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Quick Answer – What Is The Best Jumper Cable:

Along with your safety equipment, such as a good first aid kit, power inverter, or fire extinguisher, your recovery gear is the most important when overlanding. An essential part of this is a jumper cable that always needs to be in your truck.

It lets you power up the dead battery of your car by transferring power from an external power source, that can be another vehicle or an auxiliary battery. Before we get onto the best car jumper cable reviews, let’s have a look at the basic quality of these essential tools, the gauge rating.

What Gauge Jumper Cable Is Best

The gauge of a jumper cable defines its quality.

The thickness of a jumper cable increases with a decrease in the gauge rating. 

The thicker the jumper cable the more effective it will be. The gauge rating of a standard jumper cable is six. 

Though a jumper cable with a gauge rating of eight can do the trick for most cars, if you have a large overland rig, its larger battery calls for jumper cables with lower gauge rating.

Sometimes, you might even have to use a set of jumper cables of lesser gauge rating to be able to jump start a large vehicle. 

In this article, you will get to know about the top rated jumper cables so that you can make an informed purchase.

Best Jumper Cable Reviews

Best Long Jumper Cables: Cartman Booster Cables 4 Gauge Review

cables length

This is a heavy-duty jumper cable with a gauge rating of 4 and works on 12/24 volt batteries. The cable is coated with T-Prene, which makes it flexible even in harsh conditions of -13 degrees Fahrenheit.

The cable is designed ergonomically and adheres to all safety standards with the shielded coating. It is compliant with RoHS and is also UL listed, proving its safety.

What Previous Buyers Said?

It is often mentioned by previous buyers that a good point of this Cartman cable is that it comes with a carrying bag that makes it easy to transport or store.

Some customers don’t need a 4 gauge cable, however, they still went for a good rating as this product charges the battery faster.


  • Extra long jumper cables
  • It is sturdy in construction but also flexible enough to workaround
  • Fast charging
  • It comes with a wire brush and a pair of gloves


  • Wear and tear on the plastic coating can be quicker than expected
  • The spring in the jumper cable clamp can get weak over time

Best Heavy Duty Jumper Cables: EPAuto 4 Gauge Jumper Cable Review

harbor freight jumper cables

You might not want to shell out on a jumper cable that works with only a range of vehicles. It is always better to have a cable which can do most of the work for you. If that is the case, EPAuto is the way to go.

It is a heavy-duty booster cable with a 4 gauge rating and works with motorcycles, cars, SUVs, vans, and trucks.

The cable is copper coated and is guaranteed not to tangle. It comes with a carrying bag and a pair of gloves for you to safely workaround. 

What Previous Buyers Said?

The customers have loved the product for having a strong clamp and teeth. The insulation is thick and provides adequate safety while working with it.


  • A single cable jumper to work with different kinds of vehicles
  • Great insulation and aluminum core make it more effective
  • These are jumper cables with bag and pair of gloves
  • Truck jumper cables


  • The battery jumper cable clamps might not align
  • The cable is said to have an odor

OxGord Jumper Cable 4 Gauge Review

replacement jumper cable clamps

This easy-to-use cable has a gauge rating of 4 and works perfectly with 12/24 volt batteries. The jumper cable is known for its T-Pene coating for enhanced flexibility.

It has a low-temperature resistance of -40 degrees Fahrenheit due to the use of TRP material to make the cable.

The travel bag helps you put the product in the trunk of your vehicle without tangling. The Copper Coated Aluminum (CCA) on these booster cables is ideal for safety reasons.

What Previous Buyers Said?

In this best jumper cables review we have to mention that previous users have commented on how fast and easy it is to jump your car with this product.

At such reasonable rates, they have expressed their satisfaction for having such an efficient and safe heavy-duty booster cable.


  • TRP material and Copper Coated Aluminum (CCA) makes it an ideal jumper cable when it comes to safety
  • Reasonably priced for such a great quality product
  • The free storage bag makes your life easier by storing the booster cables in the trunk without tangling


  • The clamps are a bit hard to connect to the terminals

Energizer 2-Gauge Jumper Cable Review

heavy duty jumper cables for semi trucks

The Energizer jumper cable is of gauge 2 rating which has a professional grade clamp of 800A.

Made of Copper Clad Aluminum, this cable is made tangle-free and can withstand harsh conditions of -40 degrees Fahrenheit without any trouble. It is suitable for both the side and top posts of the batteries.

What Previous Buyers Said?

One of the highlights of the brand according to the previous buyers is its customer service. They are understanding and helpful.

The cable is long and sturdy and can work efficiently in high temperatures, too. It is a bit on the heavier side, but that is because of the length of the product.


