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Quick Answer – Best Instant Tents On The Market:

When an overland trip includes family or friends, a sleeping room for everyone is required. When that off-road travel takes up the full day, a tent needs to set up quickly.

Instant tents are a traveler’s dream, allowing campers to pitch a tent in less than a minute in most cases. Welcome to our review article for the Best Instant Tent!

Best Instant Tent Reviews

Review of Coleman Pop-Up Tent

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Coleman’s pop-up tent comes in two sizes: for 2 and 4 persons. The larger one measures 9.15 x 6.5 x 3.33 feet and weighs 7.07-pounds, a respectable size for those looking for a family tent.

While it might struggle fitting four adults, it would be ideal for parents with two children.

The lighter weight of this family tent is also a nice feature that makes it easier to carry short distances from an overland vehicle.

The smaller version of this best Coleman tent comes with the same features and quality, it differs only in size: 7.5 x 4.4 feet.

Those who have purchased this Coleman tent concur that pitching this tent is extremely easy.

That is ideal for less experienced campers and for off-road travelers looking for a fast setup after a long day. Some did mention that the lighter material would not provide comfort in cold weather, but most overland trips happen during the warmer months in most cases.

An extra footprint purchased for placement underneath the tent will add to its longevity.

For a simple camping experience, the Coleman tent provides a couple of storage pockets to hold things overnight.

A wide doorway provides easy access, a design feature that can help a sleepy camper quickly enter and exit the tent during the night.


  • The pre-assembled poles can be set in 10-seconds
  • With storage pockets for keeping your valuables
  • A cuff that covers the zipper helps to keep water out
  • Its oval shape is engineered to better handle the wind
  • The rainfly can be easily adjusted for ventilation


  • This four-person  instant tent has a low ceiling of 3.33 feet
  • The taped floor seams are not as water-resistant as welded seams
  • Its sleeping space will be cramped with more than three adults

Review of ZOMAKE Pop Up Tent

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This ZOMAKE pop-up tent measures 95.5 x 70.9 x 39.4 inches, providing a sleeping space of nearly eight feet by six feet. There is enough room provided to sit up in while dressing.

The product weighs only five pounds, making this extremely light to carry to a camp away from an off-road rig. This feature means that it is portable enough for a child to carry.

ZOMAKE has created a warm-weather design with a wide doorway and side flaps that open.

This would be a good choice for hot summer nights when ventilation and visibility are considered a plus. The zippers are easy to operate. It does not require poles to pitch and can be ready in less than a minute.

Customers found the design will provide ample protection for summer camping or a night on the beach.

While some noted its lack of water protection, a rain fly is included that protects from light mists and fog. Adding a water-resistant coating or sealant will increase water protection in this tent. It can easily sleep two adults and a child.

All necessary equipment needed to set the tent up is included with its purchase. We think, ultimately this is the best instant tent.


  • The tent provides great ventilation for campers
  • It keeps items fresh for up to ten days
  • The wide-open design makes cleaning simple


  • This tent is designed to handle the warmer months only
  • Its material does not provide waterproof protection
  • The large doorway and side flaps make this tent harder to pack

Review of Coleman 8 Person Instant Tent

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This large instant tent from Coleman measures nearly 14.0 x 10  x 6.5 feet and weighs 35.2-pounds. These dimensions are ideal for an overland adventurer supplying accommodations for a larger group.

The height is one of the great features of this Coleman tent, providing standing space for most individuals to dress while standing. For its size, it can be assembled in roughly a minute by a practiced camper.

Another stand-out feature on this Coleman 8 person tent is the divider that allows an owner to divide the tent into two areas. This provides privacy between parties or separates sleepers from their gear.

With two access doorways and seven larger vents and windows, this Coleman tent offers occupants greater ventilation. These openings are shielded with a dent mesh that keeps air moving in without inviting mosquitos and other bugs in as well.

This Coleman tent features inverted seams, waterproof flooring, and cuffs on the zippers provide a decent level of water protection for those camping in wet conditions.

Customers have commented that the Coleman tent can be hard to set up quickly, but practicing setup and teardown before the trip will eliminate this problem.


