Field-tested Gear that we use on our Pan-American Adventure

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Right now we’re on a 20-months long overlanding journey driving from Alaska to Argentina.

Getting ready for a trip like this takes time and effort. 

Planning our itinerary, and making sure our life and our finances align with the plan (i.e we have the time and money to just go!) is only part of the story.

BIG part of planning and preparation is choosing the right gear!

When you’re planning for a long overland journey like this, there are three main elements that you have to balance with respect to choosing your gear:

1. Quality
2. Money (Price)
3. Space

Quality first of all, because you will have to rely on the gear you’re choosing. If you end up with a poor choice, it can cost you more than if you bought a quality product in the first place. Also, quality matters, even more, when it comes to your safety.

Money, or the price of the product also matters, unless you’re one of those lucky ones for whom money is no object. But most of us have to take budget into consideration.

And last, but not least, space also matters, since traveling light, therefore with a small-ish vehicle, comes with numerous amount of advantages: accessing remote trails, switchback roads, cost of ferry rides, clearing low hanging branches or low bridges… I could go on forever.

On our current trip, I can honestly say that we’re well prepared. The vehicle (1998 Iveco TurboDaily 4×4) is very comfortable and very capable.

In this email, I thought I’d share a list of our FAVOURITE gear from every department.

These are all FIELD-TESTED equipment USED BY US right now on this journey.

From kitchen equipment to recovery gear, here is a non-complete list of what we’ve got in the van:

Recovery Gear

From Our Kitchen

To Survive

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To Create Memories

Other Cool Stuff

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