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Looking for buying the best truck winch? Then you have come to the right place. The best winches for trucks come in different sizes and shapes from different winch brands.

There are a plethora of choices for you in the market as well. So, it would be very tough to research all about those and pick out the best truck winch for you.

Quick Answer – Best Truck Winch:

Thus, we have jotted this post down with the reviews of 10 of the best truck winches available from the best winch brands. So that you can get all the necessary information from a single place.

Furthermore, we will also share a thorough winch buying guide for you in this post.

Best Truck Winch Reviews

Best Winch for Toyota Tacoma: Smittybilt 97412 XRC GEN2 Winch Review

15000 lb winches

We are beginning the post with the review of the Smittybuilt XRC GEN2 truck winch. Smittybuilt is widely recognized as one of the topmost recovery gear manufacturers in the world.

This truck winch is no exception. First off, the winching capacity of this winch is up to 12,000 lbs. It comes with a 6.6 hp amphibious motor and a 3 stage planetary gear system with a gear ratio of 193:2:1.

The winch is equipped with a 500 AMP solenoid. And it is entirely enclosed with a waterproof cover. With the winch, you will receive a 79 feet cable of about 9 mm diameter.

Unfortunately, this particular model comes with a steel rope. However, you can choose the model with synthetic cable from Smittybuilt as well. There are a few different models of this winch available.

Now, the weight of this truck winch about 39 kgs or 89 lbs. It is compatible with any 10 x 4.5-inch mounting bolt pattern. It is packed with some features like the auto-in-drum braking system, sliding gear system with a gear ratio of 193:2:1.

It also comes with a wired and wireless remote control option. The wired remote has an extension cable of 12 feet so that you can control the device from a safe distance.

What Previous Buyers Said?

This is from a well-reputed company. Thus, you can already guess that they are offering a high-end tool. And all the previous buyers are also claiming that they have got a top-of-the-class winch. Many people use this winch for Tacoma, like Smittybilt 9000 lb winch too.

It is powerful, feature-rich, and also has a rugged build quality. However, some of them said the price could be a bit lower. Other than that there are not that many complaints about this truck winch.


  • It has an IP67 waterproof rating
  • Comes with a mechanical lifetime warranty and 5 years of electrical warranty
  • Has both wireless and wired remote control system
  • Easy to install and build quality is up to the mark


  • The positive wire could have been a bit longer
  • A bit pricey

Best Pickup Truck Winch: Badland ZXR 12000 Review

vehicle winch

There are times when you will want to get the best winch for the money without breaking the bank.

If you are in this situation, this might be the winch you are looking for. Because it comes with a reasonable price tag yet it is packed with numerous high-end features.

This ZXR 12000 lb truck suv winch comes with a series wound 6 hp motor and a 3 stage planetary gear train. It offers some safety features like an auto-in-drum braking system, safety latches on the hook, and free spooling function, etc. 

Plus, it also offers a 65 feet long wire rope with a diameter of ⅜ inch. Added to that, you will also find a handheld wired remote control.

The remote control comes with a 12 feet cable for maneuvering the winch from a safe distance. As usual, it comes with a 4-way roller fairlead.

And, the hook is drop forged and made with all-metal construction for stronger pulling ability. It is a suitable option for recovering stuck vehicles, loading boats to your trailer, or even hauling timber. This is a perfect pickup winch.

What Previous Buyers Said?

This is a tough call. Because the previous buyers are in two groups here. One group of buyers complained about the winch for pickup truck.

They stated the cable of the winch could be a bit longer. Also, they told the winch didn’t last long in their case. 

However, the other group of buyers digresses to that. There a lot of happy buyers told that they have been using this winch for more than about 2 to 3 years.

And they haven’t faced any issues other than having to change the wire rope a couple of times.


  • Comes with IP66 waterproofing certification
  • Has a reliable braking system
  • Series wound motor stays cool


  • The duty cycle is about 5%

Best Truck Winch for the Money: ORCISH IP67 12V Electric Truck Winch Review

 truck winches cheap

It doesn’t have to be a well-known brand to have good quality products. This is the exact cause for this ORCISH winch. With this, you are getting a high-end truck winch for a reasonable price: this device wins the title for “best truck winch for the money“.

This one comes with a rated line pull of about 13000 lbs. And, the contractor is sealed in a waterproof control box. It comes with a 26 meters steel cable.

This one also features a ‘power in and out’ mechanism for positive loads. Besides, you are getting a winch with a 3-stage planetary gear system, auto load-holding brake, free spooling clutch, and an overload circuit breaker.

You will also be glad to know that it has a dual remote control system. Yes, you are getting both the wired and wireless remote control. This is great if you are in need of controlling the winch from a safe distance.

What Previous Buyers Said?

The buyers were very satisfied with this winch. They stated that the winch capacity and the overload protection system make it one of the best in the business.