  • The height of the tent provides standing room for campers
  • It can be divided into two areas for more versatility
  • This tent provides a large base surface for sleeping


  • Its height provides a profile that wind will attack
  • The weight limits the portability of this tent
  • The poles and size will take up more vehicle space

Review of DEERFAMY 3-4 Person Instant Tent

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With a floor area of about 93” x 78” x 51”, this pop-up instant tent is spacious for three adults and one kid or bag. With a center height of about 4 feet, you can freely and easily move inside the tent.

This instant tent comes with several top-of-the-line features such as a vestibule that you can use as your kid’s play area or storage space for your gear. It also has large zippered windows that offer ventilation and privacy.

Setting up is also not a problem with this tent. It only requires one step to assemble and one step to disassemble. In less than a minute, you can have your tent ready.

Weighing just about 10 pounds, this instant tent is lightweight and portable. You can definitely bring this tent with you in your backpacking trips.

Moreover, this tent is designed with your comfort in mind. It features large windows and doors with mesh panels so that you can let the air in or out during hot summer days.

If you want privacy, you can also just zip the windows and doors easily from the inside or outside using its double-sided zippers.


  • Comes with a one-year after-sales service
  • With a top hoop for hanging a lantern or fan
  • Features storage pockets to store your small essentials
  • Quick to set up


  • Rainfly does not cover the vestibule

Review of Core Equipment Core 4 Person Instant Dome Tent

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The Core Equipment Core 4 Person Instant Dome Tent is your ideal tent for a backpacking trip or backyard slumber party. With pre-assembled steel poles, it is a breeze to set up and takedown.

All you have to do is unpack, unfold the legs, extend the poles and click them into position. Many customers are able to assemble this tent in just 30 seconds!

Moreover, this instant camping tent is roomy which makes it an ideal family tent. Measuring 108” x 84” x 54” (center height), it can sleep up to four people.

You can also fit in one queen-sized mattress with a bit of extra space for your bags. Also, the center height is about 4.5 feet which means that you will not feel squeezed inside when moving around. 

As for ventilation, this instant camping tent has got you covered. With its advanced ventilation system, you can stay comfortable inside the tent regardless of the season of the year.

It features a mesh ceiling for releasing hot air, and large mesh windows and door plus adjustable air intake vents for drawing cool air in. 

Come rainy season and you can also guarantee to stay dry as this instant tent features an H2O Block Technology. This technology combines the use of water-repellent fabric and durable sealing of the seams.

It also features a fully taped rainfly fully to prevent the water from getting in. Not only that, it also has a rain-resistant door and windows.

It’s also worth noting that this dome tent has a gear loft for organizing your things.


  • With mesh windows for good ventilation
  • Waterproof
  • Roomy
  • Comes with a gear loft and small storage pockets for your small items


  • Weighs about 12 pounds which is a bit heavy for its size
  • Does not hold up well to strong winds

Review of TETON Sports Quick Tent; Pop-Up Tent

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This pop-up tent is for you if you are looking for an affordable 2 person instant camping tent. This is perhaps one of the most expensive tents that pop up in this review.

Camping is made even easier with the TETON Sports Quick Pop-Up Tent. With this tent, setting up is as easy as unpacking the tent, rolling it out, locking the poles, and pulling the drawstring. You can do all these steps in less than 10 minutes.

The locking hub of this tent is sturdy. It keeps your tent up until you take it down. What’s more, if you already have a TETON Sports Camp Cot, it fits on top of that. Doing so will make your camping experience even better.

When in the great outdoors, it would be awesome to sleep under the view of stars. And you can have that experience with this tent as it features a full mesh top. When it’s not raining, you can enjoy a room with this awesome view.

For your comfort, the mesh roof and the two doors work together to ensure a good inflow of fresh air.

Moreover, this tent has several other great features such as a standard waterproof rain fly that protects your tent from the rain. It has a built-in gear loft where you can store your tablet, phone, and other small gadgets. 


