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It goes without saying that a winch alone cannot solve the problem of recovering your vehicle in the worst situations. 

To be prepared well for the worst-case scenario, you need some winch accessories as well. There are various kinds of 4×4 winch accessories with different functionalities, these are not off roading must haves. 

Accessories help using your winch more effectively, and most importantly, more safely.

In this post, we will be sharing brief reviews of some of the best winch accessories you can purchase right now. Chances are you may not need all of these accessories at once at the moment. 

However, you can always come back to this post anytime you think you need to get any must have off road accessories.

Best Winch Accessories – Reviews

1. Winch Shackles – Winch Thimble

The importance of winch shackles is immense. A winch shackle can come in handy in many ways. For example, you can connect 2 ends of the tree strap with a winch shackle. 

You can also execute closed system winching with a winch shackle. A winch shackle will also come in handy if you need to use the double line pull. 

All in all, keeping a few winch shackles at your disposal would be a very wise decision. In fact, if you are making a list of the ten essentials accessories for your winch, you need to keep it on your list.

a) GearAmerica UBER Shackles with Anti-Theft Lock

winch hooks for jeep

This is one of the best shackles for winching. Because these are full of unique features. These shackles are available in various attractive colors like red, blue, matte black, silver, green, etc. 

You will get two pieces of UBER shackles, 12 pieces of assorted washers of different sizes, and 1 piece of UBERLock key. 

In addition, you will also receive the UBERLock AntiTheft ⅞ inch pin system. With the help of this locking mechanism, there is no way you will be losing these shackles. 

The locking system will also prevent theft. The shackles come with a dual-coated anti-rust build. 

The working load limit of these shackles is 20,000 pounds and the minimum break capacity of these shackles are up to 80,000 lbs. So, they are virtually unbreakable. 

Besides, you are getting a lifetime replacement warranty with these UBER shackles from GearAmerica. If the high price tag is not an issue for you, you will be glad that you have bought these shackles.

b) Rhino USA D Ring Shackle

 utv winch hook

The Rhino USA D Ring shackle is another heavy-duty shackle. In the package, you are getting two ¾ inch D Ring shackles, with ⅞ inch pin for using it with tow straps or winch.  

The break strength of the shackle is 41,850 lbs. The universal size of the steel winch shackle will be compatible with most trucks, Jeeps, SUVs, and other overlanding vehicles. 

These truck winch accessories are constructed with ultra-strong Chromoly steel. On top of that, the anti-rust coating makes it corrosion-resistant and gives a rugged look. 

The unlimited lifetime warranty is there to give you peace of mind. Overall, for the price, these are some of the best quality winch shackles all around the world.

C) WARN 92092 Epic 1/2″ Steel Winch D-Ring Shackle

winch hooks for jeep

When it comes to automobile accessories, Warn doesn’t need a special introduction. They are known for manufacturing reliable products.

Now, this WARN Epic steel winch D ring shackle comes with a breaking capacity of 5,000 lbs. There is a threaded pin mechanism which allows for easy removal of the shackle. The shackle is made of forged steel.

Along with that, this winching equipment is finished with the E-coat (12-stage coating process), which provides protection against corrosion, abrasion, and impact. This is a ½ inch steel shackle for winching.

Once again, like most other Warn products, this is a bit expensive as well. So, if you are not on a limited budget and want a shackle from a reputed brand, this could be a great pick.

2. Snatch Block for Winch – Best Warn Winch Accessories

For any overlanders, a snatch pulley block could be a great winch accessory. There are many uses of snatch blocks

However, the primary use is to double the winching power with this tiny attachment. Furthermore, you can use a snatch block to change the pull direction and when there is a need for angled pulls. 

Every snatch block will come with a rated pull capacity. You should never try to pull more than the specified capacity with the snatch block. 

It could be dangerous and cause injury. Interestingly, a snatch block could come in handy in many ways even if you don’t need it for winching.

