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When it comes to overlanding recovery gear, a winch is like an insurance policy. There is a wide range of brands that manufacture winches and winch accessories. Quadratec, Inc. is one of those brands. However, you might not be familiar with this brand.

They have been in the business for more than 30 years. Quadratec, Inc. has over 100,000 unique Jeep accessories on its collection. Better yet, they offer their products at a very sensible price range. This is true for their winches as well. In this post, we will review a few of their most popular winches.

Quadratec Winch Reviews

Review of Quadratec Q-Performance Stealth Winch 12,000 lbs. with Synthetic Rope

quadratec reviews

As the name suggests, this is a winch with a rated line pull of 12,000 lbs. So, if you are looking for a heavy-duty winch, this would be a great pick. This winch is available with both steel and synthetic rope options. 

Based on the version you choose, the price will slightly vary. The synthetic rope version weighs about 61 lbs. Whereas the steel cable one has a weight of 85 lbs. 

However, both of these winches measure the same at 21 x 6.375 x 10 inches. These have 82 feet long winch rope with a ⅜ inch diameter. The maximum line speed is 16 feet per minute. It draws 320 amps of current while operating. 

It comes with a built-in solenoid which is securely placed in a housing made of die-cast finned aluminum. This is water, weather, and dustproof with an IP67 rating as well. That indicates that it will last a long time even if it is used in harsh weather conditions. 

This Quadratec Q-Performance Stealth winch features a hybrid wired/wireless remote. You will also love the LED drum light that will come in handy while operating the winch at dark. It is integrated with a 4.9 HP series wound motor. 

The gear reduction ratio on this winch is 294:1. It is compatible with a 10 x 4.5 inches mounting bolt pattern. The clutch handle on this winch is removable, which doubles as a ‘Key’. So, you can remove it to deter winch line theft. 

As usual, the synthetic rope version comes with a hawse fairlead. On the other hand, with the steel rope version, you will get a 4-way roller fairlead. Overall, this is a heavy-duty winch from Quadratec.

What Previous Buyers Said?

According to many previous buyers, this is one of the best winches from Quadratec. Buyers liked that it was very easy to install and use. The inclusion of the LED drum light received a ton of praise as well. 

A few customers complained about the remote control. Other than this, people really loved the performance and the build quality of the Q12 Performance Stealth Winch.


  • Available with both steel rope and synthetic line
  • It comes with IP67 waterproof certification
  • This features wired/wireless hybrid remote control
  • Comes with a limited lifetime warranty/1 year warranty on electrical components
  • Comes with an LED winch spool light strip


  • The quality of the remote control could be better

Review of Quadratec Q-Performance Stealth Winch 10,000 lbs. with Synthetic Rope

quadratec reviews

The next winch on our list is almost identical in many ways to the Q12 because both are from the same ‘Q-Performance Stealth Winch’ lineup. Still, there are a few distinctions. 

First of all, it has a rated line pull of 10,000 lbs. This one is available in both synthetic line and steel cable versions as well. 

The gear reduction ratio of this winch is 210:1 and it draws 330 amps of current. Other than these and the price, almost every other features are identical to the previously reviewed winch. 

So, you are getting an 82 feet winch line with a ⅜ inch diameter. The weight of the synthetic line version and the steel cable version is 61 lbs. and 85 lbs. respectively.  

The net dimension of this Q-Performance stealth winch is 21 x 6.375 x 10 inches. It also has IP67 waterproof certification, wired/wireless remote, LED drum light, a removable clutch handle, heat-dissipating aluminum fins, and more. 

Plus, it comes with all the installation accessories and other winch accessories like fairleads, clevis hook, hook strap, and more. You can see that it is another great high-end winch from Quadratec with a great competitive price tag.

What Previous Buyers Said?

Like the previous one, the past users also liked this winch for their Q-Performance series a lot. They have said that the Q10 stealth winch is a top-performer. It is very easy to install and it comes full of handy features. 

