Elevate Your Overland Meals

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With Guest contributor head chef and founder of MONTyBOCA, Chef Corso

As we head out on any trek, short or long, food is always an important component.

It keeps us fueled, it helps us look forward to the next meal and it brings us together with our crew and our community. But it can be a challenge to prep and plan meals for a journey without falling into a rut.

Before we dig into menu and recipe options, a little bit more about Chef Corso.

He is a classically trained chef based in Seattle, WA, USA with 20+ years of restaurant and food product development experience and he founded MONTyBOCA (mountain x mouth) to help share that you can eat amazing meals in the outdoors with limited items and use fresh ingredients.

All his recipes are 10 ingredients or less, ready in 30 min or less with no eating out of the dry, salty bags.

MONTyBOCA provides recipes, meal plans, and cookbooks for elevated meals anywhere! Do you or someone in your group have a dietary restriction? No worries, they’ve got you covered.

overlanding meals
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Getting Started

For a successful voyage into the kitchen, there’s some basic equipment that’s needed to set yourself up for fast, easy prep when it’s time to take a break or set it up for the night.

overland kitchen checklist

When you find yourself provisioning, make sure to check the status of the below:

  • salt/pepper
  • seasoning mixes
  • garlic cloves/powder
  • acid.  (vinegar, lemon, lime, etc)
  • hot sauce (your fav)
  • noodles.  Rice, ramen, pasta
  • rice.  (white, brown, red, black)
  • bread/flatbread/tortillas
  • fresh fruit/fresh veggies
  • eggs

Need more ideas for stocking that pantry? Check out Chef Corso’s PANTRY ESSENTIALS SERIES

Overland Recipe Ideas

Below, Chef Corso has some great recipe suggestions for every time of day (even happy hour) to cook and share meals that are easy, tasty and satisfying. Let’s get to it!

breakfast for overlanding


Oatmeal and eggs….eggs and oatmeal. Two classic options for breakfast. But they can get really tired, really fast. Try these two elevated recipes to get out of the boring brekkie rut.

breakfast for overlanders
overlanders breakfast

Pro Tip: Based on your trip, you can choose fresh fruit vs dried and whole eggs vs powdered. Double bonus pro tip…crack and mix your eggs before and put in an old plastic, threaded drink bottle.

lunch for overland trips


Often lunch is some meat, cheese and bread. And don’t get me wrong, that can be a fantastic lunch.

But whip up these two meals (one doesn’t even need a burner) in record time.

lunch for overlanders 2
lunch for overlanders
BLTA Grain Bowl overlanders lunch

Camp Hack: Find two sticks and whittle up some campy chopsticks!

overlanding dinner


Not every dinner needs to be a specific recipe. One of the great parts about overlanding is finding amazing local ingredients at the market. 

Next time, grab 3-5 veggies, some flatbread or tortillas, cheese and cook up a cheap, delicious and local meal.

Both of these recipes are very versatile based on the location you’re traveling.

overlanding dinner 3
overlanding dinner 2
overlanding dinner
overlanding dessert


Don’t forget dessert! These are great recipes as a starting point and you can switch them out with local tropical or other fresh or dried options depending on your location.

overlanders dessert
dessert for overlanders

Chef Tip:

If you can’t find NILLA wafers in the country you’re in, find any other sugar cookies or vanilla cookies like tim tams or English shortbread.

overlanding snack


Be the hero by cooking up one of these sharable, snackable meals at the end of your day during happy hour. Trailgate it!

overlanding snack roadtrip
snack for overlanders

Wherever you go on your journey, ALWAYS remember to pack it out!

meals for overlanding

MONTyBOCA serves the camping, hiking, fishing, hunting, and other outdoor communities looking to elevate their meals with recipes and cookbooks that are trail-tested all over the world by members of the MONTyBOCA community. Check out more great recipes at MONTyBOCA, on Instagram, and on YouTube.Get outside. Eat well. Share the tasty experience.

Great recipe books you should also check out:

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