A) GearAmerica Snatch Block 9Ton

winch attachment

This snatch block is one of the best winch snatch pulley blocks if you are in a budget constraint. It can be used with both synthetic rope and steel rope.

You can easily double the winch capacity of your winch using this heavy-duty winch pulley system. It is available in different colors and capacities.

The snatch block we are talking about right now comes with a 9-ton capacity. This one supports a winch cable with a diameter from 7/32 inches to ⅜ inches. You will also like that it comes with a lifetime replacement warranty.

These are constructed with forged carbon steel. So these are weather-resistant. Another great addition is the ‘greaseable zerk fitting’ feature on this.

B) WARN 92188 Epic Multi-Purpose Snatch Block

winch attachments

This multi-purpose snatch block is on the expensive side. It has a weight capacity of 12,000 lbs. or 6 tons. It is compatible with both synthetic winch rope and steel cable. It can easily allow you to double the winch capacity of your current one.

These synthetic winch rope accessories come with a rugged E-coat finish, which will protect the tool from harsh weather, wear/tear, corrosion, and give it an extended lifespan as well. If the high price tag is not an issue for you, you can choose this one from Warn.

3. Best Tree Saver Strap for Winch – Best Winch Recovery Kit

As the name suggests, a tree saver strap is a winching accessory which can be wrapped around a tree while you are using that tree as the winch point. 

Primarily it has two important jobs. First, it will save the tree from harm while you are winching with the help of the tree. 

Next, it will also protect the user and others around while operating the winch. It may be tempting to loop the winch rope around a tree or a rock (winch point). But it is not a wise idea in any way. As you can see it will harm the tree. Also, the winch rope may snap accidentally injuring anybody around that location. 

Plus, the overall stability of the winching system will decrease. Always, check the condition and the quality of the strap prior to using it. Never use any frayed or low-quality tree saver straps.

a) ARB ARB730LB Tree Saver Strap

atv winch strap

This tree saver strap from ARB comes with a 26,500 lbs. capacity. This is made with high-grade polyester. The size of the strap is 3 inches x 10 feet.

It is available in a bright green color. Plus, you will like the inclusion of the eye and winch rope protective sleeve.

They also have another version of this tree saver strap with a size of 3 inches x 16 feet. The ATV winch straps also features a built-in friction pad.

Overall, the quality of the tree saver strap is top-notch. You can definitely go with this one.

b) Rhino USA Tree Saver Winch Strap

tree strap for winch

This is one of the most popular tree saver straps for a winch out there. However, it is a bit pricey.

This strap is made with polyester/silk webbing. It has triple reinforced loops at the end of the strap. The break strength of this tree strap is 31,518 lbs.

It comes in a size of 3 inches x 8 feet. It also has a lifetime warranty from Rhino USA. They have also integrated a protective sleeve in this one.

All in all, this is a good quality tree saver winching strap.

4. Tow or Recovery Strap

Are tow strap and recovery straps the same? No. There are some major key differences in features and functionalities between these two winch accessories. 

In short, most tow straps will come with metal hooks. Plus, the tow strap will not be elastic or will not stretch while using. 

As a result, you can use a tow strap for towing a broken down vehicle as it will apply consistent pressure for towing a moving vehicle.

On the other hand, heavy duty winch straps would often use loops for connecting vehicles. 

Also, recovery straps would stretch under pressure, which will be very helpful when recovering a stuck vehicle. Now, let’s review a couple of these handy recovery and tow straps.

a) ARB 4×4 Accessories Snatch Recovery Strap

winch hook for synthetic rope

As the name suggests, this is one of the best recovery straps from ARB. It comes with a breaking strength of 17,600 lbs. or 8000 kg.

The length of these recovery straps is 30 feet or 9 meters. It has a width of 60 mm. These recovery straps are constructed with high-grade nylon.

As it is a recovery strap, it can stretch up to 20% under load. It also comes with loops at both ends for easy winching.