Most of the users liked the availability of both synthetic and steel line options. They loved the hybrid wired/wireless remote control as well. As per the build quality, they have left positive feedback only.


  • Comes with a limited lifetime warranty/1 year warranty on electrical components
  • Available with both steel rope and synthetic line
  • Comes with wired/wireless hybrid remote control
  • It has IP67 waterproof certification
  • Comes with all the mounting hardware and easy to install


  • Some customers encountered issues with the LED drum light

Quadratec Q9000 Winch Reviews – Self Recovery Winch with Dyneema Synthetic Rope

is quadratec legit

This winch comes with a rated line pull of 9000 lbs. You can get both synthetic rope and steel cable versions of this 4×4 winch. As usual, the price will vary depending on the version you choose. Now, the steel rope version comes with an aircraft-grade 100-foot cable. 

Conversely, the synthetic one has a 90 feet Dyneema winch line. Both these cables have ⅜ inch diameter. The maximum line speed of this winch is 19 feet per minute. Quadratec 9000 winch comes with a wired remote control with 12 feet cord. 

It features a 4.8 HP series wound motor. The current draw of this winch is 300 amps. Another great thing about this winch is that the solenoid is compatible with both side and top mounting. It is a very lightweight and easy-to-install winch. 

The winch has a durable powder coat finish which ensures long-lasting service. The steel cable version comes with a zinc-plated roller fairlead. While the synthetic cable version comes with an aluminum hawse fairlead. 

Furthermore, for safety reasons, it has an auto-load holding braking system as well. Overall, if you are looking for a high-end yet budget-friendly winch with a 9000 lbs rated line pull, then this would be a great option.

What Previous Buyers Said?

In this Quadratec review, we have to mention that former buyers stated it is very simple to install. First off, they loved that it comes with all the necessary hardware for installation. Some customers also mentioned that Quadratec 9,000 winch is a sturdy winch and praised the availability of both types of winch lines. As per most of them, for the price, it is a steal.


  • The solenoid supports both side or top mounting
  • Very long winch line (both synthetic and steel cable option available)
  • Comes with a limited lifetime warranty/1 year warranty on electrical components
  • Easy to install and budget-friendly


  • No wireless remote control

Buying Guide – Quadratec Winch Review

Who Makes Quadratec Winches

Quadratec winches are made by Quadratec, Inc. This is a USA-based company that specializes in Jeep parts and accessories. The company is headquartered in West Chester, PA, USA. Ted Wentz Jr. founded this company back in 1990.

Over the last 3 decades, Quadratec has brought many aftermarket automotive parts and accessories to the market. In doing so, they have revolutionized the market to a greater extent. At this moment, they have over 100,000 unique Jeep accessories and parts at their disposal.

They try their best to source the highest quality raw materials when manufacturing their products. In addition, you will also notice that they are offering their products for a very affordable price. This company is also reputed for its customer support team and after-sales service. 

Quadratec is also known for participating in various events related to Jeep. In fact, they host their own Jeeps & Java event every month. All in all, this is a great brand that seems to care about the community and its customers. On top of that, you can get their products without breaking the bank.

Read our full WINCH BUYING GUIDE here.

Wrap Up – Quadratec Winch Reviews

Quadratec, Inc. might not be widely known all over the world. However, they have a huge collection of different automotive parts and accessories. On top of that, you can get these products from them by spending a lot less compared to other great name brands. 

Here, we have talked about a number of high-quality Quadratec winches. Based on your requirements and budget, you can go with either of these. In our opinion, it is better to use a Jeep winch with a synthetic rope than a steel rope, but winches with synthetic lines would be a bit expensive compared to the steel rope ones. 

If you need a powerful and rugged winch, then the ‘Quadratec Stealth Winch 12,000 lbs. with Synthetic Rope’ would be the way to go. Conversely, you can go with the ‘Quadratec Q9000s Self Recovery Winch with Dyneema Synthetic Rope’, if you are looking for an easy-to-use winch for light-duty work.

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