  • Lightweight – only 6.6 pounds
  • Easy to set up
  • With a durable gear loft
  • Has good ventilation
  • Easy to get in or out of the tent because of its two doors


  • Small headroom

Review of MOON LENCE Instant Pop Up Tent

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Pop-up tents are increasingly becoming popular among overlanders due to their innovative way of setting up. Anybody can do the job without using a tool!

And if you want a roomy tent popup for five people, the MOON LENCE Instant Pop Up Tent might be the best choice for you.

With about 4.3 feet of inner height, this camping tent gives good headroom so that you can more conveniently move inside the tent. The floor area of this tent is 114.2” x 121.3” which is spacious enough for up to five persons.

If you frequently go on an adventure with your friends, it makes a perfect on-the-go tent as it just weighs about 10 pounds. It also comes with a carry bag that makes it even more portable. This is probably one of the most portable pop-ups tents on this list.

Breathability and ventilation will not be a problem if you use this instant tent. It has four mesh windows and one huge D-shaped door, which provides good air circulation. 

This instant tent is also sturdy enough to stand strong during harsh weather conditions. Equipped with ten alloy pegs and five guy ropes, it stays secure and stable even during strong winds. 

The set-up time and procedure of this instant tent are also impressive. You just have to lift the top, pop up the mechanism, and click the bottom joints. It will take you less than 5 minutes to set it up or take it down.


  • Comes with a 3-day money-back guarantee and lifetime warranty
  • Great ventilation
  • Fast and easy to set up


  • Some customers have reported getting condensation inside the tent

Review of Ozark Trail 10′ x 9′ Instant Dome Tent

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If you are looking for a 6 person tent, check this product out.  With a capacity of up to six persons, the Ozark Trail 9 feet x 10 feet Instant Dome Tent is one of the best instant camping tents for families and bigger groups.

Measuring about  9 x 10′ with a center height of 5.8 feet, this easy setup tent is roomy and spacious. You can easily fit two queen-sized air beds or up to six people in sleeping bags

For those who are familiar with Ozark Trail instant dome tents, they are known for their quick and easy set-up design. This one, in particular, can be set up in less than a minute.

All the poles are already pre-attached to the tent which makes it easy for you to pitch in. All you have to do is unfold and extend them. 

Looking at the ventilation system of this 6 person Ozark Trail instant tent, you’ll notice that it has an adjustable ground vent plus two roof vents. This ventilation system allows cool air to enter and warm air to escape, making the interior cool during a hot day. 

This 6 person dome Ozark Trail tent weighs 13.35 pounds and it comes in a carry bag for portability. You can use it for your hiking and overlanding adventures.


  • Spacious 6 person tent
  • With electrical cord access
  • Sturdy and durable construction
  • With a ground vent for air inflow
  • Spacious, measuring 10 x 9 feet
  • Hassle-free and easy set-up and take-down


  • Thin floor

Review of ZOMAKE Instant Tents for Camping

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This instant tent from Zomake is a great choice if you are looking for a durable yet inexpensive 2-person instant tent. 

While its description says 2 person instant tent, it can fit two adults plus two small children when needed. This also works as a family tent.

Based on many positive reviews, this tent is very quick to set up even for beginners in camping and tent settings. If you carefully follow its instructions, you should be able to have a livable tent in less than a minute.

What’s unique about this tent is its two-part composition: the inner tent and the outer tent. You can use the outer tent separately as a pergola. The outer tent has a good 51-inch headroom at the center height. 

Moreover, it is designed with waterproof materials, which makes this instant dome tent ideal for raining camping adventures.

It uses materials that are resistant not just to water but also to tear and tampering. The stitches are also reinforced so that they are durable enough to handle harsh weather conditions.

This easy setup camping tent features storage side storage pockets for your small gadgets and gears. 

It is also worth mentioning that this instant tent offers good ventilation. With its ceiling and window mesh, you can enjoy the fresh air while keeping yourself protected from buggy creatures. Plus, you can enjoy stargazing on a fine evening.

On rainy nights, the outer tent provides additional protection so that you can comfortably stay dry inside.