On top of that, it also features protectors eye and seam sleeves. So, if you are in need of reliable kinetic recovery straps, you can get this one.

b) Hi-Lift Jack STRP-315 3″ x 15′ Tree Saver Recovery Straps

best tree saver strap

The second one on our list is from Hi-Lift. This tree saver tow strap is made of polyester. So, it will be able to apply a controlled and consistent pull while towing a vehicle.

The strap comes with a breaking strength of up to 30,000 lbs. or 13, 607 kg.

It will be compatible with most winches including the Superwinch Terra 45 or Warn winches, or ones. The size of the strap is 3 inches x 15 feet.

There are reflective loops on both ends, which makes it suitable for recovery tasks or winching even in the dark/night.

Read more on Best Recovery Straps here.

5. Winch Gloves

It goes without saying that a pair of winch gloves could be immensely useful while winching. This will guard your hands against any possible injuries while handling the winch cable. 

So, having a pair of winch gloves at your disposal could be a great plus for recovery purposes.

WARN 88895 Hand Protection: Synthetic Leather Winch Gloves

Winch Gloves

Here we are going to recommend only one product. Because we think if you go with this pair of Warn winch gloves, you don’t have to look any further.

These gloves come with Kevlar reinforcement. It is available in 3 sizes such as X-Large, Large, and XX-Large.

They have used synthetic leather to make these, which makes these resistant to abrasion and tear/wear. There is additional reinforcement in the knuckle and fingertip areas.

It also features a pull strap and neoprene wrist. The palm area has a shock-absorbing feature as well. All in all, this is one of the best winching gloves available for the price.

6. Winch Cover 

Yes, most of the winches from well-reputed brands tend to be waterproof and corrosion-resistant. 

So, you may not feel the need for a winch cover. However, for lengthening the lifetime of your valuable winch, winch covers could be a great addition.

Additionally, the winch cable might get damaged because of the harsh weather condition. So, if you want to safeguard your winch and winch rope line from harsh weather, dust, mud, etc., and want to extend the lifespan of it, then a winch cover is a must.

EL JEFE Premium Winch Cover Fits 8000-17500 lb. Winches

jeep winch accessories

If you want to keep your winch safe from the harsh environment while you are out in the wild, this winch cover can be a great addition to your collection.

This is made with heavy-duty leather-like material. So, it is waterproof, weatherproof, dust/mud proof as well. It comes with a sewn-in elastic band.

So, covering your winch with this cover is very easy and fast. As per the manufacturer, this is compatible with electric winches up to 17,500 lbs. of winch pull capacity.

The net dimension of the cover is 24 (W) x 10 (H) x 7 (D) inches when fully stretched. It is also very easy to clean. You can use a damp cloth to clean it without any difficulty.

7. Winch Storage Bag

So, you are buying a bunch of recovery accessories for your winch. But where are you going to store them? 

The best solution to this is to get a winch recovery gear storage bag. A winch storage bag will help you store all the accessories in a more organized way in a single place.

WARN 95510 Epic Trail Gear: Accessory Backpack/Storage Bag

warn winches and accessories

Yet another product from Warn. That means a high-quality product but with a bit of a higher price tag as well.

In our opinion, this is one of the best winch storage bags and the high price is justifiable. Why? This one comes packed full of useful and unique features.

For instance, it has pockets sewn into the top divider. Also, it features a hook and loop closure for easy access. You will like this winch storage bag is made of water-resistant ballistic material.

That means it is durable and will last a long time. At the same time, the rugged build quality will ensure the safety of your winch kit stored in this bag.

There are removable modular interior compartments. Thus, you can customize the storage facility according to your need.

It is a MOLLE system compatible. In addition, it also comes with D-rings for attaching additional gear. On top of that, there are exterior pockets for storing electronic devices.

Another good thing about the bag is it comes with winch rigging instructions printed around the backflip.

Moreover, it comes with nylon straps, which means it can be used as a winch line damper as well. The chest straps are adjustable and the shoulder straps are contoured in this bag.

