ozark trail cooler vs yeti

Ozark Trail Cooler vS YETI

Many campers and overlanders are looking for coolers like YETI, but perhaps a bit cheaper. Not spending too much on an ice chest also makes sense if an overland rig is already equipped with a 12 Volt portable fridge-freezer, so the cooler would merely be a secondary way to keep drinks cold and perishables fresh. … Read more

best solar shower bags

Best Portable Camping Showers – Including Best Solar Showers

Quick Answer – Best Portable Camping Showers: Before you go out on your first camping or overlanding expedition of the summer season, you should get yourself a good or perhaps the best portable camping shower. We’ve tested several different ones, now let’s see which one would serve you best on your trip. There’s nothing better … Read more

Reviewing the RTIC Softpac range

RTIC Softpak Review

Although there are many excellent coolers on the market, one brand that has gained much rave and attention among consumers is RTIC coolers. Many individuals are looking for a great cooler, whether it be for their next camping trip, day at the beach, family gathering at the park, or maybe even for larger gatherings, such … Read more

grizzly vs yeti comparison

Grizzly Coolers vs YETI

Whether it is storing your precious bottles of beer or keeping groceries fresh for long, you need cooling on your trips. Coolers come in all sizes and brands, and there has been a lot of comparison among different types of coolers in the market. You may be looking for coolers like YETI, but cheaper options … Read more

comparing YETI Tundra coolers to RTIC coolers


When you are looking for comparable coolers to YETI, but perhaps at a lower price range, you have several alternatives. One of those is definitely the RTIC Coolers. Many people wonder how do RTIC vs YETI compare. These brands are especially good choices if you decided you only need a secondary cooler, next to your … Read more

Yeti Roadie 20 vs Yeti Tundra 35

YETI 20 vs 35

Essentially part of the YETI Tundra Cooler line, the Roadie 20 is the smallest version out of the 20-350 Quart range. With its 20 Quart capacity, the Roadie 20 is not really an alternative to a 12V fridge-freezer even on short overland trips, but only due to its size. Otherwise, it is a very capable … Read more

best bunk cots review disc o bed

Best Bunk Bed Cots on the Market: Disc-O-Bed Review

Let’s be honest, camping and comfort aren’t always compatible with each other. Finding a way to get quality rest when roughing-it is difficult. Some products are more successful than others, and the Disc-O Bed is a great solution. Let’s take a closer look as to why. What Are Disc O Bed Bunk Bed Cots When … Read more

Engel Dual Zone Fridge Freezer Reviewed

Engel Dual Zone Fridge Freezer Review

Engel has recently announced that they are adding a new dual zone fridge/freezer to their product line, the MT45FCP. While this 41-Quart size unit is not available in the USA or Europe, we are taking the opportunity to review it’s larger brother, the 60 Quart MT60F-U1-C. Features of the 60 Quart Engel Dual Zone Fridge … Read more

yeti 35 vs 45 vs 50 comparison and advice

YETI 35 vs 45 vs 50 – Tundra Cooler Review

When camping or overlanding for a few days, you can opt for the luxury of a 12V fridge-freezer. However, not everyone would prefer that due to the power and portability factors. That is where coolers play a major role, especially coolers like the Yeti Tundra 35 vs 45 vs 50. It is an excellent choice … Read more

RTIC cooler range 20 vs 45 vs 65

RTIC Cooler Review

Nobody wants to go camping or overlanding only to see that within a day all his/her food has gone bad while out hiking, thanks to a faulty or non-quality cooler. There are several different types and brands of coolers out there. With the large selection of coolers in the market, you need a cooler that … Read more