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Are you looking for a cheaper winch than the fancy expensive ones, but a brand that’s reliable still? You’re at the right place!

When you go overlanding, it’s good to always be prepared for any difficult situation. And when a situation like that involves getting your vehicle unstuck or helping another vehicle, a Traveller winch comes in handy.

If you don’t have a winch yet and are planning to buy one, read our Travelers winch reviews to help you find the best Traveller winch for your needs.

traveller winch reviews

12000 lb Traveller Winch Review


Traveller 12V Truck Electric Winch, 12,000…

Traveller 12V Truck Electric Winch, 12,000 lb. Capacity [More]

This electric Traveller Winch has a high pulling capacity of 12,000 lbs and it has great safety features that make it one of the best recovery gears that you can use for your overlanding adventures.

The Traveller 12000 winch features a reliable automatic braking action system that prevents the winch from unwinding when under tension. It is also fitted with a roller fairlead that will help minimize damage to the wire if you are pulling from different angles.

When it comes to performance, this Traveller truck winch is also at par with other heavy-duty winch models according to customer Traveller 12000 winch reviews. This series wound-DC winch operates on a 3HP motor. You can easily operate it using a Traveller winch remote switch. It does come with a 0.41-inch diameter steel cable that is 83.7 feet long.

Looking at the overall construction of this Traveler 12000 pound winch, we can tell that it is solid and tough. The Traveller 12,000 winch manual is easy to follow. It has a powder coat finish that is far more durable than regular paint. It is 13.25″ high and 12.63″ wide which is compatible with most pickups, Jeeps, and other trucks.


  • Long cable included
  • With automatic braking system
  • Solid construction
  • Remote switch is rubberized
  • One year warranty
  • Steel cable is extra durable 
  • Traveller 12000 winch manual is well written


  • No wireless remote control

Traveller X 10,000 lb Synthetic Rope Tractor Supply Winch Review


Traveller X 10,000 lb. Synthetic Rope Winc…

Traveller X 10,000 lb. Synthetic Rope Winch, EWV10000FSR [More]

Another winch worth checking out is the Traveler X Winch with a 10,000-lb pulling capacity. This Traveller winch 10000 comes with an 82-foot synthetic rope that is 0.39 inch in diameter. With the strong and durable rope that it has, you can utilize it for regular sized pick-ups, Jeeps, trucks and snow plows.

What we like most about this winch is that it comes with a wireless remote switch control that works up to 100 feet. This allows for safe usage and ease in operation. The winch runs on a series-wound DC 12-volt power motor with 2.8 HP output. 

Moreover, this winch comes with a reliable safety feature as it has an automatic braking system and free spooling clutch.

We all know that winch ropes can be damaged when you pull it from different angles. But this Traveller 10,000 lb winch minimizes such damage with its aluminum fairlead.

Based on many positive Traveler winches reviews, the overall construction of this winch is also solid and durable. They also mentioned that Traveller winch replacement parts are easy to come by.


  • With 3 years of warranty except for the rope and aluminum cover
  • Comes with traveler winch remote control for ease in operation
  • Long cable
  • Works using a heavy-duty remote switch
  • With automatic braking system


  • A bit on the expensive side

Traveler 9000 lb Winch Review


Traveller 12V Truck Electric Winch, 9,000 …

Traveller 12V Truck Electric Winch, 9,000 lb. Capacity [More]

This 9,000 lb-pulling capacity winch is great when you have a midsize pickup truck or vehicle for overlanding. Since the popular rule of thumb when it comes to winch capacity is to double the weight of your vehicle, midsize pickups such as the Nissan Frontier or Toyota Tacoma can benefit from a 9,000-pound-capacity winch. If you want a bit lower capacity, you should try Traveller winch 8000. The Traveller 9,000 lb winch is also a great winch for Jeep Wranglers and similar sized trucks.

Just like the rest of the Traveller Winch models we listed in this guide, it also comes with an automatic braking action. According to reviews, this is one of the excellent safety features of this winch.

This Traveller winch has an eSeries wound DC 12V motor and has a 2.8 HP output. It is a powerful all-round winch for your overlanding adventures. Its steel cable is 95 feet long with a diameter of 0.39 inch. When you pull the rope from different directions, its roller fairlead helps minimize damage to the wire. 

In this Traveler winches review, we have to mention that the construction of this winch is quite durable as it is made of steel, copper, and aluminum materials. The outer surface is powder-coated, a type of finish that is far more durable than regular paint. It is worth mentioning though that this Traveller 9000 lb winch is a bit heavy, weighing about 83.77 pounds and it has a length of 24.8125 inches.