Also, the breathable and multi-padded back designs make it one of the most comfortable storage backpacks out there. These are not must have off-road accessories, but if you need a winch storage bag, you can go with it without a second thought.

8. Winch Damper

You know there are 2 different types of ropes found in winches namely synthetic winch rope and steel cable. 

Now, if you own a winch with a steel cable, you must get a winch damper. For the owners of synthetic winch rope, you can skip this.

Typically, a steel rope line can snap anytime accidentally under pressure while winching. You know how dangerous a flying steel rope line could be. 

It can cause injuries to people standing near or damage the vehicle or other materials around.

A winch line damper can be used to prevent the steel rope line from recoiling when the winch cable breaks all of a sudden. 

Remember, depending on the distance of your vehicle and the winch point, you may have to use more than one winch damper around the winch line.

a) WARN 91575 Winch Damper with Rigging Accessory Storage Pocket and Reflective Strips

warn winches and accessories

If you are looking for a good quality winch line cable damper, then this one from Warn can be a good option. The center section of the winch line damper is rubber-coated.

That means it will not slide off the cable. They have used durable vinyl to make this winch line cable dampener.

There are reflective stripes in the winch line damper so that you can work with it at night/dark. It complies with 4WD competition winch line damper requirements.

There is a pocket for storing other recovery or winching accessories in this winch line cable damper as well. This Warn winch line damper will definitely prevent rope recoil in the case of a rope failure while winching.

b) ARB ARB220 Winch Recovery Damper Orange Line Dampener

winch cable damper blanket

The second winch line dampener is also constructed of heavy-duty vinyl. It also comes with additional storage pockets for carrying winch accessory kit like a shackle or a snatch pulley block.

In addition, this winch line can also be used as a safety vest. This ARB winch line cable damper exceeds the minimum competition weight requirement. For the price, this winch rope line damper could be a great deal.

9. Winch Quick Connect Systems

If you want to connect your recovery winch to the power source as fast as possible, you will need a winch quick connect system. 

You can use this type of connector to connect/disconnect the winch to the battery or the power source quickly. Another benefit of these quick connectors is they are very easy and safe to use.

BUNKER INDUST 175A 1/0AWG Battery Quick Connect

winching accessory kit

These quick connectors from Bunker Indust we are reviewing here are available in red/black color. Of course, these come in other colors and sizes as well.

You can also find quick connectors of different specifications from them as well. Now, this particular set of quick connectors come with 175A current rating, a 94-V0 fire rating, and a 1/0 A.W.G.

These are rated for 600 volts DC or AC and the medium withstanding voltage is 22,000 DC. In this package, you are getting two pieces of quick connectors.

They use fire-retardant materials for making these. These multipurpose quick connectors can be used with power inverters, electric winches, trailers, solar setups, remote battery chargers, and more.

As we’re talking about electrics, you may want to check out the Best Batteries for Winching.

They are fitted with rubber boot covers, which will protect them from dust, corrosion, and moisture. According to the manufacturer, these are ready for up to 10,000 connect/disconnect.

So, you can expect a long-lasting service from these quick connections. Both ends of these connectors are identical.

So, you can connect either of the ends to the power or load side. In addition, each end is designed to be connected only in one way.

That makes it very easy to connect them and there is no possibility to connect the wrong polarities as well.

The terminal pins are constructed of red copper and coated with silver, which reduces the resistance and allows a stable supply of voltage and current. Altogether, these quick winch quick connectors could be a great pick.

10. Winch Mounts

Many winches come with the mount and all the accessories needed to be installed. On the contrary, many brands don’t offer any mount or mounting accessories with the winch. In that case, you can buy a 3rd party winch mount. 

The winch mount will help you install the winch appropriately and very easily.

However, before you make the final decision, you should make sure whether the winch mount you are going to buy is compatible with your particular winch or not.

a) ECOTRIC 10x 4 1/2 Cradle Winch Mount Mounting Plate

tie down winch

You may have already guessed that it is a cradle styled winch mounting plate. This is compatible with electrical winches that have winch capacity from 8000 lbs. to 13000 lbs.

