-year limited warranty and a limited lifetime technical support
  • Easy to install
  • Comes with a synthetic cable
  • Top-notch build quality


  • Not a wireless winch

4000-lb. Wireless ATV/UTV Winch Kit Champion Reviews

champion 4500 winch
Champion 4000-lb winch

If you’re in the hunt for a wireless winch, then we have got this one from Champion for you. It has a winching capacity of up to 4000 lb (There is a Champion winch 4500 as well, which has a bit higher capacity).

So, it will be ideal for vehicles with a gross weight of up to 3000 lbs. or less. Frankly, this is a top-quality winch. 

There are a lot of beneficial features on Champion ATV/UTV Winch Kit. First off, you are getting a wireless remote with this winch. With the help of this remote, you can operate this one from within a radius of 50 feet.

Thus, it allows the user to recover his vehicle from a safe distance. The wireless remote also has an ‘automatic turn-off’ feature. So, whenever it is not in use, it will turn off on its own saving up your vehicle’s battery.

It comes with all the required accessories to install it including the mounting channel, remote, antenna, handlebar-mounted rocker switch, 4-way roller fairlead, and the wiring kit as well.

A galvanized steel cable is also included in the package. It is about 38 feet and has a diameter of 5.95 mm. The wired remote comes with a 13.80 feet cable.

It is armed with a three-stage planetary gear system with a gear reduction ratio of 180:1. Like all the other top winches, this Champion electric winch also features a dynamic braking system, a free spooling clutch, and a 4.9 x 3-inch mounting bolt pattern.

All in all, this 4000 pound winch can be a great deal if you are on the look for a wireless winch from ‘Champion Power Equipment’.

What Previous Buyers Said?

Many of the previous buyers of this winch are very happy with this device. People are leaving comments saying that it has a great price to performance ratio.

And the inclusion of both wired and wireless remote control systems can be very helpful under various circumstances. 

Yet, one of the buyers commented that his wireless remote was not functioning properly. Then he contacted the customer service team of Champion. And, they told him how to reset the wireless remote.

Now, it is working without any problem. Another buyer was using a 2500 lbs. winch for over 7 years. And then he bought this particular winch. Now, he is saying that it is far better than his previous one.


  • Rugged build quality
  • Comes with a 2-year limited warranty and a limited lifetime technical support
  • Easy to install and use
  • It is a wireless winch


  • A synthetic rope would be better

Best Jeep Winch for the Money: Champion 12,000-lb. Truck/SUV Winch Review

wincher review

This is one of the most powerful winches from Champion. If you are looking for a winch for your truck or SUVs, then you can check this one out.

This heavy-duty winch comes with a rated line pull of 12,000 lbs. It offers features like a free spooling clutch, dynamic braking system, and a speed mount 2-inch hitch adapter.

Due to the hitch mount feature, it can be installed on your truck efficiently and effortlessly. Not a lot of winches come with this efficient mounting system.

Also, it has a couple of handles that can be relocated to 3 different positions. On top of these, you are getting an 85 feet synthetic rope that has a diameter of 11/32 inches.

This product also has a wired remote controller with a 12 feet cable. This device is equipped with a three-stage planetary gear system.

And the gear ratio is 216:1. It has a 6 hp series wound motor. This type of motor is much better than a permanent magnet motor.

The no-load line speed of this powerful tool is about 15.70 feet per minute. And the full load line speed is about 2.30 feet per minute.

This 12,000 lbs. winch also comes with a hawse fairlead and an all-metal clevis hook for hauling heavy loads without any issues.

From the look of it, you will notice that it is a ruggedly built winch. And, the speed mounting system makes it a portable winch as well.

Whenever not in use, just unmount it and store it in a safe place. So, if you are looking for a premium, heavy-duty, and ruggedly built winch that is also convenient to use and portable, you should definitely try this one out.

If you want a less, but still very powerful recovery gear you should check out the Champion 10000 lb winch.

What Previous Buyers Said?

All the previous buyers were excited about this winch. However, a few buyers complained about the high price. On the contrary, most of the buyers said it is one of the best truck winches from Champion.

They said they liked the portable design and the easy installation system. Also, the inclusion of all the installation accessories made it an obvious choice for the customers. As a result, even though it is a bit pricey, they are recommending it.


  • Very powerful
  • Comes with a rugged build quality
  • Has a 2-year warranty and lifetime technical support
  • Easy to install
  • Comes with a synthetic rope and all the accessories


  • A bit expensive (but the features justifies the pricing)

Buying Guide – Considerations to Make Before Selecting the Best Winch

Who Makes Champion Winches

Champion Power Equipment is a company based in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. They made their name by making quality machineries, such as generators, snow blowers, pressure washers and the like.

Winch Capacity

The winch capacity should be one of the most important factors to consider when you are purchasing a winch. It is also known as the ‘Rated Line Pull’ or ‘Load Capacity’.

If you want to be on the safe side, go for a winch that has a load capacity 1.5 times of your vehicle’s gross weight.

For example, if your vehicle weighs 2000 lbs. Then you should get a 3000 lb winch (2000 x 1.5= 3000 lbs.)

So, when you are buying a winch, make sure you know the gross weight of your vehicle. Then use this formula ⇒ (Gross Vehicle Weight x 1.5) to find out the recommended weight capacity of the winch you need.


Most of the high-end winches are expensive. Plus, winches will be needed and operated in severe conditions to recover your stuck vehicle. That could be rain, mud, rocks, or any other bad condition.

Thus, you will need a ruggedly built winch to withstand those harsh and severe conditions. Otherwise, your expensive winch might get damaged in a snap. So, make sure you are getting a durable one.

Electric vs. Hydraulic Winch

Winches can be divided into 2 categories such as electric and hydraulic winch. First off, the hydraulic winches are very powerful and expensive.

These types of winches don’t need battery power to work. As a result, you can use this type of winches anytime. And, the hydraulic winches also have better duty cycle. Thus, you can operate them for a long time.

However, the electric winches come with a very limited duty cycle and run with your vehicle’s battery power. That way, you cannot use them continuously for a long time.

On the other hand, this type of winches is very affordable compared to hydraulic ones. And, these work best for recovering vehicles as these can be easily mounted on your vehicle.

As a result, these are the most popular winch-type when it comes to vehicle recovery.

Synthetic vs. Wire Rope

In terms of the cable, you will see 2 types that are wire/steel rope and synthetic rope. Now, steel cables are the traditional choice. These are strong, cheap, and great for hauling loads.

However, due to their abrasive texture, these are very dangerous for your hand. And, if it splits unexpectedly, accidents might happen.

Conversely, the synthetic ropes are modern, flexible, easy to wind in, and recommended by everyone. However, these types of ropes might be a bit more expensive than the steel ropes.

Even then, we would recommend you to go with the synthetic rope. If the stock rope that comes with your winch is a steel rope, you can replace it with a synthetic one later.

Conclusion – Champion Winches Review

From the reviews above, we can see that Champion is actually a great brand when it comes to winches. They have various types of winches including ATV/UTV, car trailer, truck, SUV, and Jeep winches.

So we can assure you that you are going to find the best winch based upon your requirements from Champion. But make sure to remember all the information you have just learned in the buying guide section.

That way it will be easier to make the best choice. We hope this review post will come in handy for you in the long run.

Have you used any Champion winches yet? You can share your experience with us in the comment section down below!

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