  • The cable is of gauge 2 rating, which makes it thicker and efficient in charging the battery
  • The Copper Clad Aluminum is ideal to improve the efficiency of the cable
  • They have an excellent customer service


  • The cable is a bit heavy
  • The connectors are not up to the standard

Heavy Duty Jumper Cables for Diesel Trucks: Coleman Cable 08660 4-Gauge Review

how long to leave jumper cables on

The Coleman jumper cable has a 4 gauge rating which is more than sufficient for most vehicles. It is a heavy-duty booster cable that fits both the top and side posts of batteries.

The polarity labels of Polar-Glo glow in the dark giving you a proper view. It has ergonomically designed handles, and the cable is suitable for both warm and cold climates.

As it is made with the strongest consumer-grade materials, it is resistant to chemicals and motor oil.

What Previous Buyers Said?

Previous users have noted its ability to quickly jump start because of the gauge.

The length of the product is also appreciated as it can easily connect from one car battery to another.


  • The ability to quickly jump due to gauge 4 rating
  • The length of the cable lets you charge even when the cars are parked back to the nose
  • Polarity labels glow in the dark


  • The wire is not made of 100% copper
  • The construction is not as sturdy as it should be

Best Compact Jumper Cables: Iron Forge Tools Jumper Cable Review

jumper cables gauge

Compared to the other cables in our list, this 8 gauge rated jumper cable product is on the weaker side, however, not everyone needs to power up a large V8.

It is designed to work under any type of weather conditions and the cables are designed to be tangle-free.

The colour-coded jumper cables come with a complimentary case which makes it easy to store once it is used.

What Previous Buyers Said?

Customers have expressed their pleasure over the well-made cables and the high-quality clamps.

The alignment of the best jumper cable clamps is perfect, and the insulation is spot on to provide safety.


  • Suitable for different kinds of smaller vehicles, including cars and motorbikes
  • The complimentary carry cases help in storing the cable in the trunk with ease
  • The clamps are quality made and are aligned perfectly


  • Gauge 8 ratings might not suit certain kinds of batteries
  • Rolling it back to fit the carry bag is difficult

Best Heavy Duty Jumper Cables for Trucks: TOPDC Jumper Cables Review

jumper cable kit

If you want to buy jumper cables at an affordable price, then these from TOPDC are worth a look. These are 4 gauge cables.

You are getting two 20 feet booster cables (each black and red is 20 ft.) in this package. You can choose to get the carry bag with it or not.

These heavy-duty jumper cables come with a 200 Amp rating. These are really durable cables as they are CCA (Copper Coated Aluminum) cables.

In addition, as they are PVC insulated, you can use them from -40 F to -40 C temperature without any issues.

The jumper cables clamps are very strong and compatible with both sides and top posts. As it is a 4 gauge cable set, you can use it for motorcycle cars, vans, SUVs, trucks, and any other vehicles.

Both the cables and the clamps meet the SAE standard and are color-coded.

The clamps come with isolated corrosion and rust protection. Plus, the strong spring allows the clamps to bite the battery terminals tightly and securely.

Interestingly, they have attached detailed instructions on how to connect the jumper cables at the end of the cables, for your convenience.

What Previous Buyers Said?

The previous buyers are very happy with these booster cables.

They liked that it has a reasonable price and heavy-duty build quality. But a few customers said their carry bag could be a bit bigger.


  • Tangle-free design
  • Comes with a 5-year warranty
  • Heavy-duty construction
  • Comes with a carry bag
  • Comes with easy to read instructions


  • Storing it back to the carry bag would be a bit tricky
  • Limited compatibility

Best Cheap Jumper Cables: AmazonBasics Jumper Cables Review

how to connect jumper cables to battery

AmazonBasics is known for offering decent quality products at an affordable price. These car battery cables measure 20 feet in length and weigh about 4.18 lbs.

This is a 4 gauge color-coded jumper cable set with a 300 Amp rating. So, it was perfect for full-size cars, large SUVs, small cars, and most other vehicles.

The alligator clamps feature strong springs and comfortable handles for maneuvering them as easily as possible. These are CCA (copper-clad aluminum) high quality jumper cables.

The exterior of the cables is heavily insulated. You are also getting a carrying bag with these products. These are very easy to use and come with an affordable price tag as well.

What Previous Buyers Said?

The past buyers have mixed feedback about this set of jumper cables. Some said the overall quality of the products could be better.

While others are pretty satisfied with the price-to-performance ratio of the cables.


  • Comes with a carrying bag
  • Heavy-duty alligator clamps
  • Comes with a 1-year AmazonBasics warranty
  • It is UL certified


  • This wire is not 100% copperLimited compatibility

Best Car Jumper Cables: AstroAI Battery Cables for Car Battery Review

best jumper cables amazon

If you are looking for a set of very high-quality jumper cables, then you should check this out. These cables come with a 4 gauge and 235 Amp rating.

