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Our featured image is actually a real, live-size version of a nicely built Land Rover Defender 110. When we came across the Traxxas TRX-4 and its features, we couldn’t find words to describe our amazement. Looking at its details, it’s hard to tell the difference between a Traxxas and a real size vehicle. Basically you (or your kids for instance) could be overlanding in your backyard, so to speak. Read our Traxxas TRX4 review and your jaw will drop while reading what this little machine is capable of.

Lockable differentials, portal axles… read on the review!

Traxxas has long been in the RC industry, but by making their way into the crawler market with the Traxxas TRX-4 Crawler, they have added another feather to their cap.

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The Traxxas TRX4 Crawler brings the joys of off-roading through a remote control car. Its sturdy built and efficient dynamics allow it to scale challenging trails. We take a look at what it offers and whether it justifies its price tag.

By using criteria like ease of use, efficiency while running, and features offered, we will review the Traxxas TRX 4 Crawler in a wholesome manner. Scale: 1/10.


  • Out of the box RTR machine
  • Lockable front and rear differentials allow better handling when negotiating sharp turns and tricky corners
  • 2-speed transmission that allows you to run the car as you please
  • Portal axles to give the vehicle better ground clearance
  • Waterproof body and electronic equipment


  • Weights more than most of its competitors
  • Windows are painted black rather than tinted or transparent
  • Does not come with a battery or a charger for the car

Traxxas TRX-4 Detailed Review

Key Features

There are a few things that set the Traxxas TRX-4 Crawler apart from its competitors. We will discuss them in detail to see just how superior they make the machine.

Lockable Front And Rear Differentials

The Traxxas TRX-4 Crawler comes with remotely lockable front and rear differentials. You can lock and unlock both the differentials right from your transmitter to give you flexibility as well as good performance.

You can choose to unlock both the diffs when cruising on level track and for better handling when turning at high speeds. When you encounter a rugged trail, you can either lock both the diffs or just the front diff for ultimate grip on the front tires which aids in crawling over rocks.

2-speed transmission

The 2-speed transmission gives you the freedom to run the car as you want. The fact that this feature comes with the remotely locking differentials makes it all the more worthwhile.

You can switch between high and low-speed modes with the combination of locked or unlocked diffs for maximum freedom and efficiency. The best part about the two-speed transmission is that there is little slop when the vehicle is in gear.

This would make it easier to go up and down terrains.

Portal Axles

The portal axles that come with the Traxxas TRX-4 Crawler give the vehicle great ground clearance. This is especially useful when you want to climb over big rocks and boulders.

To put things in perspective, you would need tires that are at least 1 inch taller than Traxxas TRX-4 Crawler’s to get the same clearance and ease with a straight axle.

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Ease Of Use

The Traxxas TRX-4 Crawler is arguably one of the easiest crawlers to use. That’s what they had advertised when the product was launched, and that’s what the customers say when they take it for a spin.

The car comes assembled, so that’s one less thing to worry about, and it’s RTR out of the box. All you would have to do is put in the battery (which you have to buy separately) and get going. The sturdy frame and waterproof design make it easy to use in any terrain and topography.

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Efficiency while Running

With features like portal axels, 2-speed transmission and remotely lockable front and rear diffs, the performance of Traxxas TRX-4 Crawler is unmatched.

Whatever the terrain is, you have all the features to get your RC out of it with ease and grace. Going uphill and over rocks? Lock the diffs and use the low-speed mode to make hairpin turns and move through challenging tracks.

Climbing boulders? The portal axel gives you enough ground clearance to change the impossible into a challenge and adventure.

Build Quality Of The Traxxas TRX-4

When you open the box, you are swept off your feet by the attractive design and heavy-duty body. The attention to detail with a spare tire on the back and rear view mirrors is immaculate.

The black painted windows are a slight hiccup, but not a deal breaker by any means. While being attractive, it is also sturdy. You can use this Land Rover on rough terrains without having to worry about the body.

The waterproof electrical equipment and body make it an all-terrain crawler.

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Other versions of the Traxxas-TRX-4

In Control – The TQi Transmitter

The Traxxas TRX-4 comes with the TQi 2.4 GHz 4-Channel Transmitter. It needs 4 AA size batteries to operate. It has all the necessary buttons and switches at place. The transmitter has a great wireless range.

The design of the device is ergonomic. So it will feel comfortable even if you are using it for a long time. The layout of the device is very user-friendly. So you will get familiar with the TQi 2.4 GHz 4-Channel Transmitter after using it a couple of times.