  • The outer tent may work as a pergola
  • Comes with a hook at the middle for holding a mini fan or lamp
  • Mesh roof and windows provide good ventilation
  • Easy to set-up
  • Inexpensive instant tent


  • The center height of the sleeping area is only 45 inches which is a bit low

Review of Toogh 3-4 Person Camping Tent

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Dual door tents allow for ease in getting in and out of the tent. They also help with airflow so that you can have fresh air inside the tent at all times. If this is the type of 4- person instant tent you are looking for, then check out this product.

Toogh 3-4 Person instant camping Tent is designed to be well-ventilated. It has two huge T-shaped mesh doors that allow for optimum airflow while keeping bugs at bay. It also features a bridge where you can simply relax during a fine day.

This tent is not only comfy for your summer camping trips but it also makes a great tent even during the rainy season. Its fabric and construction are waterproof to up to 300mm level while the floor has a waterproof level of 10,000mm. 

If automatic installation rings a bell to you, it is one of the tents that has that feature. In fact, you can set up or take it down in only 60 seconds. 


  • Comes with a 12-month satisfaction guarantee
  • Instant setup
  • Two mesh doors offer great ventilation
  • Waterproof


  • Some customers say that it is small for 4 persons

How to Choose the Best Instant Camping Tent


The weight of the tent matters if you frequently go backpacking or if the campsites you go to are not directly accessible by car. A lightweight tent allows you to easily bring the tent to the camp location without aching back and shoulders. 

Know how heavy you can carry when hiking. A 30-pound tent may sound like a breeze to carry but you also need to consider other details of your trip such as if it is going uphill or through rocky terrain, and how far it is from where you can park your car.

Overall, you should get the lightest tent with all the features you are looking for.


Portability is somewhat related to the weight of the tent. Generally, the lighter the weight of the tent is, the more portable it becomes. However, another key factor that affects portability is the availability of a carry bag or carry case.

Some tents come in a carry bag that you can easily carry in your backpack. This allows you to easily bring your instant tent anywhere. 

How you will get to your campsite is an important factor to consider when you are considering portability.

Would you be hiking to a campsite and want your hands free? In that case, you will want a tent that you can carry as a backpack. Or do you just camp at the back of your car? In that case, the portability of the tent may not be important.

Best Books On Overlanding

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Ease of Use

Ease of use is more than just the time to install or take down a tent. That is why we listed it as another criterion to consider when buying an instant tent.

With the ease of use, you would like to check if pitching the tent requires more than just one person to do it. Is the installation process complex? You should also check if you need special tools while setting it up, such as a pump, hammer, and other tools.

If you have several similar choices available, it would be good to consider a tent that you can pitch without any tool or assistance.

Moreover, a tent that is easy to get in and out of also improves your overall camping experience. That is why two-door tents are gaining in popularity these days because aside from the improved ventilation that these tents offer, they will also make your life easier.


Camping trips are always fun. Sometimes, even if you plan for a 6 person instant camping adventure, you can never tell if friends or family members will join at the last minute. This is something that you need to consider when looking at the capacity of a tent. 

If you often go camping with your family or friends, it’s a good idea to get a tent that can accommodate several people. You may also consider getting one with a detachable door so that even if there are multiple people in the tent, you can still have a separate room for privacy. 

There are also open-spaced tents that are suitable for solo campers or couples. These tents have no rooms but the interior is quite spacious, allowing you to easily move around.

When it comes to capacity, don’t just think of the sleeping capacity of the tent. It would be good to get a tent that can accommodate more than the number of people you think will be in it.

Say, if you are looking for a tent that is good for four people, consider getting a 5- person instant tent. That way, you have extra room for comfort or extra space for all the gear that you want to keep inside the tent.

It would be uncomfortable or inconvenient if you have a 4- person instant camping tent with four people inside plus their bags and a bunch of other gear.

Best instant tents

Setup Time

Ideally, instant camper’s tents for camping are easy and hassle-free to set up in less than 10 minutes. But generally, this is only the case for small-capacity tents. Generally, the larger an instant tent is, the longer it takes for you to set it up. 

However, there are an exceptional large-capacity instant group or family tents that you can set up in less than 5 minutes. It’s a great feature to have for the sake of convenience.