Similar to others, these are also 20 feet long. The manufacturers used innovative technology to produce these cables.

For instance, they have used thicker copper and flexible exterior materials here. As a result, it can charge the batteries faster and safer. These are temperature-resistant cables.

That means you can use them even at a temperature as low as -40 F/C. They will remain flexible and tangle-free under such extreme conditions.

The clamps of these cables are also top-notch. They have an integrated double grip design and multiple clamp tongues in the alligator clamps. As a result, it can reduce the amount of heat while operating.

At the same time, because of the multiple tongues, these are compatible with both side and top post batteries of various shapes and sizes.

The cables weigh about 4.85 lbs. You will get free safety gloves, a portable carrying bag, instructions, and a battery cleaning brush in this package as well.

So, for the price, this could be one of the best battery jumper cables out there.

What Previous Buyers Said?

This is one of the most popular sets of professional jumper cables out there. Almost all the current users of this jump cable have said positive things about these.

They have liked the inclusion of the free bag, gloves, and brush with this. Also, they have praised the overall quality of the cables.


  • These products meet UL standard
  • Heavy-duty construction
  • Comes with a free carry bag, battery cleaning brush, and safety gloves
  • Temperature resistant and fast charge
  • Comes with a 5-year warranty


  • Nothing major to mention

Best Jumper Cables for SUV: Heavy Duty Jumper Cables 2 Gauge for Car Battery Review

jumper cables for semi trucks

Are you looking for a powerful jumper cable set? Then Autogen has these 2 gauge jumper cables for you.

These semi truck jumper cables are 20 feet long jumper cables sets with an 800 Amp rating. The clamps are equipped with a thick PVC cover which allows them to be highly insulated and drop resistant.

It also sports a strong spring and is comfortable to handle. These are rust and corrosion-resistant clamps as they come with a shelled vinyl coating.

Because of the double grip design, these clamps are suitable for both top and side post batteries.

These tangle-free cables weigh about 6.55 pounds. You can use them even in extremely cold weather conditions (-40°F/°C). These cables are CCA (Copper-Clad Aluminum) cables with a twice grip design. 

Plus, the clamps are multifunctional and come with a unique nylon protective shield. As a result, it is suitable to use these jumper cables with full-size vans and cars, mid-sized freight, and pickup trucks. 

What Previous Buyers Said?

Most of the buyers are pleased with the performance of these good quality jumper cables. They said the price could be a bit lower for best jumper cables for semi truck, though.

However, because of the performance and build quality, they think it is worth it.


  • Comes with a carrying bag
  • It is UL listed
  • The clamps are corrosion and rust-resistant
  • Tangle-free and temperature resistant
  • Comes with a 1-year replacement warranty


  • Putting the cable back in the bag would be a bit tricky

how to connect jumper cables

Best Jumper Cables Buying Guide

What should I look for when buying booster cables for the Car Battery?

A few important things you should consider before purchasing the best jumper cables. Let’s take a look…

Gauge Rating – What Gauge Jumper Cables Do I Need?

The gauge rating value indicates how thick the wires inside the cables are. For your information, a higher gauge rating means a thinner wire, and vice versa.

So it is always better to opt for jumper cables with a lower gauge rating. A booster cable set with a 4 gauge rating would be an ideal choice.


Jumper cables come in many sizes. However, you should not go with a cable that is shorter than 12 feet.

Ideally, it is best to go with a booster cable set of 20 feet long. That way, you can make the connection between cars without parking them facing each other.


Best booster cables come with quality clamps. They must be strong, comfortable, and durable.

It is better if they are coated with rust or corrosion-resistant coating and insulated well. Also, you should check whether they fit both side and top post batteries.

Build Quality and Warranty Policy

The overall build quality of the jumper cables should be another primary concern of yours. It should be durable and be usable under extreme weather conditions.

Better yet, if it comes with a reliable and long warranty policy.


Another major factor about best rated jumper cables jumper would be the insulation material. Best jumper cable sets come with PVC insulation.

That way it will be resistant to harmful elements like water, oil, lubricants, etc. Plus, it would be a plus, if the cable is tangle-free and flexible.

4 guage booster cables

Jump Starter vs Jumper Cables

Another good alternative to jumper cables (or booster cables) for jump start a car is the jump starters. Jumpstarters are actually portable lead-acid or lithium-ion batteries.

Now, both the jumper cables and jump starters have their benefits and drawbacks when it comes to jump-starting a vehicle.

First off, jumper cables are cheaper compared to jump starters. Also, they take less space in your car.

