Overlanding with a purpose Delivering vision

Driven to Deliver Vision – Overlanding With a Purpose

Anton Poplett’s Land Rover Defender is not a luxury vehicle for glamorous safaris. He’s turned it into a traveling eye testing rig, and he’s taking it far off the beaten track. It was the end of June 2021, and Covid-19 was spreading like wildfire through South Africa. Lockdown regulations were expected to be tightened, and … Read more

Jerry Flex Water Container Review and Test

EZPack JerryFlex and Water Bladder Reviews

Note: this is going to be a long term test and review, therefore, the article will be updated with new information and new images as we continue using the EZPack products. Overlanding rigs are often equipped with built-in water tanks. However, a portable water storage solution is still necessary. As you know sometimes water sources … Read more

Overlanding in Slovenia

Overlanding in Slovenia

Tiny Slovenia is an intensely beautiful country that has been underrated as a travel destination. The almost-landlocked country in Central Europe is bordered by Italy, Austria, Hungary, Croatia, and a 46km slice of coastline on the Adriatic sea. The ability to drive and experience the diverse topography makes this country a truly hidden gem for … Read more

how to get a car unstuck

How To Get A Vehicle Unstuck

Have you ever been out and about and find yourself stuck in the mud, snow, or sand? We’ve been in countless situations like that! If it hasn’t happened to you, it’s either a question of time, or you’re just not going far enough. When this happens, one of the biggest things people wonder is how … Read more

Get Sponsored to Travel

Get Sponsored To Travel

Do you know that you can travel around the world for free? Even better, you can get paid as you travel to your dream destinations. This is possible through the help of travel sponsors. A travel sponsor can be a company or people who run a business or cause and are willing to sponsor your … Read more

how to build a campfire

Everything About Campfires

How To Start A Campfire – We, as humans, have a long history with fire. The ability to control it allowed our ancestors to cook food, stay warm, and to see in the darkness. Today’s societies, and the technology that drives them, are a result of learning to control and modify fires. Unfortunately, what was … Read more


All About Travel Sponsorship

Traveling around the world particularly to your favorite destinations and spending days doing what you enjoy doing may entail a big expense. It’s good if you have the funds in your pocket. But what if you don’t have the budget? Will you let money stop you from doing one of the most fulfilling things you … Read more

How To Prepare Your Car For Winter

How To Prepare Your Car For Winter

Winter is one of the more difficult seasons for vehicle owners. Freezing temperatures, icy conditions, and snow impact both you and your car. Knowing how to prepare your car for winter does more than offer you peace of mind; it can keep you safe in dangerous weather. Do not wait until it is too late. … Read more

Pamir Highway guide

Great Overland Routes: The Pamir Highway

The M41 highway, popularly known as the Pamir Highway is one of the greatest routes that many adventurers and backpackers dream of. It’s the second highest highway not just in Central Asia but around the world.  This highway traverses the Pamir Mountains, passing through several countries in Central Asia including Afghanistan, Uzbekistan, Tajikistan, and Kyrgyzstan.  … Read more

ultra vision nitro maxx review

Ultra Vision Lights Review

Ultra Vision is a well-reputed LED lighting product manufacturer from Australia. However, they are not your typical lighting brand. In fact, they specialize in producing LED lighting products that can withstand extreme and harshest environments.  Their primary focus is to supply high-end innovative lighting products for the recreational and heavy industries. They are known for … Read more

off-road tour morocco

An Incredible 4×4 Trip Across Morocco

An incredible culture, never-ending sandy coastline, and many historical locations make Morocco an amazing place to visit. Morocco is also the destination of choice if you want to appreciate nature in its purest form, perhaps, with a 4×4 vehicle. The rocky, mountainous landscape, great views of the Atlantic Ocean, and that extensive sandy coastline hold … Read more

overland bug out bag essentials

The Overland Essentials Bag

Being as self-reliant as possible should be the goal of every adventurous soul seeking the overland travel experience. A cornerstone of self-reliance is to prepare for situations that might arise during the trip. The Overland Essentials Bag is a great way to keep important items together that you might need in emergency situations. It should … Read more

