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More Kazakhstan, and Solving The Engine Overheating Issue!

We rolled into Astana quite late at night, just before reception closed in the Nomad4x4 hostel. It was raining and the forecast didn’t look much better either. Since we failed to drive on our planned southern route to visit Baikonur and the Aral Lake, Astana was an attraction much further north that I was looking … Read more

Lazerlamps T 16 review

Essential Overland Gear or What We Use – Part III: Lights

As of this writing we are sitting in the Kazakh Steppe, totally alone with the next village at least 60 miles away.  We’re waiting for the longest lunar eclipse of the 21st century and couldn’t be in a better location to watch. This has also reminded me to write about our lights, from the smallest … Read more

Kazakhstn overlanding

Into Kazakhstan

The reason we drove all day this time was that we didn’t want to stay in a random hotel in a small town in Abkhazia. We wanted to reach Astrakhan, a larger town right on the border with Kazakhstan. This city was 400 miles away, however. Driving in this part of Russia was much easier … Read more

grozny at sunset chechnya

Overlanding through the Chechen Republic

During the week when we were in Georgia, we had to figure out our itinerary for the next couple of weeks. In particular, the Caspian Sea and the countries surrounding it require some plans to be in place. In order to make a sensible decision, I asked other overlanders in the Overlanding Asia Facebook group … Read more

overlanding in tusheti georgia

Overlanding in the Tusheti National Park

The Tusheti National Park is something very unique.  It’s only really accessible for about 5 months of the year, which is probably how it’s managed to stay so pristine and brutally beautiful. The road leading up to Omalo, the main village up in the Tusheti mountains, goes through the infamous Abano Pass. The road itself … Read more

navigation for overlanders

Essential Overland Gear or What We Use – Part II: Navigation

We came up with a rough route between our starting point of Budapest, Europe and the desired finish line of Singapore, and all our navigation is based around this rough itinerary.  Evelin has put a road-book together that lists potential sights, basic information about each country and currency, and printed a Google Maps screenshot for … Read more

overland tent in Georgia

Top 5 Places to See in Georgia

I think the top 5 places to see in Georgia are: Mount Kazbegi and the Gergeti Trinity Church Vardzia, the cave settlement from the 12th century The Svaneti Region The Tusheti National Park Tbilisi and Mtskheta Of course there are plenty of other great attractions, but for the limited time we had in Georgia, we … Read more

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The Engine Keeps Overheating

Leaving very early from Cappadocia meant there was hardly any traffic on the road. We were driving east with Vince and Maxime following behind us.  After a couple of hours I started to recognize a few places by the road. This was the same main road we took when we drove to Mongolia with two … Read more

hot air ballooning in cappadocia - overlandsite

Cappadocia – A Great Stop in Turkey for Overlanders

We took small country roads from Hattusa to Cappadocia. It was extremely hot but we only had to drive for about 2-3 hours. Having a campsite already in mind (that we found on iOverlander again) made our arrival easy. We wanted to stay in a campsite as we planned to spend a couple of nights … Read more

toyota land cruiser in turkey leaving the beach

Discovering Turkey

The rain had finally stopped following us when we approached Istanbul. It was extremely hot when we were sitting in the traffic jam of this absolutely huge city. Earlier, we were discussing whether to stop and spend a few days exploring the city, but then we agreed not to. As interesting as it would have … Read more

stay safe when you're overlanding

Essential Overland Gear or What We Use – Part I: Safety

Rather than just writing about where we are and what we do, I’m starting a series of posts about the overlanding gear we use on this trip, as well as the ins and outs of overlanding from our perspective and limitations. Our point of view means the equipment we use is based on and influenced … Read more

overlanding camp with rooftop tent

Overlanding in the Rain

We woke up to some nasty, rainy weather – the kind that won’t seem to stop all day. And it didn’t. Quite a bad day not to be on the move. I prefer driving in rainy weather than staying in a campsite. But since this was a campsite with restaurants and other amenities we decided … Read more

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The Buzludzha Monument

While heading for the Turkish border in southeast Bulgaria, I realized that we actually made quite good progress. Our only deadline during the trip is August 27th, when we enter China and meet up with the tour company at the border, but we’ll probably catch up with Lotte, Niels and Giampiero before that somewhere in … Read more