The winch mount comes with the standard winch mount pattern of 10 x 4 ½ inches. So, it will fit with most winches out there.

However, the handles of this winch mount are not adjustable. It is coated with an anti-rust black powder coating. Plus, it is made of ⅕ inches steel. So you can see that it is a sturdy and durable winch mount.

Depending on the model of your winch, you may have to drill. This one comes with a 1-year warranty.

Furthermore, it features a 2-inch receiver hitch, hitch pin, and clip as an added bonus. The price is not that high and this is very easy to install as well.

b) Extreme Max 5600.3084 Universal 2″ Receiver Hitch Winch Mount

off road must haves

In terms of receiver hitch, this winch mount is available in 2 different sizes such as with 1.25 inch and 2-inch receiver hitch. The universal design makes it compatible with most electrical winches out there.

It comes pre-drilled for 2 and 4-bolt winches. You can use it with either roller or hawse fairleads. Whether it is a Warn winch or a Bulldog winch, it will be compatible with the mount.

The winch mount is constructed with heavy-duty powder-coated steel. It can fit winches up to 3600 lbs (ATV winch). The winch mount plate has a net dimension of 5-⅝ inches (W) x 6-⅛ inches (L).

You are getting a two years replacement warranty with this. It can be a great alternative winch mount for people that cannot use a conventional frame mount.

c) Extreme Max 5600.3160 ATV Winch Mount for Polaris Sportsman

atv winches accessories

This is also from the same brand ‘Extreme Max’. But this is an exclusive winch mount made for some selected Polaris Sportsman ATVs. So, if you are looking for one of these special winch mounts, you should keep an eye on this.

To be precise, this one is compatible with ATV winch from 2000 to 3600 lbs. Also, it supports both 4-hole (3.0 inches x 4.875 inches) and a 2-hole (3.10 inches x 4.875 inches) mounting pattern.

These ATV winch accessories are made with 3/16 inches steel and finished with a black powder coating.

This one also comes with a 2-year limited warranty. The winch mount will work with all double-tube bumpers, OEM bushguards, and glacier plows as well.

So, if you are in need of a winch mount for Polaris Sportsman ATVs, this can be a good option.

11. Winch Cable Hook Stopper – Best Winch Hook Accessory

A winch rope hook stopper does what its name says- it stops the winch hook from touching the wounded rope line and the fairlead. So that it will not damage the fairlead in any way while you are winding up the cable. 

Yes, a winch hook holder is not a must-have accessory. But if you are using a winch with synthetic winch line and hawse fairlead, you should get a winch hook stopper. 

Matter of fact, a winch stop block could be a good addition if you use a steel line cable as well.

WARN 99944 Rubber Winch Cable Accessories/Hook Bump Stop

winch stopper rubber

This winch rubber stopper from Warn is a high-quality accessory. This winch stopper will prevent the winch hook from bottoming out without damaging the hook, rope line, or the fairlead.

It features the ‘split’ design with a center hole of ½ inch, which makes it a breeze to install it into the rope.

The size of the rubber winch stopper is 1.97 inches (tall) x 2.56 inches (Diameter). As per Warn, this warn winch stopper is constructed for all-terrain vehicles with winches.

12. Winch Fairlead

Typically, your winch will come with a fairlead by default. There are two types of fairlead namely hawse fairlead and roller fairlead. 

Generally, hawse fairlead comes with a winch that has a synthetic winch line. On the contrary, a roller fairlead is found in winches with steel cable.

So, you can buy a replacement fairlead in case you need it. Also, if the current one has some issues, you can get a new one. Hawse fairlead tends to be lighter than roller fairlead. 

Remember, in most cases, you cannot use a hawse fairlead with a steel winch cable and a roller fairlead with a synthetic winch rope. 

Besides, there are two different types of hawse fairlead such as steel and aluminum hawse fairlead. 