overlanding travel survey 2020

Overlanding Travel Plans – Survey Results 2020

The Coronavirus pandemic has altered the travel landscape, possibly for the long-term. Social distancing requirements now pose unique challenges for those wanting to explore new places and interact with others.  Scarce amenities, limited hotel staff, and other issues have forced travelers to adapt. These limitations, however, have opened up unique possibilities for the adventurous at … Read more

essentials for overlanding

Ten Essentials for Camping – and How Does it Apply to Overlanding

Many boy scouts, hikers, as well as survivalists are aware of the list known simply as the “Ten Essentials.” Those who are not familiar with this list need to be as it is just as important today as it was when it was first being collated during the 1930s. Created by members of Washington state’s … Read more

social distancing and overlanding

Why New Social Distancing Habits Will Make Overlanding Even More Popular

Due to the changes in society inflicted by the Coronavirus pandemic, those wishing to continue to travel have to adapt. The amenities we previously relied on for vacations and adventures are no longer available or are limited and uncertain. COVID-19 is a global problem that has airlines, hotels, and other travel-related businesses shut down or … Read more

How To Drive Safely In Any Circumstances

How to Drive Safely in Any Circumstances

You probably think it won’t happen to you. You are after all, a multitasker extraordinaire. It’s those other people. It’s completely fine for you to be texting the wife, scoffing that donut and latte while doing 30 above the limit in a school zone at 9 am in the pouring rain. Right? Wrong. The importance … Read more

best trailer hitch lock

Best Trailer Lock [Review & Guide]

Quick Answer – BEST TRAILER LOCK: Have you ever been worried about your trailer being unhitched and simply towed away by another vehicle? Well, the good news is that there are trailer locks on the market that keep your trailer secure because they’re designed to keep your belongings safe. What the best trailer hitch lock … Read more

best offroad gps

Best Off Road GPS [Review & Guide]

You’re definitely up for adventure. Why follow the same path as everyone else, when you can blaze your own trail instead. Still, you want to make sure you don’t get lost or run out of fuel in the wilderness. That’s why you’re looking for the best off road GPS systems available. An off roading GPS … Read more

smarflip table review

SmartFlip Bamboo Table Review

A great camping trip is all about bringing the comforts of home into nature. That means that you are going to want a cozy place to sleep, an easy way to prepare your favorite foods, and – of course – a reliable table to gather around. When it comes to camping gear, I am a … Read more

Smartfol Picnic Basket Review

SmartFold Picnic Basket Review

There is more to packing up a picnic than you might think. You have to make sure that your food and drinks are secure and easy to carry, and you will want to use a basket that you can easily carry back when you are done. The SmartFold Picnic Basket from Beckworth & Co is … Read more

Best tire pressure gauges review

Best Tire Pressure Gauge [Review & Guide]

BEST TIRE PRESSURE GAUGE A good tire pressure gauge is a necessary but often overlooked piece of equipment for your car. Maintaining appropriate tire pressure levels is crucial for having a smooth ride and making sure your tires last as long as possible. So if you want to keep your tires in good working condition, … Read more

warn vs smittybilt winches


Let’s face it, Warn winches are better. Better in nearly every single way. Build quality, design, durability. However, you may not want to, or can’t spend a fortune on a winch and you’d like to find out how do Smittybilt winches compare to the widely accepted benchmark, the Warn winches.  Smittybilt and Warn are both … Read more

overlanding in georgia

11 Reasons That Make Georgia (country) an Overlanding Wonder

You might have heard the interview with us in the GHT Overland Podcast, where we mentioned we believe that Georgia, at the edge of eastern Europe, is one of the best countries to visit if you really want to experience what overlanding is about. Georgia (in this article the country, not the US state) is … Read more

best 12000 pound winches review

Best 12000 lb Winch

Winches have evolved over time, thanks to off-roaders and overlanders looking for places and trails to explore and conquer. This makes it a must have tool for individuals who anticipate having their vehicle stuck while taking part in off-road adventures. As we keep saying, it’s like an insurance policy. It’s good to have it when … Read more

Europe to Singapore overland

Driving from Budapest to Singapore – The Last Episode

​I have to admit, entering Malaysia was already reminding us that our trip was coming to an end soon. We felt like we’d really achieved something as we approached our last destination, Singapore. I don’t think we discovered Malaysia as well as we should have. We visited Kuala Lumpur, the Cameron Highlands and also drove … Read more