The TRX4 Traxxas has 2 styles of turning while diffs are locked. And, when the diffs are unlocked, you can turn it very easily. If you are driving the TRX 4 Traxxas on the pavement, it is extremely easy to maneuver. Even if you are rock crawling, you will be able to turn the wheels without any issue. There is no torque twist as well.


Jumping a crawler would not be your main purpose. Still, as per many users, this RC can jump like any other crawlers. But it cannot go a lot higher or cannot make mid-air corrections. However, the tires could withstand the landings perfectly keeping the body safe.


This is a scale crawler, so you can’t expect smooth riding on non-smooth surfaces. Yet, we have found out that the Traxxas TRX-4 land rover does extremely well in handling bumps, potholes, road joints, rain ruts, and various irregularities. Overall, it can run smoothly without much bounce compared to other popular rock crawlers out there.


The TRX-4 is not made for driving on on-road conditions or for long distance cruise control. However, it does great on pavement if you unlock the diffs. Frankly, it doesn’t attain much high speed. So, if you are looking for a crawler for on-road cruise control only, then this is not for you.


It performs incredibly well in grass. Thanks to the portal axles and the tires, it can cruise through any grass section without a hitch. Even if the height of the grass reaches up to the hood, it can run right through it.


The stock tires of the TRX-4 are of great quality. They look sharp and feel soft. But they perform great as well. While riding on rocks, the tires offer an above-average grip. Even on soft surfaces, they offered high traction. Interestingly, the tread pattern extends a bit towards the sidewall. So, it allows the tires extra hard grip while rock crawling in demanding situations.

Rock Crawling

Simply put, this performs like a beast when it comes to rock crawling. The official Land Rover styled body of this truck gave it a high center of gravity. But this has not become an obstacle in tackling rocky roads. Rather, the inclusion of the portal axles made rock crawling a breeze with the Traxxas TRX-4.


The XL-5 HV electronic speed controller of the TRX-4 delivers the perfect amount of power while riding. It is very easy to power up the Land Rover. It has an ultra-soft power delivery system. That means the truck doesn’t start all of a sudden with a surge of power. Rather, it starts softly, and the power builds up slowly.


TQi Transmitter is a 4 channel radio that comes with the TRX4 land rover, instead of a metal gear servo. It is designed ergonomically, so you can operate the vehicle with it comfortably. The switch placement is also very user-friendly. You would get familiar with the mechanism and functions pretty fast with this device.

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How Fast is The Traxxas Trx-4?

It is a tricky question to answer. Because the top speed of a vehicle like the Traxxas TRX4 depends on various factors like the battery, operator, terrain, wind, and more. Generally, it is reported that it can go around 5 mph in low gear. Plus, in high gear, it can attain a speed of up to 9 mph. But depending on the situation, it could go faster.

How Fast Does The Traxxas Trx-4 Sport Go?

We wish we could give a clear-cut answer to this question. But as you know the top speed of any vehicle is impacted by many factors like the terrain, battery power, wind speed/direction, and more. 

Yet, for your information, you could expect the Traxxas TRX-4 to go up to 5 mph in low gear. Additionally, it could go around 9 mph in high gear. Then again, it can attain higher speeds based on the condition.

Is The Traxxas Trx4 Waterproof?

Yes. The Traxxas TRX4 is fully waterproof including the electronics inside. So, you can take the TRX-4 in any terrain anytime without any hesitation.

What Scale is The Traxxas Trx4?

The Traxxas TRX-4 Scale: 1/10

What Previous Buyers Say 

The crawler industry has many enthusiastic users, and the Traxxas TRX-4 Crawler is proving to be quite a popular pick among new and seasoned users. The ease of handling and efficiency offered by lockable diffs, two-speed transmission, and portal axels is a recurring theme.

The car allows users to scale challenging tracks and have routine adventures with their Traxxas TRX-4 Crawler. While it is slightly heavy, it is not so heavy that it isn’t manageable.

The lack of battery and charger for the car is another thing that some find issue with, but it’s not too significant when it comes to cost. Most users have a battery and charger from a previous car which they can use with it.


The Traxxas TRX-4 Crawler promised a lot when it was first launched, and users were delighted to see that Traxxas stood true to their word.

The machine comes assembled and ready to run out of the box. All the features are installed, and there is no need to add modifications as with other cars.

For those looking to buy their first crawler, this could be a good option since a lot of your work is done and the quality of the product is unquestionable.

This might not be the product for those running on a tight budget, although the Traxxas TRX-4 Crawler justifies its price tag with its great build quality, performance, and ease of handling.

The portal axels and lockable diffs make off-roading fun and adventurous. To get a better look at the Traxxas TRX-4 Crawler, make sure you visit the Amazon listing to see the rundown of all the features as well as to ask questions from the user community as well as the manufacturer.

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