After a tiring day of exploring, the last thing that anybody wants to do is to spend an hour or two setting up a tent. If you can find a tent that’s easy and quick to set up, it can make your camping experience even better. 

Of course, the same rule applies when it comes to taking down the tent. The faster you can take it down, the better it is.


The layout of an instant tent can greatly affect your comfort. Some tents have a high center height which allows you to stand up straight and comfortably move inside the tent.

The best layout is that which can give you the space that you need for those who are sleeping inside, plus your gear. 

If you are looking for a tent that can accommodate more than two people while also giving you privacy, it’s good to find a tent that offers privacy doors that segregate the sleeping areas.

However, you can easily find the type that has one common sleeping area and can fit a queen- or king-sized bed.


The shape of an instant tent might not be an important consideration for some people, but it often dictates how easy it would be to set up and take down, besides how comfortable it would be inside. 

There are four common instant tent shapes that you could compare:

  • Cabin

An instant cabin tent is a perfect choice for families or big groups. You can easily find a 10 person or 9 person instant cabin tent when you are looking for one.

These tents are typically constructed using aluminum poles that fit together, creating a frame that looks like a cabin.

You may also find multiple person instant cabin tents that come with a rain fly. This feature is vital to prevent the water from getting in.

Moreover, instant cabin tents are generally spacious and often have a room divider or screen room for privacy. We saw a number of popular 9 person instant cabin tents that come with a screen room or room divider.  This is a great feature to have.

Plus, multiple person instant cabin tents are fairly inexpensive. You may be surprised to see a 9 person instant cabin tent in the same price range as those of smaller geodesic or dome tents.

However, one drawback of this type of tent is that they are heavy and a bit complicated to set up.

  • Dome

Dome tents are probably one of the most popular best instant tents for camping nowadays. They come with two flexible poles that intersect in the middle to create a dome roof. Depending on the brand and model, the poles can be inside or outside the tent.

Most dome instant camping tents feature a small porch area to make them even more spacious. They are also available in different sizes and capacities. However, huge dome camping tents are generally not very stable, but most 2- to 4-person-capacity tents are.  

Dome tents offer numerous advantages compared to other designs or shapes. For one, they are easy to set up and takedown. Most of these tents are also lightweight and inexpensive.

As a bonus, they have good headroom, allowing you to conveniently move inside the tent. On the negative side, dome instant tents are generally not built to withstand strong winds and bad weather.

Best Instant Tent
  • Geodesic

Since the introduction of dome tents for camping, manufacturers have been constantly improving upon their basic structure to make them even more stable, lightweight, and easy to set up.

The resulting product is a geodesic tent. Basically, geodesic tents share many common features with a dome tent, but they have more poles.

Poles improve the stability of a dome tent. With more poles, it can stand up to the elements and even strong winds. Because of this attribute, geodesic tents are best suited for year-round camping.

Geodesic tents for camping focus on stability and strength. As a result, you can’t easily find large geodesic tents. Most options are for up to four people. 

With many advantages over other shapes of tents, you can almost assume that geodesic tents are also a bit pricey.

  • Tunnel

If you are looking for a tent for an even larger group, some of the best instant tents you can choose from have a tunnel shape.

These tents are pretty stable and can withstand bad weather.  Look for a tunnel instant tent with lots of headroom and with a room divider or screen room just in case you need privacy.

Even with their huge size, tunnel tents are easy to set up and takedown. However, they are also a bit heavy.

Ventilation System

Ventilation and adequate airflow are important for your overall comfort. Nobody wants to sleep and be sweaty in a tent when the weather is hot. That’s why it is important to choose a tent with a good ventilation system. 

Ventilation systems may come in different forms, including large windows with mesh panels, grown vents, mesh roofs, and others. Choose a tent with any of these systems to ensure a comfortable sleep.

Waterproofing and Windproofing

If you plan to use a tent all year round, it needs to be both waterproof and windproof. Look for instant tents with features such as rain fly, roll-up windows, and storm flaps to protect you from the elements.

Moreover, for added protection against water seepage, look for tents with sealed seams and water-blocking or repelling technology. You will appreciate these features if you plan on camping during the rainy season.