A few buyers commented that the steel cable is not of great quality.

But they also told that it was very easy to replace that with another high-quality one. Overall, this truck winch from ORCISH got lots of praiseworthy reviews from the previous buyers.


  • Comes with IP67 waterproof certification
  • Free 1 pair of gloves
  • Option to choose between synthetic and steel rope
  • Has 1 year of the limited warranty


  • The stock steel cable is not of good quality

Best Off Road Winch: X-BULL 12V Electric Winch Review

winch comparison

This is another heavy-duty truck winch that is rated with a pulling capacity of 12000 lbs. The best part about this winch is that it comes with both wired and wireless remote control capabilities.

Also, you will get a free wireless remote controller with this one. It has all the crucial features that the best truck winch should come with.

For instance, the winch comes with a 3 stage planetary gear system with a gear ratio of 265:1. The auto-load-holding braking system is also a better option for additional security.

It supports both forward and reverses winching functions.

The steel cable that comes with it has a length of 26 meters and a diameter of 9.5 mm. The net dimension of the truck winch is 53 cm × 16.5 cm × 23.5 cm and it weighs about 88 lbs.

It also comes with all the accessories like a 4-way roller fairlead, clevis hook, and all the wires, etc. 

What Previous Buyers Said?

As a whole, the truck winch got positive feedbacks from the owners. They said it offers great performance when it comes to hauling heavy loads.

However, some of the other buyers mentioned that the steel cable might get stuck if you don’t wind it up carefully.

Another buyer said he received a faulty remote. In the end, the customer support team of X-Bull has replaced his defective one with a new one free of charge.

But, all of the current owners admired the quality and the performance of the winch.


  • It is waterproof and corrosion-resistant
  • Very quiet and efficient operation
  • Has both wired and wireless mouse
  • Comes with lifetime technical support and 1-year limited warranty


  • Could have used a synthetic cable instead

Best Winch for Truck: WARN 97035 VR12-S Winch Review

warn 9000 pound winch

Whether you are looking for a truck winch or an ATV/UTV winch, Warn should be on the top of your list. This is one of the most widely recognized Overlanding and off-roading recovery kit manufacturers in the world.

As usual, they offer some of the best truck winches as well. However, one thing you should also know is that the price of these premium products will also be a bit higher compared to the other off-brand winches.

We have already talked about a Smittybilt truck winch above. And, you know that there is a healthy competition between Smittybilt vs. Warn.

However, we will not go down that road by comparing these two reputed brands in this post. Rather, let’s learn more about Warn winches for trucks. First off, this winch has a net weight of about 62 lbs. or 28 kgs.

Additionally, the warn truck winch comes with a winching capacity of 5443 kgs or 12000 lbs. It is loaded with a series wound motor, a 3 stage planetary gear system, and an automatic direct drive cone braking system, etc.

Another great feature of this winch is the 90 feet long synthetic rope with a diameter of 9.5 mm. Thus, it also comes with a cast iron hawse fairlead.

Warn recommends using a 650 CCA battery for winching effectively with this truck winch. On top of all this, the winch also comes with a powder coat finish. So, it will be resistant to corrosion, rust, and wear.

What Previous Buyers Said?

It is no surprise that the previous buyers of this winch were overly satisfied with it. They liked it for various reasons including the easy-to-mount system, the top-class build quality, and a lot of advanced features.

Yes, they also talked about the high price tag. But the majority of them insisted that the price is reasonable if you compare it to the power and reliability this truck winch from Warn is offering.

So, they are recommending it to the owners of big vehicles like 1 ton or three-quarter-ton pickups.


  • Comes with a 7-year electrical warranty and lifetime mechanical support
  • It is waterproof and corrosion-resistant
  • Made in the USA
  • Comes with a low profile design which makes it easy to install
  • The control box can be relocated for multiple mounting patterns 
  • Light weight winches


  • Could come with a wireless remote (you can install a Warn wireless remote control system later)
  • Very expensive

Best Electric Winch: Roadstar Electric Winch for Truck Review

16k winch

If you are looking for a cheap truck winch, then most of the time, you will have to opt for a bad quality one. Interestingly, this is an electric truck winch from

Roadstar with a very affordable price tag. At the same time, it also offers very high-quality features.

The winch is rated to pull up to 12000 lbs. And, it comes with a 6.7 hp motor for efficient pulling. Moreover, it comes with a 3-stage planetary system with a gear ratio of 265:1.

For safety, it is equipped with an auto-in-drum brake. That means, that whenever it is not in use, the cable will be locked in the drum automatically.

It features a 28-meter high-grade steel rope with a diameter of 9.1 mm. Among the other features, you will find a dual remote control system. The wired remote control comes with a 12 feet cable.