But to work with portable jumper cables, you will need another car that has batteries with the same voltage as your car. 

Plus, if the cars have sensitive electrical components inside, they might get damaged due to using jumper cables to jump start the car.

On the other hand, jump starters are expensive and you don’t need help from another car to jump start the engine of your car.

However, lead-acid jump starters tend to be heavier and bulkier. Conversely, you can use lithium jump starters if you want a lightweight alternative.

How to Put on Jumper Cables Properly?

Jump starting a vehicle with the help of jumper cables is very easy. But you will have to follow all the safety precautions and instructions carefully.

Also, you should make sure that both the donor and recipient cars are suitable for the jump start. 

Both cars should have the same battery voltage. Every jumper cable will come with an instruction manual.

How to Use Jumper Cables? How to hook up jumper cables? Watch the following video:

Thus, the best idea is to read and follow that carefully to avoid any kind of accidents while jump starting a car.

How Do Jumper Cables Work?

Simply put, a jumper cable set consists of 2 conductive and insulated wires. Best booster cables are equipped with alligator clamps at jumper cables ends and color-coded.

So, you can make a connection between two cars’ batteries with the help of those products. 

After you have made the connection by following the instructions carefully, you can jump-start a car with a dead or weak battery.

In short, using these cables you can transmit enough power from the live battery of the donor car to the flat/dead battery of the recipient car to start the engine.

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FAQ Best Booster Cables

Do Cars Come With Jumper Cables?

It’s a question that all drivers have asked at one time or another. The unfortunate answer is that they do not come as standard.

However, if you don’t have your own set of jumper cables with you in your vehicle, you’re going to be out of luck if you need to jump-start your car.

Many gas stations and auto shops offer free use of their jumper cables, but if you’re stranded somewhere without access to them, you’ll be forced to call a tow truck. Eventually, it’s cheaper to buy one and have them always in your car.

What Is The Best Gauge For Jumper cables?

Jumper cables are available with various gauge ratings. If you want a thicker cable, then you will have to go with a lower gauge rating and vice-versa.

Ideally, a jumper cable set with a 4 gauge rating would be perfect for most vehicles. 

However, you can also opt for 6 or 8-gauge-rated cables for cars and other small vehicles. It is better to avoid 10 gauge-rated jumper cables.

As we mentioned earlier the best jumper cable gauge depends on the vehicle, but the lower the number, the higher the power it can transfer.

What Happens If I Connect the Jumper Cables Incorrectly?

You should never connect the jumper cables incorrectly. It could lead to sparks or could damage sensitive electronic components on your vehicle.

In more extreme cases, the live/dead battery might explode and damage the vehicle to a greater extent. So, it is advisable to follow the supplied instruction manual that came with your jumper cable set.

image 9197587 13774554

Can You Use Jumper Cables in the Rain?

When it comes to jumpstarting a car, there are many myths and old wives’ tales out there. One popular myth is that it’s not safe to do so in the rain, as the voltage of a vehicle is high.

However, this isn’t actually true – as long as you take care when connecting the cables, jumpstarting a car in the rain is perfectly safe.

One of the reasons people may think that jumpstarting a car in the rain is unsafe is because of electric shocks. However, these are actually caused by faulty wiring or faulty equipment, not by the voltage of a car. The voltage of a vehicle is usually 12 or 24 volts.

In fact, even if you were to touch two cars that were both turned on, you wouldn’t get an electric shock – you would only get shocked if you touched something that was electrified.

Are 4 Gauge Jumper Cables Good?

Yes. A 4 gauge jumper cable set would be perfect to jump-start a truck and similar other mid-sized vehicles without any issue.

In fact, a 4 gauge rated jumper cable would be the sweet spot when it comes to jumper cable gauge rating.

Do Jumper Cables Make A Difference?

Definitely. Jumper cables can rescue you or other drivers in case of emergencies if the battery is dead or weak on the vehicle. There were countless occasions when I had to use mine to help myself or others in very remote areas. But you don’t need to be in a remote area to get stranded for hours without a booster cable.

This could be a generic accessory, but it can play a vital role when you are stuck out in the middle of nowhere with a weak/dead battery.

how to attach jumper cables

Final Thoughts – Best Jumper Cables

In this jumper cables reviews you can find the top jumper cables on the market right now. Apart from the 6th, which is suitable for smaller vehicles, you can choose any of the above for your overlanding rig.

However, we think the AstroAI Jumper Cables and the Energizer 2-Gauge Jumper Cable are the best quality jumper cables on our list as they come with a reasonable price, good gauge rating, and reliable warranty policy.

Do make sure that you carry one with you at all times on your overland trip.

It can also be handy to help out a fellow overlander with a flat ATV battery!

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