Best Bunk Bed Cots on the Market: Disc-O-Bed Review

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Let’s be honest, camping and comfort aren’t always compatible with each other. Finding a way to get quality rest when roughing-it is difficult. Some products are more successful than others, and the Disc-O Bed is a great solution. Let’s take a closer look as to why.

What Are Disc O Bed Bunk Bed Cots

When you think about unconventional camping sleeping solutions, one of the popular products that easily come to mind is the Disc-O-Bed camping cots. They are gaining in popularity among overlanders, adventure trekkers and family campers.

A Disc-O-Bed bunk cot works more like a regular camping cot, but instead of one, you get two beds in a set. If you have read our camping tent cot review, you can get an idea of what a regular camping cot is.

This type of sleeping solution is ideal for overlanding, camping, disaster relief and troop deployment among others. A Disc O bed cot is a perfect solution when space is limited.

Disc-O-Bed offers a wide range of choices if you are looking for the best bunk camping cot. Whether you need a robust and large bunk or a child-friendly cot, Disc-O-Bed will have a product that suits your needs.

To get a glimpse of the Disc-O-Bed bunk cots on the market, please refer to the table below.

Available Disc-O-Bed Bunk Cot Models and Comparison

Key Features

– Unlike many products made for camping, the Disc-O-Bed requires no tools and sets up easily.

– The Disc-O Bed is comfortable, offering support without the use of cross beams that can dig into you.

– Made from durable materials, this system’s versatility provides uses beyond other cot sleeping set-ups.

disc o bed review

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Disc-O Bed Review

The Disc-O-Bed camping cots are bunk cots that you can share with your family or friends. If you go overlanding with a couple of your friends but don’t have a large tent such as a 4 or 6 person tent, this sleeping solution may work for you.

To give you a better idea about the Disc-O-Bed sleeping cots and why we like them, we have come up with this comprehensive Disc O Bed review.

This variable bedding system comes with many features that will allow it to adapt to a variety of needs.

Design and Appearance

These cots were designed to be versatile and adaptable to your different sleeping needs. That’s why you can set them up in three different ways:

Bunk bed set-up

Disc-O-Bed became famous for its unique sleeping solution. A bunk set-up saves you space, allowing you to hold twice as many people in the same space. This is a practical solution where space is limited.

And if you are curious to know whether this set-up is safe or not, the answer is yes, as long as you follow the stated weight limit.

With a bunk set-up, the clearance between the top and bottom cot is sufficient for sleeping. However, unlike real bunk beds, there’s not enough space for sitting down at the bottom cot.

You may also bump the other person on the top cot when getting in and out of the bottom bank. But Disc-O-Bed has that covered as you can also buy leg extensions if that’s an issue.

Single Cot set-up

If you have enough floor space for two beds, you can separate the cots and set them up as two separate beds.

A Disc-O-Bed camping cot comes with two storage bags so that if you just want to bring one bed, you don’t have to bring the entire bunk set.

Couch set-up

You can also set up your Disc-O-Bed as a couch. It’s an awesome perk for camping, allowing you to have a bed and a couch in one.

With this set-up, the couch is a bit low so some people especially seniors may need a hand to get up from it. The end rails can help in sitting and getting up.

Given its three set-up options, you can tell that this product is quite versatile. It’s a perfect match for versatile outlanders.

It’s surprising to note how portable a Disc-O-Bed is given that you get two beds in one set. In fact, these may be the only bunk cots that are portable enough for camping and overlanding adventures.

Appearance-wise, these bunk beds look rugged and stylish. There are also several options for colors including black, green, tan, navy blue and camouflage.

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Ease of Use

Looking at a Disc O Bed, you may think that it’s complicated and time consuming to set up, but it is not.

Based on feedback, many users say that it took them 10 to 15 minutes to set up their bunk cot for the first time and faster the second time around.

The top bunk cot’s legs easily slip into the bottom disc bracket. You need to pull the top cot firmly to separate it from the bottom bunk.

To prevent the top and bottom cot from accidentally detaching, Disc O Bed provides two canvas straps as an additional safety feature.

No tool set-up

The Disc-O Bed cot features an assembly system that requires no tools. Its unique disc assembly points are a great way to connect the frame together without having to fight with bolts or other small parts.

Steel bars slip into the canvas surfaces and do not require extra connections.

The storage systems attach easily and offer quick access to items placed within them.


These bunk cots have been field-tested around the world and in extreme conditions and have passed the test.

These cots are well designed and well made for outdoor use.

When it comes to quality, we are referring to all its components including the frame, canvass and disc brackets.

  • Frame

The frames are powder coated and not just painted. This type of coating is more durable and longer-lasting than regular paint. The powder coat works as anti rust and anti corrosion finish.

You will also notice that the cots come with an extra-strong powder coated steel frame to ensure that the cot will not collapse or sink into the ground.

  • Canvas

Just like with any other type of cots, for bunk cots, the canvas or fabric used is of utmost importance.

If you want to ensure that your cot is durable and will last longer than several uses, get one that uses a polyester fabric with a rating of at least 600 Denier (D). Anything lower than 600D is considered light duty.