And the wireless one has a range of up to 98 feet. The build quality is also good as it is built with stainless steel and iron.

What Previous Buyers Said?

The buyers of this winch had a mixed review of this product. They said that for the price, this is a good option. But, some of them said that the cable that came with the winch tore apart after a few times of use.

Also, the wireless remote range is not equal to the specified value. Otherwise, they actually talked very positively about the build quality and the performance of this winch.


  • Comes with a 1-year warranty and lifetime technical support
  • It is a waterproof truck winch
  • Wired and wireless remote control


  • Comes with a steel cable

Best Waterproof Truck Winch: ZESUPER Electric Winch Kit Review

truck wench

Here is another cheap yet quality truck winch. This time it is from another company named ZESUPER. Even though it is a low-priced product, it offers some valuable features.

For instance, it comes with a 500 AMP solenoid which is housed in a control box that is water and weatherproof.

It also features the auto-load-holding braking system, both wireless and wired remote, 3-stage planetary gear with a gear ratio of 265:1, sliding ring gear clutch, 5.5 hp series wound motor, and finished with a frosted black coating. That way, it looks amazing and also resistant to corrosions and rust.

This particular model has a pulling capacity of up to 9500 lbs. or 4310 kgs. The overall dimension of the winch is 23.6″ x 10.2″ x 8.3″ and it weighs about 45 kgs or 60 lbs.

Another great thing about this winch is that it comes with a synthetic cable. The length of the rope is about 24 meters. Overall, this can be a great option if you are looking for a budget-friendly truck winch.

What Previous Buyers Said?

The buyers were pleased with the truck winch. They said it is the best truck winch for the money.

However, they also insisted that the instruction manual could come with a bit more explanation about the wiring. Except for this, everything is good about this truck winch from ZESUPER.


  • Budget-friendly pricing
  • Comes with an IP67 waterproof rating
  • Has lifetime technical support and 1-year limited warranty


  • The instruction manual is not detailed enough

Best Winch for F250: VIPER Winch Review

16000 lb winch

The Viper truck winch is another top-of-the-line truck winch. It is manufactured using top-tier military-grade materials. The winch comes with various features that are very rare in this price range.

For instance, you will find an 85 feet long and ⅜ inch diameter steel cable with this winch. Added to that, it is rated to pull up to 12000 lbs. or 5443 kgs.

The winch has a dual remote control system. And, it also features a sliding ring gear clutch, a 3-stage planetary gear system with a gear ratio of 265:1. For the record, this is compatible with the 10.0″ x 4.5″ mounting bolt pattern.

The wireless remote comes with a range of up to 50 feet. So, you can control the Viper Truck winch from a safer distance. As it comes with a steel cable, it is equipped with a 4-way roller fairlead.

What Previous Buyers Said?

This is another product that got very high admiration from the current owners. They said if only it would come with a synthetic rope instead of a steel one, it could be one of the best options out there.

At the same time, they also mentioned that if steel cable is enough for you, then you should check this one out.

They liked the build quality and the features like wireless and wired remote integration, and the high winching capacity as well.


  • Wired and wireless remote control feature
  • Has IP67 waterproof rating
  • 1-year limited warranty and lifetime technical support


  • A synthetic cable could be better

Best Truck Winch for Every Man: Tungsten4x4 T12000S Electric Winch Review

wench for truck

Are you looking for a low-priced yet premium quality product? Then we got the Tungsten4x4 winch. This one comes with a rated winching capacity of up to 12000 lbs.

And it has a 6.5 hp series wound motor and a 3-stage planetary gear train. The net dimension of the Tungsten4x4 winch is 21.4 in x 6.3 in x 7.4 in.

Additionally, it is equipped with a synthetic rope and a tungsten alloy hawse fairlead. This is compatible with a 10″x 4.5″ mounting bolt pattern. And, the rope is 73 feet long with a diameter of ⅝ inch. The winch weighs about 88 lbs.

And, it features a handheld remote control with a 10 feet cable so that you can operate this from a distance. Interestingly, it also has a wireless remote control system integrated.

All in all, this can be a great deal if you are looking for a winch for your truck or any overlanding rigs. 

What Previous Buyers Said?

Even though this is not from a popular brand like Warn or Superwinch, this product is liked by all of the previous buyers.

They loved it because of the numerous features it provides at a budget-friendly price. Also, most of them told that they have used this winch for a long time without any issues.

And every time they stuck somewhere, it was their savior from those hazardous places. 


  • Best bang for your buck
  • Comes with 3 years of warranty
  • It is IP67 waterproof rated


  • It needs a bit of time to shut down completely

Best Truck Winch with Long Cable: Traveler Winch Review


Traveller 12V Truck Electric Winch, 12,000…

Traveller 12V Truck Electric Winch, 12,000 lb. Capacity [More]

The Traveler 12000 pound winch is a reliable option for those looking for a good winch with an automatic braking action system.