You can see that they differ in the construction material. Usually, aluminum hawse fairlead tends to be pricier and lighter than steel hawse fairlead.

a) WARN 73850 Hawse Style Winch Fairlead

winch hook options

If you are using a winch with synthetic rope, then this hawse fairlead from Warn could be a great choice. However, as per Warn, it can be used with both wire and synthetic rope. This is compatible with winches that have a winch capacity of 4,000 lbs. or higher.

This hawse fairlead is made from cast iron. That makes it durable yet cheap. It can be used as a pivot point if you want to hook up the winch cable at an unusual angle in emergencies.

In short, if you are looking for an affordable hawse fairlead from a reputed brand, this could be one of the best deals for you out there.

b) AUXMART Winch Roller Fairlead

utv winch accessory kit

This is a 4-way roller fairlead. That means it is compatible with synthetic rope and steel winch line rope. Now, this one is made with ultra-strong steel.

On top of that, it is finished with an anti-rust black powder coating. The winch roller fairlead is compatible with 8000 lbs. to 17,500 lbs. winches.

This is very easy to install as it will fit winches with a mounting pattern of 10″ on-center.

The net dimension of the fairlead is 11.5 (L) x 4.4 (W) x 3.5 (H). It weighs about 5 kgs and the space between the rollers is 0. 8 inch. Thus, if it is compatible with your vehicle and winch, you can consider it without hesitation.

Buying Guide – Best winch accessories kit

Types of Winch Accessories

In terms of importance, we can classify winch accessories into a few categories. For example, there are some accessories like a tow strap, or recovery straps, or a tree strap that can come in really handy frequently. 

Similarly, a snatch block, winch line dampener, or a pair of D-ring winch shackles can be very vital at moments.

Conversely, accessories like a winch hook stopper, a winch mount, or a winch fairlead might not be a must-have for you. Because most of these are already included with various winches. 

So, it is up to you and the model of winch you are using to get the type of winch tools you need.

What Should I Look for When Buying a New Accessory


First, make sure you know where you are going to use the accessories or how long your trip would be. Will it rain or snow there? Should you take a winch cover or not? 

Are the climate and environment really harsh over there? That way, it would be easier for you to determine which winch accessory kits you are going to need.

Portability and Convenience

You should also consider portability. Because if you want to travel light, then you cannot go with all the winch accessories with you. 

Also, you will want to make sure you have the right amount of accessories depending on the storage space you have and the winch you are using.

Build Quality

If you are spending money on buying a winch accessory, it must be durable and last a long time. If it is not built with high-quality materials, it may get damaged or stop working all of a sudden. 

So, try to get the tools that are from a reputed brand with great feedback from the previous customers. It is not worth it to spend money on a tool that doesn’t have a longer lifespan.

Overlanders and Winching

Many overlanders already own winches. However, others don’t carry one. Usually, overland trips can get very expensive. 

At the same time, good quality winches tend to be expensive as well. Thus, overlanders can save a lot of money and go light if they don’t install a winch.

However, you don’t know when your vehicle or other vehicles around you can get stuck. In those situations, a winch can be immensely useful. 

As a winch is a very important recovery gear, it acts as an insurance policy whenever in need of rescuing a stuck vehicle.

But if you want to save money and still be prepared for such cases, you can look for cheaper alternatives out there. For instance, you can go for a winch for car trailer, or a come-along winch, or a portable winch or even a high-lift jack work as a winch. 

But in our opinion, having a rugged winch at your collection beats all these alternatives in many ways.

winch tool

Conclusion and Buyers advice – Best off road winch Accessories

It is not must have winch accessories we have talked about above. However, you cannot deny the importance of these accessories. 

These recovery tools add to safety and usability. These can improve your experience of using a winch significantly. 

Also, in case of emergencies, these can help you immensely if you already have some of these winch accessories at your disposal. These accessories will definitely make things easier for you in the event of a catastrophe.

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