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Car batteries provide a zap of electricity that your vehicle needs to put all its components to work. Simply put, if the car battery is unreliable, you could be stuck somewhere or miss an important appointment watching the Sunset someplace wonderful. 

You should probably always pack some jumper cables. That’s why your choice of a car battery greatly matters. A reliable car battery is something that will work in extreme conditions, give you the starting power that you need for any situation, is dependable, and will not easily drain, and has a long life.

While there are dozens of popular brands out there, only a few are backed with a significant number of positive user feedback due to their performance. 

Among these brands is Duralast, the manufacturer of Duralast Gold and Duralast Platinum. These Duralast batteries are popular among overlanders.

We will not talk about Duralast Platinum in this review but will focus on Duralast Gold. 

We will check if this battery is indeed what it claimed it is. We’ll also share with you what we like and don’t like about it.

Review of the Duralast Gold

Just like Duralast Platinum, Duralast Gold is also ideal for traveling automobiles including cars, buses, taxis, and overlanding vehicles. This 12-volt calcium battery doesn’t easily get self-discharged. 

This means that even if you put your car into idle mode for an extended period of time, you will least likely find it with a flat battery.

Battery Design

Looking at the overall design of the Duralast Gold, we can see that it has many of the essential features that one should look for in a battery. Just like the rest of Duralast batteries, it has a well-thought design to ensure reliability, safety, and longer use for its owner.

One of the best features we find is that it is designed to deliver 750 cold-cranking amps (CCA) to meet your car’s requirements even in extreme weather conditions.  You don’t have to worry about driving in cold weather. 

Many batteries have only a 550 rating or even lower. This model has a 750 rating which means it has a lot of power to start your vehicle at 0°F.

Moreover, this battery comes with features that help extend its life. For one, it is good at controlling overheating due to its grid and plate integration. 

It also uses polypropylene, a material that reduces vibrations that normally happen in battery cell movement. With fewer vibrations, it minimizes damage due to vibrations and shocks. 

This Duralast battery also comes with Circa tech plates to prevent short circuits.

It’s worth noting that the company that produces the Duralast battery focuses on making sure that it is safe to use. 

That’s the reason why they use only premium quality vent caps. These components are essential to avoid leakage and corrosion.

Most of the time, the smallest details really count. This is true for the Duralast batteries. It comes with a plastic loop which will make it easy for someone to carry and lift this 43.73-lbs battery.  

Additionally, it has removable caps to allow you to easily maintain the electrolyte level in the battery, which is an essential part of regular maintenance.

Discharge Capacity

The Duralast Gold has a low self-discharge capacity. This translates to longer life span. Some users mentioned that they have used this battery for over 5 years without any problem.

Reserve Capacity

Reserve capacity is a vital battery rating that you need to check as it tells you the number of minutes a fully charged battery will discharge 25 amps until its voltage drops below 10.5 volts, given an 80°F temperature. 

This battery has a reserve capacity of 130, meeting your car’s requirements or even exceeding them.

What you can expect with the Duralast Gold Batteries

The Duralast Gold may be more expensive than some regular vehicle batteries, but looking at its features and based on review, we can tell that it offers great value for the price. 

Since the Duralast Gold lasts longer than regular vehicle batteries, it lets you save in the long run.

With a battery Duralast Gold, you can have full confidence to bring your car wherever and whenever you want. You can trust that your car will start and will sustain the trip.

Also, since the Duralast Gold is covered by a 3-year warranty, you will have peace of mind that in case you’ll experience product issues, you will not have to spend extra to have it fixed.

Features we like

There are many features that we like about the Duralast Gold batteries. On top of these features is its high cold cranking amps rating of 750 (the same with Duralast Platinum) when many vehicle batteries have a lower cold-cranking amps rating. You need this feature if you want to travel any time of the year.

We also like the safety features of this battery. It is obvious that the manufacturer has put so much attention on small details to make this battery safe for its users. It doesn’t leak or corrode due to its solid construction.

Another feature that you’ll probably like also is the fact that Duralast batteries including Duralast Platinum and Duralast Gold have a long life which is backed by many of its users. Long battery life translates to big savings as vehicle batteries aren’t inexpensive.

We would also like to add that having a 3-year warranty is a big plus.

Features we don’t like

Not really a deal-breaker but we wished that this Duralast battery is more affordable. 

But we fully understand why it is a bit expensive than the average vehicle batteries because it is also way better in terms of performance and lifespan.

What other buyers have said

Many buyers have something good to say about Duralast Gold. Many buyers feel confident to go out anywhere knowing their vehicle would start despite bad weather conditions. 

There was this user who has been using the battery for over 5 years and he reported that he had not experienced any issues with starting his vehicle since he used Duralast Gold.

It’s great to hear that many users are satisfied with this product. Although this battery is a bit expensive, according to its users, it is a solid battery for the price.

Many users are also amazed that their Duralast Gold lasted so long and still remains reliable.

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Are Duralast Gold batteries an excellent choice for an overlanding trip?

If you will ask many overlanders what battery they use, many would probably say Duralast Gold. This battery is popular for a reason. 

Based on our review, it is a well-thought and well-constructed battery, making it one of the most reliable vehicle batteries there is.

For overlanders who love to travel all-year-round, you need a reliable battery that will give you adequate power to start your vehicle even amidst very cold weather conditions. The 750 cold-cranking amps of Duralast Gold can do that for you.

How long will Duralast Gold batteries last?

The Duralast Gold has a warranty of 3 years, but it can definitely go more than that. Based on our review and the account of many users, the Duralast Gold can last more than 5 years even with frequent trips and use of a car heater. It lasts longer than many typical car batteries.

Can I use a power inverter with Duralast Gold?

Just like many other car batteries, with a Duralast battery, you may also use a power inverter to run low-power devices on your car including computers and video cameras among others.


Overall, the Duralast Gold is an amazing product. It has received much positive feedback from its happy customers and users. 

After conducting this review and checking the features of this battery, we couldn’t agree more.

It has many standout features including high CCA, longer life-span, and a 3-year warranty. Moreover, it is also easy to install and convenient to carry (in case you need to). 

Most importantly, it is known to be a reliable battery. Nothing beats a battery that you can rely on at any time as it gives you the confidence to travel far.

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