  • Long cable
  • Remote switch is rubberized
  • Comes with a roller fairlead to protect the rope from damage
  • With 1 year limited warranty
  • With automatic braking action


  • No wireless remote control

Review of Traveller X 6000 lb. Synthetic Rope Winch


Traveller X 6000 lb. Synthetic Rope Winch,…

Traveller X 6000 lb. Synthetic Rope Winch, EWV6000FSR [More]

If you are looking for a much smaller Traveller winch, the Traveller X 6000 lb model is a great choice. This winch just weighs 29.5 lbs and measures 15.8 inches in length.

A smaller winch such as this model is a great choice for smaller overlanding vehicles due to its lighter weight. It is powerful enough to help you get out of unfortunate situations.

This 6000 pound winch runs on a permanent magnet SC with 12-volt motor that produces 1.6 HP output. Other than a small 4-wheel-drive vehicle, you can also fit it to UTVs, ATVs, trailers and snow plows.

When it comes to operation, according to customer Traveler ATV winch reviews, it’s very easy to use. It has a maximum line pulling capacity of 6,000 lbs with a line speed of 5.9 feet per minute. The line has a length of 45.9 feet with a diameter of 0.28 inches. It does come with a fairlead for smoother operation and a universal flatbed mounting plate. Moreover, for safety purposes, it is fitted with an automatic braking system.


  • Comes with a remote control with an operating range of 100 feet
  • Comes with a mounting plate for easy installation
  • Lightweight
  •  With a heavy-duty remote switch


  • Short cable

Traveller 12V 4,500 lb. Capacity Tractor Supply UTV Review


Traveller 12V UTV Electric Winch, 4,500 lb…

Traveller 12V UTV Electric Winch, 4,500 lb. Capacity [More]

The Traveller 12V UTV Winch is for you if you are looking for a winch for light-duty applications. It has a 4,50- lb pulling capacity and it is powered by a permanent magnet DC 12V motor, producing a 1.3 HP of output.

It is important to note that permanent magnet DCs are less tolerant to heat and it can lose power in extremely cold conditions. You may want to consider alternative options if you intend to utilize your winch for overlanding all-year-round.

The best thing about this Traveller Winch is that it has an automatic braking action and free spooling clutch. These features are great for safety and ease of operation.  Additionally, it has a roller fairlead to minimize damage to its wire.

Moreover, this Traveler 4500 lb winch comes with a 47.6-ft steel cable line with a 0.234-inch diameter. At the end of the cable, there is a 0.25-inch hook. 


  • Steel, copper and aluminum construction which makes it durable
  • Easy to operate based on reviews
  • Reliable safety feature
  • With automatic braking action
  • With a rubberized remote switch


  • Not for extreme weather conditions

Traveller 3,500 lb Tractor Supply ATV Winch Review


Traveller 12V ATV Electric Winch, 3,500 lb…

Traveller 12V ATV Electric Winch, 3,500 lb. Capacity [More]

This is another much lower pulling capacity Traveller Winch that is great for lighter-duty application. It has a 3,500-lb capacity and it comes with a 42-ft steel cable rope with a diameter of 0.22 inch. Since it has a much smaller cable line, it is more ideal for side-by-sides and UTVs.

The Traveller 12V ATV Winch comes with a permanent magnet DC 12V motor that produces 1.3 HP output. It has a single line speed of 5.9 feet per minute and features an automatic braking action.  And Traveller 3,500 lb ATV winch has a remote switch for smoother operation.

Moreover, Traveler winch 3500 does have a free spooling clutch which is a great feature to have for easy operation and makes winding of the cable so much easier. At the end of the cable, it has a 0.25-inch hook that you can easily attach to the object that you’re using as the winching anchor. A roller fairlead also assists when you pull the wire from different angles. To operate, you need to use a remote switch that comes with a handlebar mount. 


  • Easy to operate
  • Comes with a free spooling clutch for easy winding
  • Comes with a roller fairlead and automatic braking system
  • With a heavy-duty remote switch


  • Some customers say that it is a bit slow when pulling

Traveller 2500 Winch Reviews


Traveller 12V ATV Electric Winch, 2,500 lb…

Traveller 12V ATV Electric Winch, 2,500 lb. Capacity [More]

If you are looking for a budget-friendly Traveller Winch for your UTV this model is worth considering. A 2,500-lb capacity winch should be enough to give you the best outdoor adventure on your sportsmobile. It weighs only 24.26 pounds with a length of 16 inches.