Overlandsite Team

Singapore, Here We Come

I don’t really know where to start. We’ve started our biggest overland trip yet. It’s now day 4 and there’s a lot to report on. The last few days before our departure were extremely hectic. Getting our paperwork all in order, finalizing our gear and vehicle setup and leaving everything in order created multiple lists … Read more

overlanders in marakesh

Overland Trip Eventually Turning Into A Moroccon Holiday

February 11-19, 2018   After leaving Imlil our trip turned into a touristy holiday rather than overlanding, which is one of the reasons I decided to sum it up in a photo report rather than continue with our daily posts. I want to keep the focus on writing posts about overlanding rather than holiday-like travel … Read more

overlanders in the atlas mountains

Moroccon Alps

February 10, 2018   Our guest house was on the top of the hill in Imlil, which meant we’d had to climb up a slippery, muddy, donkey poo-covered trail at 1am the previous night with our big bags. The guest house was kind enough to send someone to help us, even at that time of … Read more

hills have eyes - overlander

The Sahara Desert Used To Be An Ocean

February 9, 2018   After a bitterly cold night in our rooftop tent, where even our skiing clothes were insufficient, we said goodbye to Ahmed and Owen and set off westward. Evelin wasn’t feeling well, so we didn’t have a great start to the day. Ahmed explained how to get to the main road and … Read more

Tafraoute to Mhamid in Marocco - overlanders

Driving East To Mhamid

February 7, 2018   One of the main reasons for the long drives we did during these few days is that we’d planned to see too many places in too short a time in Morocco. The country is quite big and there’s plenty to see. Whether you’re interested in nature or history, Morocco has a … Read more

overlander - oil change in tafraoute

Tafraoute – The Oil Change

February 6, 2018   Although I was complaining about the long drives in my previous post, I didn’t actually know what was coming in the week that followed.  Before that though, we had a very relaxing day walking around in Tafraoute. We checked out a souvenir shop, called Maison du Troc, where we bought a … Read more

Overlandsite's plans for 2018: Europe to Singapore overland trip

Our Plans For The Rest Of 2018

May 13, 2018   While we’re still trying to catch up on our notes from our African adventure during January and February, it’s time to also start talking about our future plans. We’re about to embark on our biggest overland trip yet! The plan is to drive from Budapest, Hungary all the way to Singapore … Read more

Overlanding in Morocco - The Anti-Atlas

Why Do We Have To Drive That Long All The Time?

February 6, 2018   Some of the days during the Rally were really long both in terms of distance as well as the number of hours we were driving. We expected to have a much easier time of it once we were overlanding on our own, but sometimes we underestimated how big Morocco actually is. … Read more

books on overlanding

Book Recommendations For Overlanders

With several previous interests, I’ve found that once I started looking into them, the first impression was always that there was still so much to learn and research! It was overwhelming — find out how much there was to know about a single topic. It wasn’t any different with overlanding either. When I got passionately … Read more

overlanding in africa with a rooftop tent

Brushing Teeth With Salt Water – And The Camel Tagine

February 5, 2018   We figured one day off from driving was more than enough for us, so after another rooftop breakfast we were on our way. We remembered this part of Western Sahara with the road right next to the huge, spectacular cliffs just by the Ocean, and of course the shipwrecks. We stopped … Read more

Overlanding in Africa near Dakhla

A Day Off

February 4, 2018   We woke up relaxed, as we didn’t have to wake up to an annoying alarm screaming from our phones for a change. The plan was to hang around Dakhla, really just relax and catch up with our messages and emails. The Dar Dakhla had a nice rooftop breakfast bar set up, … Read more

Review of Traxxas TRX-4

Traxxas TRX-4 Review

Our featured image is actually a real, live-size version of a nicely built Land Rover Defender 110. When we came across the Traxxas TRX-4 and its features, we couldn’t find words to describe our amazement. Looking at its details, it’s hard to tell the difference between a Traxxas and a real size vehicle. Basically you … Read more

sand storm starting in the sahara

Operation Desert Storm

February 3, 2018   The Sahara Desert at sunrise is truly spectacular. The colors you encounter and the shadows of the sand dunes make it look like a scene from a movie. We had an awesome drive… until a sand storm hit us. On top of the fact that we were driving through some really … Read more

Dangerous travelling in Senegal

Heading Back to Mauritania

February 2, 2018   We were quite glad to be driving with Mate and Aliz on our way to, and the next day through, Mauritania. Our goal for the day was Nouakchott, 350 miles and a border crossing away. We were considering stopping in the Zebrabar again to look around St. Louis, but there were … Read more

Taking a taxi to visit the market in Dakar Senegal - Overlanding in Africa

Dakar and North Korea

February 1, 2018   You wouldn’t think Dakar has anything to do with North Korea. However, one of Dakar’s main attractions is a massive, hideous statue that’s supposed to be a symbol of the African Renaissance. On this day we were going to look around Dakar, and the statute was on our list. According to … Read more

Toyota LandCruiser boarding the ferry in The Gambia

Why is it called The Gambia and not just Gambia?

January 31, 2018   As I looked into it, the only three countries in the world where the definite article, “the”, is officially obligatory are The Bahamas, The Gambia, and The Netherlands. There are a number of other countries in the world that are sometimes referred to with the definite article, like ‘the Ukraine’ and … Read more