Disc-O-Bed uses 600D polyester so you can ensure that they are robust and will not easily tear, stretch or sag.

  • Disc Brackets

As the only plastic component in this cot system, the disc brackets are extremely durable.

Some users even say that they have their bunk beds with them for more than 4 years yet the disc brackets do not show any sign of fatigue even with constant use.

best bunk beds disc o bed

It can be used as two single cots as well


We found that these beds offered a sleeping surface that was forgiving and secure.

The flexibility of the canvas is great for those looking for a comfortable bed that can conform to body shape.

At the same time, the surface is sturdy enough that you can still move around naturally.

The space between cots gives plenty of room for occupants in the lower cot to move.


One of the strongest design features of the Disc-O Bed is its ability to adapt to the needs of campers.

Due to the engineering that went into this sleeping system, it can be built up as a bunk camping bed or as two single cots.

With just a bit of adjustment, it can be turned into a bench to sit on.

This feature gives the system a purpose beyond offering a sleeping surface.

best bunk bed cots overlanding

…or as a sofa.


The polyester materials used for the sleeping deck are durable and flexible.

This material is easy to dry out, which should help it last for a long time. The anti-rust powder coated steel is both solid and sturdy.

The disc connection points not only offer stability, they are built to last and should not wear out with continued use.

A variety of sizes

The Disc-O Bed comes in youth, large, X-large, and XX-large sizes. The two largest frames come in single colors, while there is more than one color selection with the smaller sizes.

A variety of weights can be supported by size, ranging from 200 to 600-pounds.

The three largest sizes also offer more storage compartments than the youth cots do.

Extra Features

Disc-O-Bed offers storage solutions for their bunk cots. Some models come with side organizers that are connected to the sleeping deck with a hook.

These organizers are a great addition to the bed. They come with zippered sleeves and pockets that will help you organize your personal belongings, gadgets and even water bottles.

Some models also come with a longer sleeve where you can keep a rifle or fishing rod.

There are also optional accessories that you may purchase to complete your bunk camping bed.

One good example is the fabric cabinet with shelves which you can attach to the foot or head of the bunk. It’s a great accessory for organizing your things.

Watch video to see how easy it is to assemble the bunk bed cots


Q: Are these beds portable?

A: This bed system comes with two separate carry bags allowing two people to carry them. Each bag generally weighs about 25 pounds (depending on the model).

While the carry bags are somewhat big, they are not bulky and are easy to carry.

Q: Is it safe to sleep on a bunk camping cot?

A: The disc-O-Bed bunk cots are robust and durable.  And depending on the model you get, they can handle 500 pounds of weight or even more.

As long as you are within the weight limit and you follow the correct procedure in setting up, you have nothing to worry about safety.

Also, they are designed so that when you sleep on it, it will contour to your body shape. The side rails then become slightly elevated.

For this reason, you will not easily roll off the cot unless you intentionally do it.

These beds were tested in various conditions to ensure that they are safe to use wherever you take them.

Q: Do you need a ladder to climb the top bunk?

A: No, you don’t need a ladder.  The top bed isn’t that high. Most people can easily climb up by standing on the side of the bed then swinging one foot up onto the top bunk.

Or for short people, they can step first on the bottom bed before swinging to the top bed.

Q: Do I get a product warranty?

A: Yes. All DiscOBed bunk cots come with a 1-year warranty on workmanship and materials. However, the warranty becomes null and void if you modify any of the parts.

Be sure to check the warranty description on the label for more details.

Q: Do you need a mattress to sleep on the cot?

A: A mattress is optional. A Disc O  Bed will conform to your body shape, they are extremely comfortable on your back.

But if you wish to feel extra comfortable, you may also use a sleeping bag or a thick blanket.

Q: Can two people sleep together on one cot?

A: Even if you are within the weight limit, a single cot system is not designed for two people to sleep together. It is not safe to use these beds that way.

camping kid o bed bunk cots


What others are saying

We have taken the time to see what users are saying about the Disc-O bed, and the feedback highlights the positive features mentioned above.

Some users discuss the weight of the system, but this should be understandable considering the quality and strength of the materials used.

Bulkiness has also been mentioned as a negative, yet the Disc-O Bed components break down into a durable carry bag that offers acceptable storage.

A higher price point has been highlighted by some shoppers although this cot system offers a long-term sleeping solution for multiple campers.


  • Modular design
  • Versatility to support more than 50 types of accessories (including a bottle opener)
  • Durability (even though ours cracked)
  • Fits most type of vehicles
  • Several different sizes
  • Wind deflector
  • Lightweight (relative to size)


  • Pricey
  • Raised edges (could get in the way of some cargo or non-Front Runner accessories)


In this review, we were able to check the different features and advantages of the Disc-O Bed. We also read some of the feedback from product users or customers.

Overall, we can say these beds are versatile, durable, robust and safe for overlanding and camping adventures. No tools are required for setting up. Also, you can set these beds up in three different ways – as a bunk bed, separate beds and as a couch.

Additionally, multiple color and size selections give plenty of options for shoppers.

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