This Traveller 2500 lb winch has the lowest maximum capacity among those we listed in this guide. It is powered by a permanent magnet DC 12V motor and it produces 1.1 HP output.

As a safety feature, it is fitted with an automatic braking action just like the rest of the Traveller Winch products. It has a roller fairlead that protects the cable from damage when you are pulling from different angles.

Operating this winch is easy. It comes with a remote switch with a handlebar mount for your convenience. Moreover, a free spooling clutch makes winding an easier task.

The cable is made from galvanized aircraft cable and it reaches 46 feet with a 0.1875-inch diameter. At the end of the cable, it has a 0.25-inch hook for attaching to whatever you are pulling. 


  • Lightweight
  • With a heavy-duty remote switch
  • With a roller fairlead


  • Cable is a bit small

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Factors to Consider When Buying a Traveller Winch

1. Capacity – Known as the winch rating, this is the maximum weight that the winch can safely pull. To know the right capacity, some multiply the gross weight of their vehicle by 2 (while others multiply it by 1.5). The resulting number will be the minimum winch capacity you will need for pulling. 

2. Line Length – Generally, longer line length allows you more flexibility when it comes to solving difficult situations. For higher capacity Travelers winches, go for a model with 100 feet of line or more.

3. Mounting Compatibility – When you are getting a Traveller winch, make sure that it can be mounted on your vehicle. If you missed checking this feature, you may end up buying a winch that you can’t install on your Jeep or pickup unless you spend more on a universal winch mounting plate.

4. Motor Type – There are two popular types of motors used in Traveller Winches: series wound motor and the permanent magnet motor.

If you are looking for a Traveller Winch for heavy duty application, get one with a series wound motor. While these Travellers winches are on the expensive side, you can be assured that your winch can help you in the most difficult recovery situations and under extreme weather conditions. 

Additionally, winches with a series wound motor perform consistently over time, unlike those with permanent magnet motors. Due to magnetic wear and tear, winches with permanent magnet motors become less effective during their lifetime. 

If you want to buy some Traveller winch parts like Traveller winch cover, wireless remote controls or Traveller winch mounting plate, you can easily get to it.

Tractor Supply

Traveller Winch Wiring Diagram

When wiring one of their winches, it is important to follow the diagram provided by the Traveller winch manufacturer. This will ensure that the winch is properly wired and will function correctly.

The most important part of the wiring process is making sure that the positive and negative wires are connected correctly. If they are not connected properly, the winch may not work at all.

traveller winch wiring diagram

Another thing to keep in mind when wiring a Traveller winch with the galvanized wire provided by Tractor Supply is that there must be a circuit breaker installed in order to protect the wiring from overloads.

The circuit breaker should be rated for the same amperage as the winch itself. Failing to install a circuit breaker can result in damage to both the winch and the wiring!

Who Makes Traveller Winch?

Traveller winches are made by a company called Tractor Supply. It is a company that specializes in tools and equipment for farmers and ranchers.
It has many different items, not just come along winch Tractor Supply or other Traveller winches.

Winches made by the Traveller winch company is a great option for anyone who needs to move heavy objects around. They are easy to use and can be operated by one person. Tractor Supply sells them for a reasonable price, making them an affordable option for many people.

Traveller Winch vs Badland Winch

There are a few things you need to consider when looking for a winch for your vehicle. Let’s check out Traveller winches and Badland winches.
Both winches have their pros and cons, so which one is the best for you?

Traveller winches are known for their high quality and durability. They are good for any type of terrain or weather because they are built to last.
However, they are more expensive than Badland winches.

Badland winches are a less expensive option, but they may not be as durable as Traveller winches. They are also smaller in size, which can be a disadvantage if you need a powerful winch.

The decision between a Traveller winch and a Badland winch comes down to what you need the winch for. Our recommendation goes for the Traveller winch.

Conclusion – traveler winch reviews

Traveller Winches share several common features such as the automatic braking system and roller fairlead. Moreover, they all have a solid and durable construction for long-term use.

However, these Traveller winches come with different capacities, motor types and line lengths among others. These differences allow you to easily choose based on your specific needs.

For heavy-duty use, naturally, the best pick is the 12,000 lb Traveller winch.

On the other hand, if you are looking for a light duty-use winch, the Traveller 4500 winch, as well as the Traveler 3500 lb winch, are good choices.

It’s important to note in this Traveller winches reviews that when you equip your rig with a recovery tool like this, you’ll need to make sure you have the right battery for electric winch.

If you need more information on how to choose a winch, you can read our full guide by clicking here, alternatively, you can download it using the subscribe box below.

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