Usually, tents display their waterproof rating which is measured in millimeters (mm). For the best instant tents, they can be from 800 mm to 10,000 mm.

The waterproof ratings indicate the amount of water pressure a tent fabric can withstand. That means a tent with a 10,000-mm rating can withstand a 10,000-mm column of water before it will start leaking.

Generally, the higher the waterproof rating, the better is its protection against rain. However, you also need to factor in the tent stitching and seams.

A 10,000-mm tent rating will still leak even with small rain if the seams are not durable and sealed. Water may still find its way through the seams.

Other Features

Instant or quick-set-up tents come with many special features that may or may not be important to you in your selection process.

One example is the vestibule. For some customers, this is an important consideration as vestibules are quite versatile. You can use a vestibule as a lounging area or storage space for dirty shoes and equipment.

Many tents also come with a roof hoop or hook that is a convenient way for holding your mini fan or lamp.

Other features you may find important are a room divider, screen room, pockets and mesh storage spaces


For some people, price is their primary consideration when buying a certain product. But it would be good if it will not be your main consideration when choosing a tent.

With instant set-up tents, you can expect to spend somewhere between $100 and $300 dollars for a 2- to a 5-person instant camping tent. But before you look at the price, check first if the tent has all the features that suit your needs. 

What is a $30 savings when you won’t enjoy your camping experience because of certain missing features or poor-quality construction?

Price generally matters when you can’t decide between two and three products with almost the same features. That’s when you can use price as a deciding factor.

Before buying an instant tent, it’s important that you first know the different factors you should check before making a decision.

There are tons of camping tent options for overlanders and adventurers out there, and you can easily get overwhelmed if you don’t know where to start choosing or what to look for. 

So that you can confidently choose the best camping tent, first identify your needs then the factors or features that matter to you. From there, you can start narrowing down your options and ultimately make a good tent purchase.


Are instant tents durable?

This will depend on the brand and model you are buying. There are a lot of durable instant camping tents out there with great features. 

If you are unsure about the durability of a tent you are planning to buy online, it’s a good idea to read customer reviews as they are mostly unbiased and reflect the actual experience of its users.

How are instant or pop up tents different from traditional tents?

The most notable difference has to do with how you set these tents up. Instant tents usually are quick and easy to set up as they have all the components already attached to the tents.

For instance, most instant tents come with pre-attached poles so that all you have to do is snap them into place. Traditional tents, on the other hand, require time and more effort to set up.

Is it safe to use an instant tent in the rainy season?

This depends on the design of your instant camping tent. Some are designed to be waterproof and windproof, which allows them to repel water at a certain level. The description should say that it is waterproof with a rating that is normally expressed in millimeters (mm).

If you want a camping tent for your overlanding adventure in the rainy season, get one that has a high waterproof rating and is constructed to repel water.

Are instant tents portable?

Many small-capacity instant tents are portable and ideal for backpacking. However, generally, the bigger the size of the tent is, the heavier they become which then affects portability.

If you are looking for a compact and lightweight instant tent, you should have no problem finding one. 

What are the drawbacks of instant tents?

One of the biggest drawbacks of instant tents is their cost. They may cost $50 or more than traditional tents, but you get better portability and ease in set-up and take-down. 

Buyer’s Advice For The Best Instant Tent

Instant tents are designed to be pitched in a minute or two for those needing quick shelter.

Each of the tents reviewed above is popular choices amongst overland enthusiasts who travel with family or friends.

They each represent some of the best features of their product categories.

best instant tents for the money

As for which unit represents the best instant tent examined, the answer will be determined by a user’s needs. The number of occupants is a major factor, as is the time of year an off-road trip will occur. 

Our recommendation goes for the Coleman Instant 8 Person Tent and the Coleman 2-Person Pop-Up Tent, from the two ends of the size range.

These best instant tents provide a hassle-free end to a day’s worth of driving! The above are the best instant tents in their respective sizes. Now you only have to decide how many people are you going to share it with.

Perhaps, if you want to look around further, you could read our reviews on the Best Large Tent.

You could also consider a rooftop tent for truck camping, but another alternative could be a trendy tent cot as well.

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