This system prevents the winch from unwinding when under tension. This helps to keep you and your vehicle safe.

Who makes Traveller winches?

Tractor Supply Company, the largest rural lifestyle retailer in the United States. The Traveller winch product line has different types of winches. If you need more information check out our post about Traveler Winches Reviews.

2 of the Traveler winches have higher weight capacity, making them perfect for larger vehicles or trucks:

When you are looking for a winch that is tough and can handle a lot of weight, the Traveller 12000 lb winch is the better option.

This winch has a powder coat finish, which is far more durable than regular paint.

What Previous Buyers Said?

They loved that it also has a heavy-duty motor, which makes it ideal for pulling large loads.

The only disadvantage is that the Traveler winch remote is not wireless.


  • Rubberized remote switch
  • Long cable
  • Durable steel cable
  • 1-year warranty


  • No wireless remote control

what is a winch on a truck

Buying Guide – How to Choose the Best Truck Winch

Winch Capacity — What size winch do I need for my truck?

Prior to choosing the winch for your truck, you will need to know the weight of your vehicle. Why? Actually, without knowing this you won’t be able to choose the compatible winch for your truck.

After you have known the gross weight of your vehicle, you can use the (Vehicle Weight x 1.5) formula. That means it is better to go with a winch that has a winching capacity of about one and half times the weight of your vehicle.

So, if your truck weighs about 5000 lbs., then the winch on truck should have a capacity up to (6000 x 1.5)=9000 lbs. For the record, the more the merrier. So, if you want to be extra safe, you can go with a winch with a higher winch capacity.

Types of Truck Winches – consider all of the below when choosing the best truck winch

Hydraulic Winch vs. Electric Winch

There are 2 types of winches available such as electric and hydraulic winch. We have talked about only the electric truck winches here. This type of winches is powered by your vehicle’s battery. And, they have a limited duty cycle.

That means you can’t use them continuously. Whereas the hydraulic winches can be used as long as you want. But those are very expensive compared to the electric ones.

Also, they need lots of extra accessories. So, for trucks, Jeeps, or any other vehicles, electric winches are the best option.

Wire Cable vs. Synthetic Rope

You can choose between 2 types of ropes when it comes to winches. The steel or wire rope is the traditional option.

And, the synthetic rope is the modern option. In our opinion, synthetic ropes are better as a whole. However, steel ropes also have their perks.

But they are not long-lasting as synthetic cables and can cause serious injuries.

User Friendliness

The top rated winches you are buying should be user-friendly. For instance, it should come with both wireless and wired remote control.

However, even if it comes with a wired remote, it should have a cable up to 10 feet long. Also, it needs to be very easy to mount.

The best truck winches come with all the necessary installation equipment.

winch for truck

Warranty Policy

You already know that some of the winches can get so expensive. So, you will want to get a winch from a company that comes with a good warranty policy.

Most of the good and reputed brands are known for offering up to 7 years of limited warranty and lifetime technical support. So, try to go with those brands.


Truck winches are made for using in the harshest conditions and environment. There might be water, mud, rock, or debris when you are stuck in the middle of nowhere.

In those situations, you will need a winch that is resistant to water, corrosion, and can withstand those extreme conditions with ease. That way, you will have a long-lasting truck winch.

Safety Tips You Should Follow

Winches are a very powerful tool. So, if you don’t know what you are doing, things might get critical fast. So, it is better to follow some safety regulations while working with a winch for trucks.

  • Pre-examine all the parts of your winch before going on a long trip
  • Never climb on the cable while it is tensioned
  • Use hand gloves for handling the winch cable (especially for steel cables)
  • Try to maintain a safe distance from the winch while you are pulling or hauling objects (take advantage of the remote control)
  • Maintain the weight vs. winch capacity ratio, never overload the winch
  • Every electric winch comes with a duty cycle. So, don’t use it longer than that
  • Be careful while reeling the cable in. Don’t go so fast or the cable might get stuck or wind up unevenly
vehicle wenches

Wrapping Up – Best Truck Winch

You can see that it is not that easy to make up your mind about picking out the top winches for trucks. There are a lot of things to consider before you can make sure you are getting the best deal.

In that regard, we have provided you with this post so that you can buy the best truck winch based upon your requirements.

However, if you are still unable to find the best option for you, we have got some suggestions for you. In our opinion, the 2 of the best truck winches here are the Smittybilt 97412 XRC GEN2 Winch and the WARN 97035 VR12-S Winch.

First off, the Smittybilt winch comes with an affordable price that offers some exceptional features.

On the other hand, the Warn winch has a higher price tag but doesn’t compromise on features and performance. So, you can go with either of these truck winches.

And, don’t forget to let us know about your choice. You can leave your comment down below!

What winch do I need
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